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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, May 9, 2016.

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  1. You know how it goes. Please rate Raw on a scale of 0 to 10 and let us know your thoughts on the show!

    Raw Results (open)

    1. The show begins with Jericho hosting the Highlight Reel. Jericho holds a mock memorial for Mitch before boasting about how great he is. Then Cass came out to confront Jerich and tried to goad Jericho into a fight. At first Jericho tried to leave but Cass goaded him back by calling him SAWFT. Jericho ran back to the ring but got booted in the face by Cass.

    2. Chris Jericho went to Stephanie McMahon and tried to suck up to Stephanie by saying how she was so much better than Shane. But Steph got upset and warned Jericho to not try and drive a wedge between her and Shane... she then proceeded too put him in a match against Cass as the main event.

    3. Baron Corbin defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall after hitting the end of days.

    4. Charlotte and Ric Flair tried to get Shane McMahon to reverse Stephanie's ban on Ric at ringside at Extreme Rules. Shane upheld the ban and banned Flair for Raw as well.

    5. R Truth defeated Fandango in a very short match in which both Goldust and Tyler Breeze tried distracting their opponents.

    6. Shane and Stephanie added a triple threat for the Intercontinental Championship between the Miz, Cesaro and Kevin Owens at Extreme Rules. Sami Zayn made an offer that if he could defeat Miz on Raw that the match would be a fatal fourway. Shane and Stephanie excepted, complimented each other and Stephanie walked away.

    7. Paige defeated Charlotte by pinfall. Natayla was getting involved outside the ring and Flair came to the ring to try and intimidate Nattie. Shane McMahon and a bunch of refs came down to the ring to remove Flair and Paige took advantage of a distracted Charlotte to get the pin.

    8. Sami Zayn defeated Miz by pinfall after the Helluva kick to insert himself into the Extreme Rules IC title match.

    9. Sin Cara defeated Rusev by pinfall

    10. Jay Uso was eliminated by Gallows. Anderson was eliminated second by Jimmy Uso. Jimmy Uso was eliminated third by Gallows. Gallows was eliminated fourth by Reigns. Reigns won the match when Anderson attackedhim with a chair. The usos then returned to the ring and a full out brawl broke out. Anderson and Gallows cleared the ring of the Usos,only to both get speared by Reigns. AJ Styles then eturned to the ring and kicked Reigns in the head. AJ was about to do the Styles Clash on Reigns onto a chair, but he moved Reigns away from the chair. Reigns then reversed the clash and then assumed that Styles was going to do it. Reigns than gave AJ the chair and gave him permission to use it on him. AJ refused and kicked it back to Reigns. AJ then attempted to hit Reigns with the phenomenal forearm, but Reigns picked up the chair and AJ dodged him. AJ than left the ring before Reigns could hit him. The segment ended with a staredown between the two men.

    11. Kevin Owens had to defend his spot in the Extreme Rules fatal fourway against Zach Ryder and he succeeding in pinning Ryder after a pop up power bomb.

    12. The Dudleyz defeated the New Day when the Vaudevillains interfered and took out Big E at ringside. Devon pinned Kofi.

    13. Dean Ambrose attacked Jericho during his ring entrance and took his jacket and put it on. Once he was in the ring,the lights came on and revealed it was Ambrose. Ambrose destroyed the jacket and Jericho and Ambrose brawled until Jericho tried to leave. Cass confronted Jericho, who slapped Cass in the face. And enraged Cass then grabbed Jericho and tossed him first against the railing and then into the ring. Ambrose hit dirty deeds and then returned to tearing up Jericho's jacket.

    14. The show ended with Shane and Stephanie complimenting other. Shane left the room and Stephanie picked up a picture of Vince and looked at it fondly.

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  2. I personally rated it a 5. Story line wise, nothing really exciting happened. The matches were more or less decent.

    If you're wondering whether I think you should watch it, I would say you could get everything you need from either reading it or watching it on fast forward.

    There were some decent story parts:

    The end of the Family vs Club match had an interesting interaction between Reigns and Styles

    The main event had an interesting altercation with someone coming along and stealing Jericho's jacket during the ring entrance and that was worth watching.

    Other than that, almost all of the matches were decent, but nothing classic or must see.
  3. Really boring. Really uneventful. The last two angles seemed good, and Dana Brooke's debut being looked over was a shame.

    Eh episode. Miss it if you don't have the time to watch. You won't miss anything.
  4. I guess I'm always the positive opinion in these threads but I enjoyed it. Gave it an 8/10. I was entertained throughout and thought the match-ups were ineresting. Was weird hearin the crowd half and half for Roman and AJ. There were actual Roman chants too, that was the biggest surprise to me tonight.
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    I'm a 6/10

    Last week I gave 4 and that was a boring episode.
    I enjoyed a decent portion of this week's but not enough to go higher than 6.
    The elimination tag match was entertaining and the post match roughness was good too. And yes it was weird to hear so much roman support but whatever, I really don't mind THE guy lol

    Also the unpredictability of the matches is good too. Obviously it's pre determined but on screen they mostly went by 'ok...well here's a match for you tonight' I like it. The new era is growing on me. They've brought back a bit of attitude too. That's always a plus
  6. 4/10 wouldn't watch again.

