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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, May 30, 2016.

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  1. Hey everyone! Please rate this week's Raw on a scale from 0 to 10 and then leave your thoughts below!

    Raw Results (open)


    After a segment honoring the troops, the show opening with Shane and Stephanie coming to the ring to tal about the Smackdown and Raw brand extension. They were interupted by the New Day who were concerned about the possibility of being broken up. They did insinuated that there was some sibling rivalry between shane ad Stephanie because they hadn't decided how the split would work. To solve this rivalry they suggested a dance off. Shane danced. Steph was about to dance but was interupted by the Vaudvillains.

    The New Day vs the Vaudvillains.

    During a short match, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come to the ring and attack Woods and Kofi. The match is thrown out. The Vaudvillains than attack and lay out Big E while Gallows and Anderson watch.After the match, Gallows and Andersn tell Renee Young that they are trying to prove they can do as much damage without AJ Styles and they are putting the whole roster on notice.

    Apollo Crews Promo

    Apollo Crews was doing pushups and was interupted by the Big Show. They had a back and forward where Show indicated he did have a problem with the new era but he wondered if Crews would back down from Sheamus.

    The Usos vs Tyler Breeze and Fandango

    Golden Truth was at ring side for commentary. The Usos defeated Breeze and Fandango when Fandango was pinned. After the match, Breeze and Fandango confronted Golden Truth for being at ring side and a fight broke out.

    Roman Reigns Promo

    Reigns came out and talked about Rollins claiming he was the man being irrelevant because Reigns is the "guy."Rollins came out and kept teasing that he was going to get in the ring, but never did.

    Rusev vs Zach Ryder

    Rusev quickly defeated Zach Ryder with the new version of the accolade. Afterwards, while putting down America, Titus O'Neil came to the ring and quickly attacked Rusev, knowing him out of the ring.

    Charlotte Promo

    There was a promo showing superstar reactions to Charlotte firing Ric Flair. Stephanie than told Charlotte she was an embarrassment as a woman's champion and when Charlotte tried to insult Stephanie, Stephanie quickly told her off.

    Enzo and Cass vs the Dudley Boyz

    Enzo and Cass deafeated the Dudley Boyz by pinfall after Enzo was picked up off the top rope by Cass and dumped on Devon, the rocket launcher.

    John Cena Return

    Cena returned making comments about Memorial Day before telling the crowd that the future goes through him. AJ Styles then came to the ring. After a great crowd reaction and a show of mutual respect, Gallows and Anderson came to the ring. AJ then turned on Cena and beat him down, leaving the ring several times and returning over and over to beat down Cena.

    Dana Brooke vs Natalya

    Charlotte was at ringside for this match. Dana Brooke pinned Natalya after interference from charlotte. Brooke and Charlotte tried beating down Nattie but Becky Lynch came to the ring to rescue her.

    Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin.

    Thee was a short promo where Dolph Ziggler said he knows more holds than Dean Malenko or Chris Jericho. For the match, Ziggler simply kicked Corbin in the crotch and was DQed. He then told the crowd that Corbin was still the loser.

    Chris Jericho, Alberto del Rio and Kevin owens vs Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose and Cesaro

    Cesaro, Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn defeated Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio and Kevin Owens by pinfall after Dean Ambrose hit Kevin Owens with Dirty Deads

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  2. I missed the ziggler bit by skipping through the last portion of the show. Wish I saw that. But I gave a 6. Pretty slow start. But it kinda picked up later on.
  3. Heel AJ? Vs Cena? Popped hard, really hard.
  4. Poll should just be "Rate RAW 5/30/16" :sandow:
  5. I'm not as lazy as you, I can type an entire year out.
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  6. I'm talking about the poll. I know it's 0 to 10, I'm not blind.
  7. Trust me, there are people who would not be able to figure it out if I was less specific.
  8. Just watched it, shit. Didn't think they would do it. Really cool moment.
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  9. That and the low blow match were the highlights for me.
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  10. Only negative about that low blow was that they're going to keep going, at least until the brand split.
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  11. Monday Nitro?!
  12. "Welcome back Cena, this is the first time I'm genuinely glad to have you back!"

    A few moments later...

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  13. This was my exact reaction to the entire segment.

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  14. The show was OK. 5/10

    - The New Day in the opening segment, mainly Big E's "Hold the door/Hodor" bit, as well as Xavier saying "You know, you were my favorite in middle school!" when he was ribbing Kofi.

    - Rusev squashing Ryder was fine for what it was. I like the new version of The Accolade.

    - Enzo & Cass pre-match promos. Their match against The Dudleyz was a'ight.

    - Liked those backstage segments with Ambrose/Zayn/Cesaro and KO/Y2J/ADR.

    - The Club/Cena stuff was good and the highlight of the show.

    - DZ kicking Corbin in the nuts and calling him a loser was the coolest thing DZ's done in a long time. It was amusing, but the downside of it is that the feud will continue.

    - Ambrose, Cesaro & Zayn vs KO, Y2J & ADR was a good ME.

