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    Raw Results (open)


    Sasha Banks led off the show with a promo. While she was talking to the audience, she was interupted by Charlotte. They insulted each other for a while. While they argued, Chris Jerich came to the ring demanding quiet. He then began to insult Sasha and exalt Charlotte as royalty. Jericho claimed that Charlotte was greater than Ric Flair and then insulte Sasha for claiming to be "The boss." After dissing Sasha, Enzo Amore came out and got into a shouting match with Jericho. After some banter, Mick Foley came out and announced that he would make the first mixed tag match of the new era: Enzo and Sasha vs Jericho and Charlotte.

    Enzo and Sasha vs Jerich and Charlotte

    Kevin Owens was at ringside for commentary during this match. He insisted he was only there to raise the quality of the commentary.

    Charlotte and Chris Jericho defeated Enzo and Sasha by pinfall when Charlotte pinned Sasha after hitting Natural Selection on Sasha. Jericho attacked Enzo after the match, but fled from the ring when Cass came to the ring.

    Braun Strowman vs Jobber

    Braun squashed a jobber in about one minute and pinned him.

    Afterwards Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon had a promo in which they were approached by Mark Henry. He was told he was brought back in a mentor sort of role, but Mark insisted he had a run left in him. Foley then put Henry in a match with Rusev for the US title.

    This was followed by a Golden Truth/Pokemon Go promo.

    Golden Truth vs the Shining Star

    The Golden Truth was defeated by the Shining Stars when Goldust was pinned. Goldust tried to tag R truth in at one point but was unable to because Goldust was playing Pokemon Go.

    Finn Balor Interview

    Balor came to the ring but was immediately interupted by Seth Rollins. The two traded barbs for a while. Seth tried to attack Balor but was deflected and knocked out of the ring.

    Mark Henry vs Rusev for the US Championship

    Rusev retained the US title when he forced Mark Henry to tap out to the accolade.

    After the match, Rusev insulted America until Roman Reigns came out and confronted him. Rusev attempted to attack Reigns but Reigns gained the advantage. Rusev ran from the ring before Roman could hit him with the superman punch.

    Titus O Neil vs Darren Young

    Titus O'Neil defeated Darren Young by pinfall when he rolled Darren up and hooked the tights. After the commercial break, Bob Backlund was yelling at o'Neil for cheating and Young blindsided him.

    Afterwards there was a promo where Stephanie and Mick were approached by Sheamus who wondered why he didn't get a title shot for the US Championship. He was interupted then by Cesaro. Foley claimed that Cesaro's injury lowered him in the draft. Foley then put Sheamus and Cesaro in a match in which the winner will get a championship match.

    Nia Jax vs Jobber

    Nia Jax squashed the jobber and defeated her by pinfall.

    New Day vs the Club

    One member of the New Day was banned from ringside and it was Xavier Woods. New Day won when Big E pinned Anderson with a roll up. There was a brawl post match which was joined by Woods. The Club hit Big E with the boot of doom several times. A brawl continued after the match which had the Club taking out the entire New Day.

    Cesaro vs Sheamus

    Cesaro defeated Sheamus by pinfall after hitting a Neutralizer

    Social Outcasts

    Heath Slater introduced Jinder Mahal back to the roster but Mick Foley pointed out that neither were on the roster. He then proposed a match where the winner between Jinder and Heath would join the roster. Heath insisted he did not want such a match but while he was complaining, Jinder had the referee ring the bell and he quickly attacked and pinned Heath to join the Raw roster.

    Afterwards, Chris Jericho gave a promo in which he claimed he had a wrestler watching his back but he made up a poor name. He was called on it by Keven Owens, who agreed to watch his back.

    Sami Zayn vs Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins defeated Sami Zayn by pinfall after hitting the pedigree.

