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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, May 16, 2016.

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  1. Hey everyone! Rate this week's Raw on a scale of 0 to 10 and if you feel like it, let us know what you thought in the comments :emoji_slight_smile:

    Raw Results (open)


    AJ Styles opened the show by coming to the ring on his own. He addressed his displeasure with being called a liar on social media in regards to his work with the Club. He was soon interrupted by Roman Reigns who came to the ring. They had a typical back and forth before Gallows and Anderson joined AJ. The Usos came to the ring and Reigns struck AJ. Gallows and Anderson had to restrain AJ.

    Sami Zayn vs Cesaro

    The Miz and Kevin Owens were at ringside doing commentary for this match. Shortly into the match, Miz and KO began brawling and this overflowed into the ring resulting in a no contest.

    Shane McMahon came to the arena and announced that he was making the match a tag match between Zayn and Cesaro vs KO and Miz. He was interrupted by Stephanie McMahon who changed it to Cesaro and Miz vs KO and Zayn. She also said that if KO walked out on Zayn that he would be removed from the match at Extreme Rules.

    Sami Zayn and KO vs Cesaro and Miz

    Sami Zayn and KO won after Zayn pinned Miz following a Helluva Kick. After the match, KO attacked Zayn and laid him out. He then forced the ref to raise his hand.

    After the match, Renee Young had a short backstage segment with Chris Jericho regarding the fact that Dean Ambrose had asked for time to talk with Jericho. Jericho said that it must be for Ambrose to apologize for destroying Jericho's $15,000 jacket which was more iconic in the WWE than even Andre the Giant.

    The Shining Stars vs Scott Jackson and Brian Kennedy

    The Shining Stars Primo and Epico won the match by pinfall when they hit Brian Kennedy with their aptly named finishing hold, the shining star.

    Dean Ambrose Promo

    Ambrose came to the ring and demanded to address Y2J in regards to having had placed him in a strait jacket last week on Smackdown. Jericho came out and demanded an apology and to be repaid for the jacket. Ambrose challenged Jericho to a match at Extreme Rules to which Jericho agreed.

    Ambrose revealed that the match Jericho agreed to is the first ever Asylum match. It is basically a steel cage with things such as strait jackets and other weapons at the top of the cage. He also emphasized you cannot escape from the cage in this match.

    Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch

    Dana Broke defeated Becky Lynch by pinfall in a very quick match.

    After a "Make Darren Young Great Again" sketch, Stephanie and Shane told the Dudleyz that one of them had to face Big Cass tonight.

    Golden Truth vs Breezango

    Breezango defeated Golden Truth when R Truth meant to kick Tyler Breeze and he ducked, resulting in Truth kicking and knocking out Goldust. Breeze took advantage and pinned Goldust.

    Backstage after the match, R Truth was trying to keep Goldust from leaving the team. Goldust was upset, but Truth insisted that they needed more time working together before they could work together well.

    New Day Promo

    The New Day then came to the ring to deliver a promo where they unveiled their new time machine, which was simply a dressed up refrigerator box. They supposedly went back in time to black and white to spoof the Vaudevillains. They were attacked and laid out by the Vaudevillains.

    Usos vs the Club

    The Usos defeated the Club when one of the Usos pinned Anderson. After the match, AJ tried to hit Reigns with a chair but Reigns punched AJ and hit him with the chair. While Reigns did tried fighting off the Club, AJ got a hold of the chair and beat Roman down with it. Styles then did the Styles clash on Reigns on a chair.

    Big Cass vs D-Von Dudley

    Big Cass defeated D-Von in about one minute by pinfall.

    Alberto Del Rio vs United States Champion Kalisto

    Del Rio pinned Kalisto after hitting a backstabber. Throughout the match, Rusev was attacking Sin Cara as a method of distracting Kalisto. After the match, Rusev beat down Rusev.

