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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Jul 25, 2016.

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  1. Please rate Raw in the poll above and then let us know what you think of the first Raw of the new era in the comments below!

    Raw Results (open)


    The show opened with Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon introducing the entire Raw roster to the WWE crowd. Stephanie then directly blamed Roman Reigns for not bringing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Raw.

    Stephanie and Mick then announced that RAW needs a champion and that they were going to create a new belt and name it after the fans. This became the WWE Universal Championship. In order to determine the champion they announced two fatal fourways to happen on Raw tonight. The winner of both matches would face each other in the main event. Then, the winner of that main event would face Seth Rollins at Summerslam to become the inaugural WWE Universal Champion.

    In addition, since Charlotte was pinned by Sasha Banks, Charlotte was informed she would be defending the title tonight against her.

    First Fatal Fourway Finn Balor vs Cesaro vs Kevin Owens vs Rusev

    Finn Balor pinned Kevin Owens to win the fatal fourway and advance to the main event of Raw.

    Nia Jax vs Brit Baker

    Nia Jax defeated Brit Baker by pinfall.

    Chris Jericho vs Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn vs Sheamus

    Roman Reigns won the match by pinning Chris Jericho following a spear. Reigns advanced to the main event to face Finn Balor with the winner advancing to the main event of Summerslam for the new WWE Universal Title.

    New Day Celebration

    The New Day came out to celebrate their record setting WWE World Tag Team Championship reign. They picked a fan out of the ringside to be an honorary member of the New Day. The fan insisted his name was Sonny Boy when the New Day grilled him about it not possibly being able to be his name. After celebrating, the Club came in and beat up the New Day as Sonny Boy fled the ring.

    Neville vs Curtis Axel

    Neville defeated Curtis Axel by pinfall

    Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the WWE Women's Championship

    Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte when Charlotte tapped out to the Bank Statement to become the new WWE Women's Champion. During the match, Sasha performed a version of the legendary Eddie Guerrero chair trick. She was outside of the ring and she tossed the WWE Women's belt at Dana Brooke. Then Sasha fell to the ground as if she had been hit by the belt. The referee saw this and assumed that Dana hit Sasha and he ejected her.

    Braun Strowman vs James Ellsworth (SP)

    Braun defeated James in a really fast and cheap squash match by pinfall.

    Enzo and Cass vs the Shining Stars

    Enzo and Cass defeated the Shining Stars by pinfall in rather short fashion.

    Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor, the Winner Advances to Summerslam

    Finn Balor defeated Roman Reigns after hitting the coup de grace. With the victory, Finn Balor moves to the main event of Summerslam to face Seth Rollins for the new WWE Universal Championship
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  2. It was better than expected.. Not much entertained me still, and Seth Rollins didn't take over the show like i expected him to.. There's too many people i hate on RAW.

    5/10 is a good rating for this show.
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  3. Big one-oh. 10/10.

    The new look gives a new feel. Most definitely. The red ropes got me like wow.
    Action packed episode. The first one in a while that I didn't fast foward at all. I'm pumped for this split
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  4. 10/10. This is the best and most enjoyable Raw I have seen in a very, very long time. It was strong, from the new set design, to the new camera work to the new storylines. It had good matches and even the couple jobber matches didn't detract from the show. I was entertained thoroughly throughout the entire three hours of the show. I was happy with the not predictable ending as well.

    I liked:

    The opening segement

    First Fatal Fourway Finn Balor vs Cesaro vs Kevin Owens vs Rusev ***1/2 A strong and very very entertaining match from the opening bell to the end when Finn advanced to the final match.

    Chris Jericho vs Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn vs Sheamus *** Not as strong as the first one and the ending was more predictable, but this was a good and fun match. A great follow up to the first fourway.

    Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the WWE Women's Championship **** Match of the night for me. This was a phenomenal match. I loved Banks' version of the Eddie Guerrero chair trick with the woman's belt. I was happy to see her win but I was more happy to see her put on a good match and to win the championship after a good match. Awesome and we have a great new women's champion.

    Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor *** The match wasn't the best but it was a good and enjoyable match. And I totally marked out when Finn won and he moved on to the Summerslam match.

    The ironic thing is that I wouldn't mind seeing a Rollins vs Reigns rematch, but I am happy to see Balor vs Rollins. I am so much looking forward to it.

