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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Jun 6, 2016.

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  1. Please rate Raw on a scale from 0 to 10 and leave your thoughts below!

    Raw Results (open)


    Dean Ambrose came down to the ring, which had six ladders in it. Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio were already on ladders as Ambrose ascended his. After all participants talked for a while, Ambrose climbed up Jericho's ladder and hit him. A brawl began but was interupted when Teddy Long made his return and began talking about the various matches he would make. Stephanie McMahon then interupted and dismissed Long, saying she had not yet decided who would be in charge of Smackdown. She then put all the six MITB participants into singles matches, beginning with Jericho vs cesaro

    Chris Jericho vs Cesaro

    Cesaro defeated Chris Jerich by submission when Jericho tapped out to the Sharpshooter.

    Muhammad Ali

    WWE played tweets regarding the death of Muhammad Ali

    Rollins vs Reigns Retrospective

    WWE showed clips about all of the events leading up to the Rollins vs Reigns match at MITB.

    US Champion Rusev vs Jack Swagger

    Titus O'Neil was at commentary during this match. Rusev defeated Swagger by countout when he flung Swagger into Titus O'Neil and then slid back into the ring. Afterward, both Swagger and O'Neil came into the ring and took out Rusev.

    John Cena Promo

    This was a pretty typical Cena promo until he called out the Club and cena actually referred to them as the Bullet Club. When pressed on about why he wouldn't face Cena on his own, AJ explained to Cena that guys like Cena tend to bury guys like AJ.

    The club advanced on Cena and was about to attack until the New Day came to the rescue.

    Enzo and Cass vs the Vaudvillains

    The Vaudvillains tried to repeat Enzo's injury by tossing him under the bottom rope. Cass then snapped and completely beat down the Vaudvillains until he was disqualified.

    Teddy Long and Stephanie McMahon Promo

    Teddy approached Stephanie who questioned whether his continued presence was an episode of Swerved. He suggest a fatal fourway for the tag team championship before stephanie questioned how Teddy got past security. Teddy suggested it was becuase of money and Steph made him leave. Stephanie then used Teddy's idea for MITB.

    Sami Zayn vs Alberto Del Rio

    Alberto Del Rio defeated Zayn after the double stomp in the tree of woe followed by a pinfall.

    This was followed by a Roman Reigns perspective on the upcoming title match at MITB

    Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose

    Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens by pinfall after hitting dirty deeds. Owens attacked Ambrose after the match.

    Women's Promo

    Charlotte, with Dana Brooke, talked about how she only fired her father professionally and still wanted to be family with him. They were confronted by Becky Lynch and Natalya. Dana Brooke seemed like she might turn on Charlotte at first, but then she attacked Natayla and Lynch.

    Tyler Breeze vs R Truth

    This match ended in a no contest when the tag teams got involved. Teddy Long tried to make it a tag team match, but he was removed by security. Stephanie madeit a point that she would be in charge of Smackdown and she ejected Teddy Long from the building.

    The Club vs the New day

    the Club won when AJ Styles pinned Kofi Kingston followed a phenomenal forearm. John cena ran to the ring to break up a beat down from the Club on the New Day. A brawl followed which ended with the New Day and Cena standing alone in the ring.

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  2. @Aids Johnson As requested, my advice is to skip it. I am giving it a three. It was awful
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  3. Really bad ME, and I was hyped for it.

    All I saw.
  4. Bad Raw. 3/10.

    There were a couple decent matches.... a couple. Having Cena refer to the Club as the Bullet Club and AJ talking about Cena burying guys like him was awesome but not good enough to get me to recommend this episode... skip it. Read the spoilers.
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  5. I gotta pee

    That was my reaction for the whole show

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  6. As I was getting ready to watch this weeks edition of RAW, I was thinking to myself "well, it can't be any worse then last week, can it ?"...Well, it's the WWE we are talking about so...of course it can :psycho:

    I'm not goint to differ with the rest of our fellow members so going with a 3/10 as well. To be honest, it was almost a 2/10 from my part just like last week however I decided to give them an extra point for the well done video packages, whether it was the story between Rollins and Reigns or the tribute to the late great Mohamed Ali (speaking of, that photo with Ali and Andre the Giant is indeed epic). Quite frankly, these video packages were probably a lot better then the entirety of the show...