    Woman's Title Contract Signing

    Flair interrupted Stephanie and Shane to introduce Charlotte. Then Charlotte wanted to sign the contract before Natalya was introduced. Natalya berated Charlotte for relying on Flair for everything and said she wanted to face the Charlotte that stood on her own, but that version of Charlotte doesn't exist. After a back and forth, Shane told Ric that if he came to the ring at all at Extreme Rules, then Charlotte would forfeit the title. They also said that if Charlotte refused to sign the contract, she would forfeit the title on Raw tonight.

    When Shane called for security, Flair challenged him to a fight. Shane refused to fight Ric, but Stephanie slapped him in the face, causing him to fall over. Then when Charlotte advanced on Stephanie, Nattie put her in the sharpshooter and Charlotte tapped out immediately.
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  2. I am giving this Raw a 7. On paper, it doesn't seem that good. But for some reason, watching it was pretty fun. Maybe it's because I had good company in the chat... I dunno. But it was enjoyable.

    My Thought (open)

    I liked:

    The opening segment with the Family and Club

    Although I was pissed that Cesaro vs Zayn turned into a tag match, I liked the idea of putting KO and Zayn on a team. I enjoyed the tag match. **1/2

    Dean Ambrose promo. The match seems kinda silly and the music was silly, but Ambrose cute an AWESOME promo.

    Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch ** This was over quick, but I enjoyed it.

    New Day Promo. This was silly but Kofi's line about 2009 was great.

    Usos vs Club *** Easily the match of the night. Enjoyable and the post match stuff was great too.

    Cass vs D-Von. **1/2 I liked that Cass dispatched of D-Von early. It was a minute long, but even a minute long match can be fun.

    Del Rio vs Kalisto **1/2 This match could have been better without the distraction from Rusev, but it was very enjoyable...second only to the Usos vs Club.

    I didn't like:

    The fact that we didn't get Cesaro vs Zayn

    The Shining Stars vs the Jobbers. *

    Golden Truth vs Breezango. 1/2 * We get five months of build that for this????????

    The awful woman's title contract signing. Blech. I know Ric is a comedy act now, but in North Carolina WWE shouldn't have had him humiliate himself like that.

  3. "2009 was my best year!"

    -Kofi Kingston
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  4. I liked team Fa-Breeze team picking up the win, wish they'd be used for more than the eventual Golden Truth win though.

    Asylum match seems like it was taken straight out of TNA.

    Give the longevity of The Shining Stars until the Extreme Rules Kickoff.

    Del Rio is either gonna win the U.S title on the next PPV, or win the MITB. Complaining about not being pushed is sure to be rewarded.
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  5. I like your name for BreezAngo better


    I was thinking the same thing about the Asylum Match... I was thinking like Raven's House of Fun in a cage or Monster's Ball in a cage
  6. The go-home show for Extreme Rules was OK. 5/10

    - I loved the opening tag match. Good stuff! I'm glad they didn't do a SmackDown rematch and made it KO & Zayn vs Cesaro & The Miz.

    - The Shining Stars' (re)debut was a'ight, but they need CARLITO to make them COOL! The thing is, though, the fans don't know what to make of 'em, 'cause this is their third gimmick in the last 4 years. La Tripleta by Epico was nice, though. Also, the guys they faced, Skyler and Hollis (who mainly serve in NXT as enhancement talent) should totally be hired by the company.

    - The New Day segment. Kofi wanting to stay in 2009 had me cracking up.

    - "The Steve Urkel of the squared circle." :lol1:

    - Kalisto selling that Backstabber was a thing of beauty.

    - The Club/The Bloodline stuff was fine. STYLES CLASH ON THE FUCKING CHAIR was dope, though. :damn:

    - Ric Flair losing it in the end, ranting at Stephanie and wanting to fight Shane was pretty great.

    - Everything else.