    Brock Lesnar Promo

    Paul Heyman gave a passionate promo regarding how Orton may have the RKO in his arsenal, but he would never get Lesnar into an RKO. Orton appeared out of nowhere, RKOed Lesnar and left the ring before Foley and Stephanie came to ringside and demanded he be removed.
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  2. A solid 7. The only good match was Seth vs Sami, but there was a lot of good story telling tonight. Heyman was wonderful and made the show so much better.. but that's not really surprising.
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  3. 2/10. Only enjoyed seeing Seth Rollins and Jericho's backstage promo was pretty good.. I can't get into this new era of RAW... Smackdown is definitely my favorite show now.
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  4. I wont vote cause I only watched the end.

    I liked the ending segment. Paul is always good on the mic and the trolling by Orton is new but kinda funny.

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  5. Tonight was on par--if not just off from last week. What we lacked in matches we got in story. My main concern tonight was seeing if the quality of last weeks show could be maintained and it was IMO. 9/10.

    The Good:

    The opening segment was really fun to watch. Everyone was good on the mic,especially Enzo but that's to be expected. What I loved the most is that the Women felt equal and where not overshadowed by the guys. The match that followed the promo was fun to watch and good way to start the show. Srsly feels like forever since I've seen a mixed tag team match on RAW.

    Jericho and Kevin Owens are one of the best heel pairings probably ever. Hopefully the partnership culminates to a Owens/Jericho feud.

    Braun/Nia getting fed Jobbers is fun, hopefully after maybe another two weeks they get invovled in some type of feud.

    A Literal RKO out of nowhere. +5

    Cesaro Vs. Sheamus, both of these guys deserve better. Anyone notice sheamus isn't exaggerating his accent anymore? Wonder if that's an actual change or a mistake on his part.

    The Club looking strong AF. +10

    Rusev looking strong AF...kinda. I'm very curious to see where Reigns Vs. Rusev goes. I don't see Reigns winning the US title seeing WWE probably want him in the main event picture fight for the WWEUC.

    Thank the lords that WWE got Heyman back because Lesnar would've been fucked otherwise.

    Thought the main event match was decent. Rollins' promo earlier in the night was gold. Rollins is Mr. First indeed.

    The Bad:

    Darren Young/ O'neal is a feud that shouldn't be happening again.

    Finn Balor didn't fight tonight. Not that he needed to but it would've been nice. Some people don't watch NXT and should be getting acquainted with Balor on the main roster so a match tonight wouldn't have hurt.
  6. I continue to fucking love this brand split. RAW did it again, I gave it a 9. This episode had it's funny moments, dope moments, but can barely think of anything that i thought was bad. The opening segment was incredible and my highlight of the night. All the matches were pretty good, i'm a Braun Strowman fan now (RAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRR) and all the storylines have intrigued me for Summerslam. Lots of unexpected moments for me tonight, like Titus turning heel, which I think is dope, and Orton actually showing up especially. Was cool how they played it off like an invasion and shit, this is exactly what I missed. Just the overall feel of this new era has gotten me in love with WWE again, good stuff overall fam.
  7. You are the most negative fan i've ever seen lmao, can't remember the last time i've seen a good review from you, lighten up homie.
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  8. I gave Smackdown a good review just last week.
  9. That's crazy, hmm. I was there live and even thought tonights RAW was better than it. To each his own for sure but I just dont think this show deserved anything less than a 5
  10. yes to each his own.. I like the Smackdown roster and hate 90% of the RAW roster.. I try to tune in for Seth Rollins, but i'm starting to think it's not worth it anymore.
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    1. Loving the role Mick Foley is playing.. I have always loved Foley and he's definitely on top of his game in this role.
    2. Enzo Amore is the boss on the mic.. Loved the chemistry between him and Sasha.
    3. Every match was good, even the "squash the locals" matches with Strowman and Nia Jax.
    4. I only fast forwarded through the commercials, I watched every bit of the show.
    5. Owens and Jericho vs Enzo and Cass should be good.
    6. Reigns vs Rusev is a good matchup.
    7. Even Titus vs Darren Young looks to be entertaining.
    8. Cesaro beating Sheamus to win a title shot was very good, can't wait to see where that goes.
    9. New Day beating The Club at SS will be "best for business".
    10. Rollins and Finn promo and the Rollins/Zayn match were both very entertaining.
    11. Paul Heyman
    12. RKO outta nowhere on Lesnar.. shots fired.. can't wait to see how Lesnar responds tomorrow night!