    I was indifferent to:

    The rest but none of it was really bad, other than the Sonny Boy bit. But still, regardless, none of the bad stuff took away from the good stuff. This was an excellent Raw and I hope to see the Brand Split continue to produce quality shows like this.
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  5. Should've been Owens.:ko:

    Results look good besides that, though.
  6. The Good:

    Pretty much everything there were no weak segments/matches tonight. All fun and entertaining.

    Charlotte Vs. Sasha Bankz has to be one of the greatest matches on RAW ever, right? Pretty shocking that Sasha won tonight but it was the first RAW of the "new" era and they had to do something big--had to expect at least one title change tonight.

    Finn Bálor's first night on RAW and he beat Roman Reigns clean...that man is over as fuck in stamford(and Roman is deep in that dog house). He was incredible tonight and my god...Finn Bálor Vs. Seth Rollins at Summerslam...


    The Club Vs. New Day should be good...just gonna put it out there...now would be a good time to sign and throw Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks on RAW...just sayin'.

    Love the show's makeover. +10 for red ring ropes.

    The Bad:

    Not feeling the new title name. It'll grow on me eventually; can't wait to see the design.

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  7. Damn I'm really glad everyone enjoyed it. I also enjoyed it quite a bit and gave it an 9/10.

    -Finn fucking Balor
    -First fatal four way was dope, really good way to start the show. Was hopin Cesaro/Owens woulda won but I enjoyed seein Finn get his first win.
    -Nia Jax was cool but was never a big fan of her so this was meh to me.
    -Sasha the GOAT. Great promo.
    -Regins winning the second fatal four way was predictable as fuck but still good match.
    -New Day segment was ight. Sonny Boy the real MVP. Expected the Club to come out. Still fun.
    -Hope Curtis Axel gets more TV time with this split. Good seein Neville again.
    -WOMENS MATCH WAS AMAZING. Best part of the night. Really coulda went either way but Sasha "The GOAT" Banks got the W and I couldn't be happier. Charlotte definitely proved herself though. looking forward to the rematch
    -Strowman lol wrecked that noob. Was pretty entertained by all that though.
    -Shining Stars getting mic time...that's what the brand split's about, people. Love how Enzo/Cass didn't even bother trash talking them haha just immediately went to SAWFT. Decent match, looking forward to the fallout.
    -Grrrrrreat main event. The whole match I was thinking "Well Roman is obviously winning this..." but HOLY FUCK FINN BALOR DID IT. Finn vs Seth is going to be fuckin insane. Good to see Roman taken down a step. Hope he does some sort of mid-card feud. But fuck yea, Finn.

    The New Era is clearly a success so far. Makes me happy seein everyone enjoyin it as well. I'll be at Smackdown tonight so i'm fuckin hyped after that great RAW.
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  8. I thought this was an amazing opening segment. I worry about how Steph talked down to Roman. It's like they want the fans to still cheer for the guy (hell, I don't know...maybe they do). However, Roman was pretty roundly booed, even by the kiddos. I'm also not a fan of the name "WWE Universal Championship", but, hey...whatcha gonna do?

    Having Balor come forward like they did was amazing and the crowd gave him the biggest pop of the eight.

    This match was mind-blowingly good. All four men hit their spots and worked well together. The chemistry was unmistakable. Balor going over tells me that they're strapping a rocket to him, which is the right call.

    Not much to this match. They wanted Nia to look strong and she did. Dominant performance.

    And how about a local jobber match! Took me back to my childhood.

    This match wasn't going to be what the opener was, but that was okay. It was excellent in its own right. The storytelling was impressive and Jericho and Zayn did most of the heavy lifting. Roman going over was the right call because, if he hadn't, there would be the question out there about whoever won the main event being worthy.

    The New Day is hilarious. This is well-established. Their take on "Who's on First?" was entertaining and well-done. The Club's arrival was actually something of a surprise (particularly since you knew somebody had to be coming out) and their beatdown of the New Day was the right note to end the segment with to set up the Club challenging the New Day for the titles.

    Nit-pick: As @Jacob Fox pointed out in the LD, it's not technically the same title, but it still doesn't really make sense that TND are the "longest-reigning Tag Team Champions when Demolition held another version of the WWF/WWE Tag Team Championship for longer (478 days to 338 and counting)...but I digress.