    Reigns & Cousins/The Club (LOL, horrible name) was the highlight of the show, as well as Sami Zayn vs The Miz. Everything else was meh and pretty dull.
  7. The divas / womens' match was good, but Nattie should stay away from the mic.
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  8. I wonder why she kept threatening to put Cole and JBL in a sharpshooter. Or better yet, get her half-crippled uncle to do it instead? Also I think she is the first person in WWE history to put Byron over.

    Average show. I'm only interested in Reigns and Styles and The McMahon feud.
  9. Very boring yet still minor glimpses of a decent show sprinkled throughout the night.

    The Good:

    Big Cass got featured pretty heavily tonight which suprised me. Then again he does have Vince's Ideal "look" and you can't teach that. If anything Big Cass needs to work on like everything promo related, maybe it's just me but he comes off as really awkward. Honestly if he didn't have Enzo to lean on he'd be fucked. All-in-all good to see new faces get to shine.

    Heel Jericho is the reason I still watch RAW. Ambrose was cool tonight aswell.

    The IC title scene is beautiful heading into Extreme Rules.

    My British waifu and the Nature girl with a lowkey decent match. Doesn't that make paige #1 contender or is WWE going to ignore that rule?

    Dana Brooke with the thickness

    Lana...that is all.

    The Bad:

    This whole Reigns/Style storyline seems to be going absolutely nowhere right now. Why are we seeing the same fucking match three times in two weeks? Why did they stop having AJ resist The Bullet Club's help? Why is AJ starting to turn heel when Reigns is the one being the asshole!? Unless we see a title change, debut or return at ER I'm writing this fued off as the guys from that Japan show being feed to the Roman Empire...But still Bullet Club 4 LYFE.

    Everything else.

  10. A day later then usual this week but work has done me no favors these past couple of weeks. Anyhow, my two cents:

    * First off - and I know this is off topic - who on earth did Sandow piss off so bad that WWE decided to release him? I mean, everybody else I can understand (as I'm sure most of you) but Sandow? This guy did practically everything WWE asked of him and for the most part did it well too so even though we hardly saw him on TV these past few months (which alone was mindblowing to me), it still came as a big shock when I heard the news last week. Granted, he wasn't World Heavyweight Champion material but you mean to tell me he didn't even deserve a mere, say, US title reign or something? I don't know, can't help but think that there has to be some kind of story we are all not aware of, something that never came out in public cause otherwise this decision makes no sense whatsoever...

    * So...The Club. Uh, strip club, night club, golf club? Which is it? Seriously though, don't know about you guys, but "The Club" kind of sounds lame to me and I'm pretty sure WWE could have come up with some a bit catchier and clever.

    * Opening segment with Jericho started ok (I guess) but started to annoy me till Big Cass showed up. Found it rather interesting and I think it's a shame we didn't actually get to see this match as it turned out but I definetely liked the interaction.

    * Corbin looked quite dominant against Ziggler while picking up the win, however this should have been the case at Payback, in his first one on one match at a WWE PPV. Kind of feels too little too late but hopefully WWE will give this guy something meaningful to fight for soon enough...

    * Where was Apollo Crews?

    * I liked the fact that in general we saw a lot of interaction backstage with Shane and/or Steph and, as JR would put it, business is about to pick up cause we all know it's just a matter of time before Stephanie goes back to be...Stephanie again. This ought to be a good story leading to Summerslam or at least I hope so...

    * So they finally have Rusev look all strong and dominant again, a pure force, only to have him look like a...stupid idiot in the end being beaten with a fucking roll up? By Sincara? Give me a break....

    * I absolutely hated how they made Charlotte appear tonight, so called weak and afraid because of Ric not being in her corner. I get it, it's just part of the story in order to make her win at Extreme Rules all that important and big but still. Oh, and another roll up win caused from distraction? It's gotten too old man...

    * Found the Elimination tag match rather boring of an idea though there is no doubt that the interaction in the final 3-4 minutes between Roman and AJ was intriguing, to say the least...

    * Given that the Fatal 4 Way for the IC belt was already a lock, these somewhat "qualifiers" looked rather meaningless. Not that both matches weren't good or enjoyable, but knowing the outcome made them less important I think...

    * Don't even get me started on the rediculousness with this...Goldango thing or whatever they're called now...

    * My rating: 5/10
  11. Decent show. The matches were good and worth watching. The promos were much better quality than what we've been used to in recent years. Was nice to see them experimenting with Big Cass who looks a decent talent on his own without Enzo.

    In terms of what it was lacking was the big storyline spark and a decent main event. Ruining the main event match wasn't a good idea and kind of put a dampner on things but apart from those things it was decent.

    8/10 from me just simply because I can't get enough of the new era and new talent!
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