    - Everything else
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  15. I gave it a 4/10. I was entertained though because we had a really fun chat. But the show left a lot to be desired.
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  16. Came here to say this. The rest looks awful ESPECIALLY FUCK YOU WWE FOR RYDER ffs. Squashed in favor of Titus, no.

    I'll youtube the Cena return and beatdown, but that's it. The rest is dogshit, a danceoff to start? The Ziggler kick sounds funny, but a waste of another match between him and Corbin. Are they planning on Ziggler helping Corbin ALL summer? And that money in the bank group, keep doing the same shit, WWE. Same cards, same matches different gimmicks, it's dogshit.

    I doubt TFA is doing this bad honestly at this point, but refuse to check without being able to tell a bitch to @Testify and MITB is by far my favorite PPV.
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  17. Between the latest news regardng WWE with the brand split and all, the returning John Cena and the potential build-up for the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV, I was really pumped up and looking forward to Monday Night RAW, especially considering we were coming off a really solid week with both Extreme Rules and RAW last Monday.

    Well, after watching the entire show a little while ago, I already made contact with the producers of "Blindspot" and asked if they would kindly inject me with whatever that good shit is that erases memory cause this show sucked. This edition of RAW, in my humble opinion, was so horrible I won't even waste too much of anyone's time, whether it's me typing or you folks reading cause...fuck me...what is there to talk about anyway??? With the expection of the Cena/Styles angle (which indeed is huge), seriously, what else important is there really to talk about?

    Sure, the news regarding Smackdown going live and the brand split is important but I didn't see any seriousness last night. On the contrary, we got a silly (if you ask me) promo that I feel did nothing. Granted, New Day are always fun but...dance challenge? How do we go from discussing the brand split to a freakin dance challenge???

    Other then that, I agree with Prince Balor regarding Rusev and this apparent new version of the Accolade. I originally thought they just did it with Kalisto being he's a smaller guy and all but they did it again with Ryder last night and I must say, it does look a lot more devistating and a beast of a move.

    Speaking of Rusev, glad to see WWE was wise enough NOT to feed him immediately to John Cena. There were a lot of rumors about this and I made my case in various posts last week as to why I felt it would be the wrong move so at least this turned out to be one of the few possitives on the show. Personally, I had very little doubt anyway since Titus O'neal made the "unofficial" (if I may) challenge on Smackdown and after last night, it's as clear as day that there will be a title match between these two, most likely at MITB.

    As far as the "Club" is concerned, I guess the expression better late then never is quite fitting. Them going beast mode, attacking whomever and whenever and making a statement should have been the issue from the getco each and every week instead of having them look like pussies for the most part until now. Nevertheless, I liked the angle and I'm very interested to see how this story will unfold in the weeks to come.

    Everything else...just injected myself so...erased from memory....2/10 is my vote...
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  18. #19 DK James, May 31, 2016
    Last edited: May 31, 2016
    6/10. Didn't hate it but didn't love it. Feel like every episode is gonna drag on till the brand split. (Btw just found out on RAW that Smackdown is comin here July 26th or somethin like that, that's the second Live Smackdown ever. I'm goin and I'm hyped.)

    -New Day opening segment was good, I can't ever really hate on what they do. Decent match with Vaudevillains

    -Loved seein Big Show again, probably in the minority there but I don't give a fuck. Him and Apollo could work well together but I obviously see Big Show turning on him ASAP haha. I hope that's not the case though cause that's predictable as fuck.

    -I still enjoy Golden Truth, R-Truth always does his best work in tag teams.

    -A lot of people were bitchin about the Seth/Roman segment but I actually really liked it. Can't remember something like that done before. Seth was just fuckin with Roman big time, I thought it was funny. Pretty sure that's WWE's way of trying their hardest to keep Seth heel for the mean time because they know if he attacked Roman, he'd be cheered. If he cut a promo on Roman, he'd be cheered. That was pretty much the only way to make it look like he's still the same ol' Seth.

    -Shoutout to Titus. The dude deserves all the recognition he can get imo. Really nice guy and I've always enjoyed most of his work. Even though I got no hope that he beats Rusev, I'm glad to see Titus on TV for sure.

    -Enzo/Cass promo was perfect as always, match was okay.

    -John mother fuckin Cena! Always good to see him back. AJ and him in the same ring was cool as fuck as is but they made it even cooler. AJ turning on him was unexpected as hell for me but I like it quite a bit. Really pumped for their eventual match, assuming at MITB.

    -FUCK Dana Brooke.

    -Lmao @ Owens/Jericho/Del Rio segment. Pretty much any segment with Owens in it is gold but those 3 are GOATs in their own right so I loved it. The match they had with Zayn/Cesaro/Ambrose was really good as expected. Good main event.

    A show has to be reeeeally bad to get even below a 4/10 for me. Y'all negative as hell sometimes, I don't see how this was a 2/10 show. Sure it hasn't been as good as the last month or so but damn. Oh well, I enjoyed it so that's all that matters in the long run.
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  19. JBL said glory hole/10
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