    The "Mr. Irrelevant" tag was just cringeworthy and the match was short, but it re-established Neville well and gave him a win for his return. So, it was good.

    Some will call this the match of the night and there's a definite argument for that opinion, whether I agree with it or not. What I can say is that this was the best women's match we've seen on the WWE main roster in a long time. The real value of NXT is proven when we can see a match built around two of the brand's standouts being this big and this well-put-together on the main roster. Sasha winning here was the right call and sets up a huge rematch for the title at SummerSlam.

    So, Bram...er, Braun goes from being part of the creepy, cultish Wyatt Family to being a punk rock-viking guy. Okay. This was a dominant performance by Strowman (obviously) and starts him back out on a path of being a monster. So, Local Jobber Match #2 was a success.

    This was probably the worst match of the night (I don't count local jobber squash matches when I say that, although they did what they were designed to do) and I wish these guys had been given more time so we could see if these guys have the ability to perform together. The Tag Team Division on Raw is still a small pool and these four will be a part of it for the foreseeable future, so it would help to know if these guys click in the ring. What we got was a short match with a few decent spots, but the whole thing felt rushed.

    Very well done match if for no other reason than the shocking ending. I know a lot of us were hoping for a Balor victory but fully expecting to see Roman end up on top. What we did see was Roman selling Finn's offense very well. One has to wonder if HHH or Vince sat Roman down and gave him the "you're going to eat shit and you're going to have to learn to like it" speech a la Vince to HHH after the Curtain Call. Either way, they draft Finn third, give him two big wins in one night on his debut and he's set for a co-main event spot at SummerSlam. Not a bad night's work for Ferg.


    I gave the show a full 10/10. There were weak spots, but they were far overshadowed by some magnificent storytelling throughout. One hopes that the SD writing staff was watching and feels challenged to put together just as spectacular a show for their first post-draft live episode tomorrow night. Time will tell but I think we can feel optimistic about it.

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  9. Roman is getting punished significantly for juicing. All is good in the world.

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  10. The double standard with that is really annoying, though
  11. basically the set looked fucking awesome, the announcers looked awesome sitting upon the ramp. And well the total ripping into Roman made my day. Let's face it Balor in that beautiful leather jacket is best for business.8/10
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  12. The only thing I didn't care for was the new theme song. Everything else was great.
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  13. This has to get 10/10
    Now there was those Golden Truth Pokemon Go Segments, but I can't really give that a minus 1. The name "WWE Universal Championship" was a name I was actually thinking of for a belt for a long time, not surprised. The big points of this night:
    -both fatal 4 ways
    -Sasha Banks wins the Women's Title
    -Great match between Roman and Finn in which Roman actually operated like a heel, oh and FINN WON
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  14. Love Shinedown, that was a surprise hearing Enemies
  15. It was pretty generic. The last theme wasn't great either.
  16. As most of our fellow members above, I too was quite entertained and satisfied with what I saw last night in this so called first RAW of the new era so can’t really argue with the high ratings and giving it a well deserved 9/10. Thoughts:

    - I liked the new music theme, certainly dig the red ropes and for sure agree with the announce team being moved to the back. It gives a more important feel to it and even more so the fact that all three comentators were standing when facing the camera and addressing the audience; that's a nice touch that makes it look more professional...

    - I liked how during the opening segment they started off by introducing the new roster as it formed after the draft.

    - We all pretty much knew it was bound they'd announce/introduce a new championship belt but WWE...Universal title? Yikes...Can't say I am thrilled by the name (sounds quite lame honestly), hopefully it will look a lot better then it sounds...

    - "You're not a good guy, you're not a bad guy, you're a loser Roman"...Ouch...

    - Both Fatal 4-ways in my opinion were great and making them as meaningful as they were obviously added to that and it was nice to see Balor get the push he received, which of course was expected given he was the 3rd overall draft pick for RAW behind Seth Rollins and Charlotte. They simply portayed why he was such a high pick and that is why I was quite certain he was coming out a winner after the main event. Come on now, admit it. A lot of you thought Balor was going to get buried and fed to Roman, didn't you?

    - Nia Jax debut was all it had to be...

