Spoiler Rate Raw 03/28/2016

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Mar 29, 2016.

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  1. Results!

    What happened at Raw (open)
    Zack Ryder defeated Chris Jericho :woo:

    Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch

    Kane & Big Show vs Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel ended in a no contest

    Kofi Kingston defeated Alberto Del Rio

    Kalisto defeated Konnor

    Emma defeated Paige

    Sami Zayn, Sin Cara & Dolph Ziggler defeated Kevin Owens, Stardust & The Miz

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  2. Wasn't the worst Raw, but Eva Marie gives it -7/10
  3. I tuned out before that, catching up now.
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  4. Should've just watched the opener and gone to bed.
  5. Well, we've certainly seen a lot worse but for a go home show, THE final show before Wrestlemania, by the end I felt it still lacked excitement and the best I can give it is a 5/10.

    Perhaps this dissapointment at the end of the show has to do with the fact that it opened so brightly with the Taker/Shane promo cause after that, I don't think anything else topped it. Nothing new really, no major announcements regarding any of the matches on the card and that includes Y2J vs AJ being made official because we all knew it was going to happen anyhow. No word on the Rock and his role either (not even a tease), same for Austin and/or HBK but for whatever reason we had to see the Authority go through two promos, a ridiculous "buildup" of the Memorial Battle Royal that WWE themselves have made us not give a shit about, an indifferent staredown between Kallisto and Ryback (eeww, so excited) and a 6 man tag between the IC contenders that to me meant nothing...

    Anyway, some time later today or tomorrow I'll post my final thoughts and predictions for Mania now that the card is completed and since Smackdown, uh, well, doesn't matter....
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  6. Couldn't Shane revoke Taker's retirement once he's 'in charge'? Could've swung it around, saying that you don't have to fight Vince's battles. Help me help them, I dunno. Something to keep them both on good grounds, and make it more believable that Shane can win. I mean Taker literally looked like he was beating someone from the crowd up. Until the elbow drop that is. Speaking of, Shane took at least 80% of the pain. He may be old, but he sure gets into it.

    And why waste a Brock appearance if he isn't gonna fight? Could've just had Heyman if all they wanted was to show Dean picking up weapons he already had. Closest thing we got to an Easter egg hunt on RAW, can Ambrose find his weapons the Easter Bunny hid from him!?

    Kane and Show as a team again? Was fine the first time around, the third just seems like they needed a partner for Bingo night. At least it's for the ATGMBR. Not like it'd be much of a downgrade from The New Day's current WM challengers, though.

    Nothing much else of note, but is there a MITB before WM? Or how about winner of Aries/Corbin gets thrown into the ME? Corbin would draw the heat of Roman, so there's a plus! I don't mind Roman, but he doesn't deserve the reaction he's gonba get when he wins. UNLESS, they take a page from Lucha Underground. Just like Vampiro/Pentagon, Roman wins and embraces The Authority. Because them making a nonsensical heel turn would still be better over him closing as a face.
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  7. Or Rocky runs down post match, and they try to do a repeat of the 2015 Rumble. Except Rock hits him with a Rock Bottom. YOU AIN'T MY FAMILY YOU ROODY POO JACKASS, I'M THE GREAT ONE! IF YOU SMELLALALALOOWW... WHAT THE ROCK, IS COOKING! *Cue Hollywood Rock theme*
    Crowd gets sent home hapoy and we get Roman vs Rock at Payback.
  8. As far as I know Shane gets control of Raw only so I don't think so. Vince would still run the company but Shane would get Raw (no idea why Vince wouldn't just fire Shane from that position as he'd still run the company though) Seriously am I being an idiot or does this story make 0 sense?
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  9. The tradition continues! This year's go-home show was poor, just like last year's. Can't say I expected any better at this point. 3/10

    I mean, the first hour was largely okay, especially that Taker/Shane-O Mac segment, but everything else was booooring.

    Obligatory plug: Lucha Underground, Wednesdays at 8 PM on El Rey Network. Also, NXT TakeOver: Dallas this Friday at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT.
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  10. Have go home shows ever been good? I thought they usually sucked in general.
  11. #12 Snowman, Mar 29, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2016
    Lol, Hulu rating was about a 5/10. As you all said it did taper off a lot.

    Shane and Taker had a pretty sweet segment. They got away from the stupid, unsalvageable writing and got to the real selling point of this, Shane doing a crazy stupid jump. This was awesome! And the promos were perfectly fine!

    Ryder vs Jericho = LOL. Ryder on Raw! Thank you SO MUCH for establishing that AJ Styles doesn't have a single digit IQ like last week, and Ryder at least is better than Fandango. This is progress for Raw in 2016 lol

    It looked like Charlotte vs Becky was edited for time - it wasn't, and I wish this went longer (gotta pay for that?) Good stuff. And dammit why are we still focusing on Ric Flair! That's the worst thing this match needs! Go away old man! And no Nikki in this feud? Morons!

    I just tuned out the Authority promos. It's an instinctive reaction. But this brawling was SO LAME. Holy shit, a couple of punches and Triple H bails, one wall shot, and that at the end? Geeeez. Maybe this felt like mayhem if this was the first wrestling show you ever watched, so... That's what Mania is for, I guess. This sucked. And teasing Roman beating the shit out of Stephanie? Why? Why is Steph still on TV!? Go away! (EDIT: apparently I missed the dive at the end. That was awesome. :emoji_slight_smile: )

    LOL at Coach's dancing! There's a disaster! :yay: And Big E acting like Supa Hot Fire saved this promo on its own. Between this and La Cucaracha, New Day's antics really worked! Also a whole crowd of mostly 20-something males chanting Booty-Os will never get old!

    Heyman had a promo, and I just didn't care. I'd say there was too much talking here, but this wrestling for the sake of wrestling really struck a nerve this week. Kofi vs ADR was aight thanks to enough outside antics, but until the end that 6-man tag was painful. 90 minutes is 30 minutes too long for a wrestling show lol

    Dean Ambrose and Stick Rowan (not fixing that autocorrect) for Smackdown. Don't miss it!
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  12. I gave it a 2... Honestly so bored but I think it was elevated to a 2 by a decent chat.

    Fortunately there's a lot of wrestling on this week so I'm not too wrapped up in the show. If Mania sucks, oh well. It's still Wrestlemania.

    I'm trying to type an interesting post but the enthusiasm for the show was just not there.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Red Menace (Thanks NYD ladies) is back and that made everything terrible.
    The Shane and Taker segment was great though.
  15. It could be like he's apart of the RAW brand, even though he'd still only show up for WM season. Just trying to make excuses for Shane winning, and WWE still doing Cena vs. Taker next year. I agree though, they've had weeks to flesh it out but it still makes little sense.

    But I do remember Vince saying that if Shane controls RAW he pretty much owns the company. Still doesn't make too much sense backstage wise.
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  16. Well I gave it a 2. Shane's elbow drop on Taker was the only exciting part (even tho it looked like it didn't completely connect).

    Everything else was pretty boring. The main event was realllllly slow.
  17. Was just wondering if this is setting up a Vince babyface turn which could retroactively make sense (by wrestling logic), although a power struggled between Shane and Vince vs Triple H and Stephanie sounds like an unmitigated disaster lol.

    OMG Majour you've GOT to be kidding me. Please, I need to see this!
  18. Even the Total Diva team didn't want her there. So either Eva turns on them and costs them the match or... Well there'll be some sort of shenanigans because it's a divas match.

  19. Awww thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
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