    Given that I have a lot on my plate these days, I'll skip the notes/thoughts part this time. Even though the show mainly sucked, I feel there are still some talking points but I'll leave that for a seperate post in a day or do. For instance, how and why did we go from 7 participants to 6 regarding the MITB Ladder match? Who's going to win it (I got an idea and no, it's not Kevin Owens that I hear and read is favored)? Did Cena slip for a second calling the club "Bullet Club"?
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  7. That quote sounds like quite the clustermess.
  8. Obvi just riding the wave till the brand split, only thing that'll make me give the weekly shows a chance.
  9. I guess I'm easily pleased sometimes lol. I'm becoming more and more accepting of the product of today. Don't know why, but I try my hardest to avoid spoilers or areticles about so and so wI'll be on raw. This match is scheduled for raw.. etc.

    I want that element of surprise when I watch just like the good ol days growing up. Back when the Internet was a baby and not in everyone's everyday life. Back when you could watch an episode and be excited throughout and when it was over be wishing it went longer. Sadly that's not really the case anymore as the action is slower in matches. Alot more boring promos. (The best part of most promos now days is the video packages before a ppv match recapping the story)

    I gave it a 6 though. I didn't mind most of the show. Or maybe I'm just trying to remain optimistic. I am still looking forward to the brand split though. Can't wait for that.
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  10. Where was the MIZ? Nothing about the IC belt?
  11. I liked the opening segment, Cesaro vs Y2J, Teddy Long and The Club/Cena segment. Everything else was either average or totally skip-worthy. 4/10
  12. He's off shooting a movie. The IC title will most likely not be defended until Battleground, I reckon.
  13. Y'all either got super high expectations for no reason or it's true what i've said all along, wrestling fans are some negative ass people. I was thoroughly entertained with this weeks RAW and ill post a more detailed review soon. but shit, no way in hell it deserves any less than a 6/10 from my eyes. Came here to look at everyone elses reviews before I really made mine and it just blew me away to see such negativity. Compared to when I stopped watching in late 2014, this shit is pretty damn great to me, has been all year. Maybe i'm the crazy one but I just think everyones expectations are a bit too high. My thoughts on the episode comin soon.
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  14. Even though the Miz has a legit reason for being absent these days, he is still the IC champion so WWE should have at least come up with something - anything really - to kind of write him off TV for as long as they need till he completes shooting. For all I care, they could have gone with some lame minor injury excuse or, idk, given he's the big Hollywood star that he was off on some tour or shit. Not mentioning the IC title at all kind of bugs me though so good point indeed.

    What also bugged me was having the 6 participants of the MITB Ladder match opening the show in probably the most rediculous fashion. No confrontation, no brawl or anything, just cracking jokes while sitting on their respective ladders. Yeah, good job creative team....

    While on the subject, wasn't this supposed to be 7 participants? Isn't that what was originally announced? See, these are the kind of things that prove WWE have no fucking idea what they are doing. It's like they don't know what to do and just...roll the dice. "Did we mention 7? Oh darn, well it's 6 now" with no explanation whatsoever. You know, I could even understand if perhaps they had someone in mind like a returning Bray Wyatt to fill the final spot and this plan turned out unable to flourish if Bray could not be ready in time. Even if that's the case, you mean to tell me there was no one else available to just throw in and stick with what you originally announced?

    Want more? How about the fact that with less then two weeks till the PPV you have the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and his opponent Seth Rollins no show? This is supposed to be one of the most anticipated matches yet both, what, had the night off? Seriously? Two weeks before their match we only get to see them through video packages? And all this, mind you, just a week after their lamest promo yet....

    Where were Corbin or Dolph? Where was Apollo Crews or Sheamus? How about some continuity and/or build on their respective feuds, interesting or not? All these absences kind of make me wonder if WWE did this on purpose just to see if they can pull off a 3 hour RAW with half the roster which, soon enough, will become reality after the brand split. Well, if that were the case, this experiment failed and it did so in a big way.

    Other then that, I'm not even sure I like the idea of a Fatal 4-way for the tag titles but, ok, lets see how they play this out...

    If there was one good thing that happened on the show, that was obviously the John Cena/AJ Styles segment. That was gold and well done from both parties, making their upcoming match feel all that more important with no need of Cole keep repeating that it's " a Wrestlemania dream match". Yeah, sure, thank's for heads up Cole, as if we didn't know that already...

    On a side note, WWE have to figure out something meaningful for Dean Ambrose to do cause, man, his stock is dropping rapidly. Not so long ago, Ambrose was as hot as they come, from his match with Roman at Survivor Series, his face off with HHH at the end of the Royal Rumble and then the match with HHH at Roadblock. Remember how hot he was? Does that compare at all to what he's being doing nowadays or, to put it correctly, what they have him doing these days? Not even close, if you ask me, which is why I feel WWE just HAVE to give him the briefcase. At this point, there's nothing else as important for Dean to do and this just opens up all these possibilities, including the Shield Triple Threat that is just bound to happen...
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  15. Gave it an 8/10. Although I've enjoyed most RAWs from this year, for once I sat through all 3 hours and barely touched the skip button. The sign of a good RAW right there.