    - Can't say I am thrilled with the idea but if indeed they are setting up a match between New Day and The Club for Summerslam, I guess I can understand the idea that Gallows and Anderson need something big for them in order to be established and solidified. So perhaps they get the gold after all and then, down the road, revisit the feud with Enzo and Cass...

    - Sasha Banks is your newwwww Women's champion !!! Very surprised they didn't save this for Summerslam but there was a good point above about them wanting to start off RAW on a bang so, it's all good. This, I guess, means that we shall get the rematch at Summerslam and after her succesful defense there, maybe the following night on RAW Bayley can maker her official debut and challenge for it.

    - Strowman air time was my bathroom break...

    - Shining Stars desperately need a Carlito if they are to ever get over. At this point, it just comes to show you what they are worth when a) Enzo and Cass don't even bother trash talking them and b) Pokemon Go costs them their match...

    Looking forward to Smackdown and how they will follow up...
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  17. You missed an entertaining little match with strowman dude. I legit was laughing through the whole thing. Not because it was stupid, it was hilarious. The way he tossed that little guy around. Even the gf was amused at that and she's not big on wresting at all.

    God damn tho. I am so pleased with the rejuvenated raw.

    One can only hope that with tonights new smackdown comes the old fist in some way.... I'm hoping.
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  18. Watched it and yeah, it was indeed funny, hehehe....
  19. I went with a 9/10. If it were an option I would have gone with 9.5, because sometimes a girl needs a half. :otunga:

    Up until last week or two weeks ago, whenever it was, I had not watched WWE in a year or more. With the brand split, the draft, and last night's fantastic Raw, I feel like I came back to the programming at just the right time. Anyone who has been here long knows that it was few and far between that I would give the shows high ratings, but this show certainly went above and beyond to earn it. If this is a glimpse into what the future of Raw and SmackDown will be like, then I am beyond excited. Of course, being the cautiously optimistic / cynical / sometimes flat-out pessimistic type, I also have a slight worry that they went all in on this show to make it stand out like it did, and then it will all be downhill from here. Only time will tell, but I'm certainly hoping they can continue with this high level of entertaining programming.

    (Sidenote: The following is not in order, by the way. I just randomly address different points of the show as I feel like it, in true womanly fashion. :obama: )

    * There were a couple of local jobber squash matches, but I actually didn't mind those. Sure, they were a bit laughable and everyone knew how they'd go, but I actually enjoyed seeing these unknown locals getting time on TV with these people. Nia Jax got to debut, and I didn't care that it was a quick squash match because it somehow felt right. Plus it was still entertaining. Strowman vs. Jobber #2 was pretty much what you'd expect, and I still don't know what I think of Strowman yet, but it was alright. Plus these reminded me of some local matches with ROH and other shows I've attended. It actually makes me hope they do jobber matches when they perform in Birmingham just so I can see if they use any of the local wrestlers I know. Quick matches, but entertaining, and they accomplished what they needed to. Anyone who didn't like them could use them for bathroom breaks since the women's match was actually not the time to do that...

    * I was so excited for Neville's return that I didn't even care his was a quick match against "Mr. Irrelevant" Curtis Axel and just enjoyed seeing him back and in action. Still a decent match. I like my high flyers, what can I say.

    * I wish Enzo and Cass had more time, because my love and adoration for those guys cannot be denied. (Plus they're a couple of my oldest nephew's favorites, which makes me enjoy them even more.) Oddly enough theirs was actually one of the lower points on the show, but I still enjoyed it because ... c'mon... it's Enzo and Cass.

    * Back to what I mentioned a moment ago... I cannot remember the last time I actually genuinely enjoyed a women's match in the WWE, or even felt entertained by one. And that's not just because of old age, it's because they never seem to care much about the women's division or having their female talent put on good matches. But this? Sasha vs. Charlotte for the title right away? Fantastic match. You can tell Sasha was giving it her all and it felt more real than just standard chick "matches." Both ladies did an outstanding job, and seeing Sasha get the win was just the icing on the cake for me. This match makes me almost look forward to seeing where the women's division is going. Here's hoping they keep up this momentum for a good long while.

    * I typically feel inclined to make a face whenever Stephanie appears on my screen, but I still enjoyed the opening segment overall. I am not happy with the whole Universal Title name at all. But hey, if that's the thing I hate worst about an episode of Raw, I'd say they're doing a fantastic job. I kind of liked seeing the whole roster come out, and the announcement of the priority matches with the two fatal four-ways and the women's championship match just made me happy and made me look forward to what was to come. Overall a good opening segment for the first Raw of the new era.