    1. The opening segment was about 5 minutes too long.
    2. The whole Golden Truth Pokemon Go shtick is pretty stupid honestly.
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  12. The end is exactly what I wanted from the brand split. Invasions, GMs trying to turn the talent, yes please. Ads such an air of unpredictablity.
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  13. Ignore him, he's a silly little troll, bro.
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  14. 8/10 obviously not as good as last week but that's pretty hard to top. I'm loving the direction they are going and how they are building storylines. Highlight of the night was that RKO. That ending really felt like classic Ruthless Aggression stuff. Loved it!
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  15. For my first live Raw in a long time, it wasn't that bad. I am rating it a 6.

    I enjoyed it for its promo work and advancement of storylines, but not all the matches were the best.
  16. Not quite as good as last week, but there was a lot of good stuff on there.
  17. The show was good. 7/10

    I expected the show to be watered down this week since they went all out last week and I was right, but it was a good show, nonetheless. And we had some good storytelling.

    - The opening segment was OK. Sasha REKT Charlotte on the mic. It was fine when Enzo and Y2J got involved, too. The segment should've been about 5 mins shorter, though.

    - Y2J & Charlotte vs Enzo & Sasha was a solid opener. As expected, Charlotte got her win back, 50-50 booking FTW! At least it was in a tag match and via distraction.

    - Evan guy that got squashed by Strowman, whose name is actually Corey Hollis in NXT is awesome. The "If I take the match, I get $1,000. But if I win, I get $5,000" line had me cracking up.

    - Rollins/Bálor stuff was good. I was unsure if Finn would hold his own in his first major segment, but thankfully he did and sounded confident. I liked this segment overall and thought it was a good first step to build/hype the WWE Universal Championship match at SummerSlam.

    - RuRu vs Henry was OK and exactly what it needed to be. Lana looked gorgeous. Oh, and I'm down for Reigns vs Rusev.

    - The Club beating down The New Day. I wasn't a fan of The New Day pinning The Club, though. Should've just done a brawl, followed by a DQ and then the beatdown, but oh well.

    - Cesaro vs Sheamus was good. No complaints. Nice action throughout the match and the finish was so slick, loved it.

    - Heath "Undrafted" Slater gig is amusing. He was awesome on SmackDown last week. Oh, and welcome back, Jinder Mahal.

    - Y2J's backstage promo was hilarious. I'm down for KO/Y2J as a team.

    - Rollins vs Zayn was pretty good and MOTN.

    - The closing segment with Heyman and Lesnar was good. Heyman was great as usual and made everything better. RKO OUTTA NOWHERE was dope, also.

    - The Pokemon Go stuff with Golden Truth was really stupid this week. Last week's stuff was legit hilarious.

    - DY vs Titus. It sucked the last time and it'll suck this time, as well.
  18. 7/10

    Definitely as I expected, good solid show again

    +1 Opening Promo with Banks, Enzo, Charlotte and Jericho, along with the match
    +1 Braun Strowman squash and Nia Jax squash
    +1 US championship match, Mark Henry vs. Rusev was actually pretty good and great crowd involvement in my opinion
    +1 Great upcoming feud for Roman Reigns and Rusev
    +1 Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins and Cesaro vs. Sheamus
    -1 Golden Truth vs. Shining Stars lost a match because of Pokemon Go
    -1 Darren Young vs. Titus O Neil
    - 1 Heath Slater should deserve more than management just pushing him off
  19. Coming off one of the best shows all year, we all knew it would be quite difficult of a task for WWE to deliver again in such a big way, however I think it’s fair to say we at least got a very good follow up show overall which, I agree, deserves a solid 7/10. My thoughts:

    - First off, I was very saddened to hear about Lilian Garcia leaving the WWE and my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her dad, who is battling cancer.