    -Opening segment was incredible. Loved it. All of those guys in the ring are amazing on the mic and all of them are entertaining as hell, thought it was the perfect way to open the show. Probably would've saved it for next week, but I still thought it was perfect.

    -Marked for Teddy Long. Probably wouldn't want him actually running Smackdown but it was great seeing him again, vintage Teddy stuff all night. His and Steph's segment was very funny and him getting thrown out was even funnier. Why do I feel like that's actually the last we'll ever see him

    -Seth Rollins video package was cool for sure. Very well done.

    -Nice seeing Swagger on RAW again. Always been a closet fan of his. Definitely been enjoying the Titus/Rusev feud but mostly because I'm glad Titus is in an actual championship feud.

    -Cena and AJ promos were both fuckin awesome. 10/10 stuff from both of them, no doubt. Cena 100% killed it though, I think he definitely got the slight edge but it was enjoyable regardless for sure. They're hyping this match up perfectly imo, really excited to see where this keeps goin.

    -Enzo and Cass vs Vaudevillains is gettin a little stale but it was an enjoyable match and I did not expect them to end it the way they did which is cool. I like to be surprised, especially with WWE.

    -Fatal Four Way tag match at MITB is going to be amazing, glad they announced that.

    -Alberto Del GOAT. He is still very underrated imo, always been great in promos and the match with Sami was very enjoyable. He absolutely slaughtered Sami which was a shock but as a Del Rio fan, I liked it. Hope he continues to stick around.

    -Reigns video package equally as good as Seth's. Doing a good job building this match for sure. Cool to see them both get the week off.

    -Ambrose/Owens was an okay match. Glad KO attacked him afterwards, I actually wouldn't mind seeing them in a 1v1 feud in the future.

    -As always, fuck Dana Brooke. That segment wasn't good. Becky Lynch vs Charlotte would be so much more enjoyable than anything they're doing with the women's division right now.

    -Main Event was dope. Not amazing by any means but I thought it was good for sure. I will also never get bored of New Day so i'm a little biased there. I thought the closing of the show was perfect, not sure how they could make it much better. Wish MITB was this sunday cause I don't know how they're gonna hype it up any more than they already have but we'll see.
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    My opinion on this show has nothing to do with having super high expectations or being a "negative ass" person. It comes from me not liking this episode of Raw. There is plenty of wrestling I absolutely love and I rarely have high expectations for Raw in any way. I, in fact, generally have pretty low expectations for it.

    People have different opinions as to what entertains them and that is all this is. I am pretty sure that there will be episodes of Raw that I like and that you wouldn't, but I wouldn't make unfair presumptions as to why that may be.
  17. Holy cow, such differing opinions between alexb and DK James.

    One absolutely hated it, and the other absolutely enjoyed it. Just puts it into perspective that everyone likes something different. I, however, am going to have to side with DK here. Alex, sorry, but ya sounded like a spoiled kid with that rant. Sorry dude. That's just how it came off.

    Anywho, 2 weeks til mitb and just over a month until live smackdown.
    To me personally, things are looking decent right now. And I think there may be a last minute replacement in the ladder match.
  18. Ok buddy, I wasn't trying to offend you or anyone else lmao i've just noticed over time that wrestling fans are the most negative and whiny community ive ever seen. Never happy 100%, there's always something to complain about. I dont see any possible way that this RAW was a "bad RAW", and i definitely don't see how it could be as bad as a 3/10. Especially if you claim to have low expectations.

    To each his own, sure, i wasn't saying anyones opinions were wrong. Just an observation ive developed over time that a lot of the time a majority of the community is over critical of every little thing and i thought for once id state what ive noticed. Take it how you want haha dont bother me.
  19. It's fine, I'm not offended, I am just explaining that it is an unfair generalization.

    It's quite simple. It was a bad Raw in my view because I didn't find it entertaining. I'm happy you did, but not everyone is entertained by the same things.
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    I think a lot of this has to do with there being more than 90 minites of non-wrestling on the show.

    Often I feel like the most negative among us need to take a break - hi - or really think about what they do want from a wrestling show. Like my #1 thing is "Have what's on the show have some sort of storyline purpose"... You can't do much better than those really good Seth and Roman video packages. On the other, MITB buildup month is always rough since these filler matches between MITB participants drag it down from that standpoint. Most people really seem to simply want something exciting, which seems like AJ's promo and Cesaro vs Jericho both delivered.

    But also: Look at how few DQ's we are getting in big matches
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