    * Balor. :gusta:

    * Rusev aside, I could have practically salivated all over my laptop with the first fatal fourway match. Balor, Cesaro and Owens all on my TV at the same time for the same match? I'll take it.
    Sexiness and hormones aside, this was a great match all around, and I could not have been happier that Balor won this one. So well deserved, and it was great to see him getting such a push. And the crowd's reaction to him? Oh my goodness... So great for someone who is new to the main roster.

    * They gave my hormones a break by having Sami be the only guy in the second fatal fourway who does anything for me, and that worked for me. :otunga: I always love seeing Zayn in action, so of course I enjoyed this match. The end was not particularly a surprise, but the match was still pretty good and enjoyable overall.

    * The New Day never fails to entertain me, and they absolutely accomplished that last night. To me this whole segment with their celebration and everything was just pure entertainment. Kudos to Sonny Boy (or SunnyBoy as I've seen some places) for almost stealing the show, lol.

    * Balor spoke. :gusta: I don't even care what he said. He could have read his grocery list and I would have been happy. I just sat back and enjoyed that accent and his nice smile.

    * The main event was just that, the main event. And my goodness, what a main event it was. So huge and spectacular. Balor pulled off some great moves, which to me just elevated him even more as far as showing his talent, and it really helped kick off his debut that much more. I've never particularly been a fan of Reigns and was of course hoping Balor would win, but I didn't exactly have high hopes for it. Seeing him actually get the win? Man oh man... I was absolutely ecstatic. Fantastic and surprising way to end an already great show.

    * Do you know another way I know this show was great? It actually did not feel like 3 hours. That is HUGE. Normally it feels like the time is dragging by. But last night's episode was so great, entertaining and well-rounded that I was actually a little surprised when it was already time for the main event.

    * Did I mention Balor was on the show? A lot? :gusta:

    Kudos to me for doing my first more in-depth, no-one-will-want-to-read-this review in a long long time. And kudos to WWE because for the first time in who-knows-how-long they have me actually thinking I need to tune in to watch a PPV.
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  20. This show was GREAT. With this show they had one chance to make a first impression. All the geeks who I know and started watching around 2008, 2009 or so always clamored for the brand extension to come back as if that, in itself, would solve all problems. Whether it does or not is not the point, but by doing it they got everybody's attention and, most importantly, the opportunity to make a good "first" impression. And they did it right! Changed all the set up and whatnot, new announce team did well, cool.

    The opening segment was, in fact, a bit reminiscent of the opening 20 minute promo everybody hates, but it was actually necessary this time to announce the belt and whatever. Also, Stephanie did bury someone deep beneath the earth, but this time it was Reigns, for a change. And I admit I laughed out loud at it because of his expression when she did it. Anyway, both 4-way matches were very good. Pokemon garbage was by far what annoyed me the most on this show. Good GRIEF, can I please not hear about this SOMEWHERE? At least I got Bob Backlund to bury them for it, so even the shit had a silver lining!

    Sunny Boy was lame, but overall the segment was fine. They did their stuff and the Club was set up as new challengers. Alright. Axel being Mr. Irrelevant is very funny. Not as great as undrafted Slater, but pretty good nonetheless. I liked Charlotte vs Sasha very much, they did some crazy spots as they should've, and Sasha smashing her face on that dive was nasty. I'm glad nothing happened. The title change was also a very nice moment and it was a good idea to put this on the new show. The Braun squash match may have been the best part of the show. Not only does Braun get a new theme whose introduction is just a ROAR, but they did something new (?) and creative: interviewing the geek just before his death. And also, what a geek they got for this, damn. I think I may have looked more imposing with my Cheeseburguer-esque physique. This dude had a great jobber look. Then brauny the strowman killed him (with a Reverse Chokeslam, in fact). Very entertaining. I'm glad to see some squashes.

    The main event seemed like a good big man vs little man match (and there was the line I've been waiting for all year, WELCOME TO THE BIG TIME (close enough to big leagues for me)). Bálor won, I did not expect that. Very good show, as I said previously. I do not trust that they can keep this going weekly, but we'll see.
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