    - Opening segment was great. Not often to we see a women’s segment open the show and aside from it being something different, it was also quite entertaining. Loved the exchange of words between Charlotte and Sasha, Y2J stepping in added a lot of spice and, well, we all know Enzo is gold on the mic so no surprise he was brilliant once again. Given that by the end of the show they set up the partnership between KO and Y2J, obviously to take on Enzo and Cass, I am already looking forward to the promos between them and especially the exchanges between KO and Enzo: this ought to be fun…

    - The mixed tag match was pretty good as well – again, something different that we hadn’t seen in quite some time – however I do feel the need to point a couple of negative things, with most important being the fact that Sasha ate the pin. I understand how they played the interference factor with Dana Brook, but having her get pinned just one week after she won the title to me was kind of wrong. Would have much preferred some DQ ending based on the interference itself but it is what it is.

    The second thing has nothing to do with the match but it was a pretty big botch moment. I don’t know if you guys caught it but if you go back and watch it, after Big Cass comes out for the save post match, did anyone notice how the referee ran in the background with the women’s title and tried to hand it over to Charlotte as her Brook and Y2J were walking backwards the ramp? You could almost listen to Jericho telling him that he fucked up and when he went back to give it over to Sasha, she yelled “gimmie that thing” as in “you fucking moron”.

    - Can I be the next jobber to Strowman? I could certainly use 1000 bucks….

    - Enough with the hate on Balor and his weakness on the microphone. Granted, it’s not his strong suit but it’s not like he tanked either; there’ve been (and still are) much worse cases….coughing...reigns...coughing...kalisto..coughing....

    - So, Rusev vs. Roman Reigns for the US title at Summerslam? Me like, as long as WWE don’t fuck this up, meaning there can only be one outcome to this match, meaning Rusev MUST retain, otherwise all this build these past few months would be for nothing. By the way, when Rusev was doing his promo post match, trashing the Olympics and all, tell me you didn’t think for a second that maybe your Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle was going to show up; what a moment that would’ve been…

    - Golden Truth and the whole Pokemon go thing was funny the first time around, not the second…

    - Cesaro and Sheamus had a very good match and I liked how prior to it and during the backstage promo, Foley and Stephanie pretty much explained why Cesaro was drafted that late with the mentioning of the shoulder injury. I feel it was a nice addition to the story…

    - I’m a little disappointed we won’t get to see Enzo and Cass vs. New Day for the tag titles but I can’t say I have much of a problem with the Club being given that opportunity.

    - Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn obviously MOTN. On a side note, we all are aware of Zayn’s abilities and the arsenal he possesses, with several beautiful moves, one of which the blue thunder bomb; I just wish we’d see him actually win a match with that gorgeous move…

    - Closing segment, a thing a beauty. You can obviously never go wrong with Heymann and his promos but that icing in the cake? What a sick moment, with that out of nowhere RKO and the perfect camera work made that moment look brilliant…

    - When was the last time we had such an excessive use of the word “ass” on RAW, or any WWE TV programme for the matter?

    - I like how Summerslam is shaping up and for the most part I think we have a pretty good idea of how things will go down but will save the predictions for when the time comes…
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    The show gets a weird 8/10 from me. Weird as in... The overall show was really enjoyable, but there's some segments that came off a little hit and miss, and it's one of these where I feel like trying to type a recap of it will take me 2 hours. :okay: Damn you, long-windedness! :why:

    Anyway seeing Big E on the shelf with testicle-related injuries totally reminded me of Hank Hill in the doctor's office. "There's a lot of swelling in the right one"... but what about the left one, doc? "We couldn't find it"
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