    My main gripe with go-home shows like this, though, is how predictable they make the PPV itself. I mean, the way some of the angles went down, reverse booking logic says this: All champions are retaining on Sunday. But, we shall see, I guess.
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    I gave it a 5. It was ok but many spots were hit and miss.
    I noticed while watching the zayn vs Cesaro match before it turned into a tag match, that much of zayn's style relies heavily on spots and fancy work. Not so much the wrestling aspect of wrestling. I'm not saying I dislike him, just something I noticed.

    Overall it was an ok show, but also the promos can get pretty dry. Seems like they spend way too long talking and long pauses so the crowd can do their thing. Idk it just has a dry feel alot of the time.

    Loved ambrose promo though with the asylum match. That also went a minute or 2 too long but it was still ok.

    Looking forward to ER and hoping some interesting things happen.

    Need to book gallows and Anderson stronger, they look like pussies
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  8. Just finished watching RAW a little while ago and, well, 5/10 indeed sounds just about right. My notes/thoughts:

    * Welcome back Lilian Garcia. Don't know about you guys, but despite her recent hick-ups, I know I missed her....

    * Opening promo with AJ and Roman was ok however this "Club" nonesense really has to go...

    * Speaking of "The Club", good job WWE making these guys look like fucking idiots. I mean, instead of having these guys look all dominant, a force, you have them look like wankers and feed them to Roman and...The Usos. Hey, the match they had later in the show was by far the MOTN, no doubt, however I feel most will agree with me that the booking of Gallows and Anderson is at least terrible....

    * Such a fine job with the build regarding the IC title makes you wonder why WWE can't come up with better storylines for almost everything else. Oh, and by the way, was KO on fire again or what?

    * Primo and Epico did absolutely nothing for me and the dead crowd reaction I think pretty much sums it up. Don't get me wrong, I liked their moves in the ring but this gimmick? Can't say it looked promising but ok, let's not rush to judge...

    * Make Darren Young great again....Sigh....

    * Tyler Breeze on a winning streak now? Whoah......

    * I dig the "Asylum match" concept but why exactly is Dean Ambrose challenging Y2J when he already beat his ass just a few weeks ago in the previous PPV? Shouldn't Y2J be the one issuing the challenge, being on the losing end the first time? Granted, we wouldn't be getting this match at ER otherwise but still, Ambrose challenging Y2J to me makes little sense but it just comes to show you how WWE have no serious plans at the moment for Ambrose, which to me is quite sad...

    * New Day rocked once again with another great promo...

    * I hope WWE aren't trying to rebuild Rusev again only to have him lose to Kalisto at ER. If that were the case, they might as well release the guy, if you ask me...

    * Corbin vs Ziggler on the preshow AGAIN? Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with the match itself, but putting Corbin on the preshow yet again is kind of an issue for me...

    * Big Cass on a roll, both in the ring and on the mic...

    * Nice touch from the WWE putting the Women's title promo in the main even of RAW. That was quite refreshing, to say the least, giving that spot to the ladies for once (I wonder if this will ever happen at a PPV). Other than that, well, you just got to love Ric Flair and him getting all fired up and ready to go againt Shane...

    * Might have we gotten a tease of something between Charlotte and Stephanie for somewhere down the road, after Charlotte drops the tittle? Meh, perhaps I may be reading too much into that promo last night but it certainly felt interesting....
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  9. - I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed that Gallows and Anderson are starting to look like The League of Nations 2.0 week in and week out. They've pretty much been Reigns' bitches ever since their debut and now they're losing to the bloody Usos? I don't know, maybe the real angle involving Gallows and Anderson will pick up momentum after Extreme Rules. I guess we'll see.

    - The Asylum match is happening because that sumbitch, Jericho, killed Mitch! Seriously, though. Y2J is probably leaving after Extreme Rules, so... They might as well write him off TV.
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  10. I caught RAW at the 2 hour mark...It was pretty shit, the whole time machine thing really killed it for me. If there was any saving grace it was Natalya...she so thick. 3/10
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