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  1. Please rate this week's episode of WWE Raw in the poll and then leave your comments below!

    Raw Results (open)


    Enzo and Cass came out and after making some jokes, they began addressing and insulting Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho them came to address them, and told Enzo that the only reason he is there is because Cass protects him. He did compliment Enzo for always having someone to watch his back though. Jericho then brought out Kevin Owens and the two of them went into the ring. Ko insisted that he had Jericho's back but then insulted Cass for basically supporting Enzo. KO then insisted that either KO or Jericho will end up hurting Cass.

    When Jericho threatened Cass, Cass accepted the challenge and Jericho immediately backed down and claimed he was threatening Enzo.

    Chris Jericho vs Enzo Amore

    Chris Jericho defeated Enzo Amore by disqualification when Cass came into the ring and kicked Jericho in the head. Cass did this after several attempts by Kevin Owens to interfere in the match.

    After the match Cass challenged Jericho and KO to a tag team match at Summerslam.


    Mick Foley made a call to Stephanie to tell her he was inviting Daniel Bryan to the show. He hung up the phone when Sasha Banks came into the room. Sasha suggested making her match with Charlotte a handicap match since she was sure that Dana Brooke would interfere anyway. Foley countered the offer by putting Sasha in a match with Dana Brooke tonight. If Sasha beats Brooke, Brooke will be banned from ringside at Summerslam. If Sasha loses, Mick will make the match at Summerslam a handicap match between Sasha and Charlotte/Dana Brooke.

    Braun Strowman vs Dorel Nelson

    Braun Strowman faced a jobber. Nelson tried to run away but Strowman attacked him and quickly beat him by pinfall.


    Puff Daddy was talking to Mick Foley when he was interupted by Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. After joking around about Big E being hit in the crotch, they all left.

    Titus O'Neil vs Darren Young

    Darren Young defeated Titus O'Neil by pinfall when Young used the tights (while Backlund wasn't looking) to gain leverage.

    Seth Rollins Promo

    Rollins basically addressed Finn Balor and made comments that Finn Balor's name is fake and that Balor means "Demon King." He then mocked him for using a false name. He said that Finn Balor created a persona that he wanted people to believe in, while Seth Rollins is a real person who doesn't need to create a false persona.

    Sheamus vs Cesaro

    Cesaro defeated Sheamus with a roll up after Sheamus got distracted by the referee.

    Afterwards a promo aired with Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton dissing each other.

    Neville and Sin Cara vs the Dudley Boyz

    Neville had a surprise partner and it was Sin Cara. Sin Cara and Neville defeated the Dudley Boyz by pinfall.

    Rusev and Lana Celebrate their Love

    Rusev and Lana came to the ring in white. The ring was clad in red witha wedding cake and decorations. They showed pictures and talked about how great they are. Rusev several times jawwed with the fans to "Respect my wife."

    Roman Reigns interupted the segment. He offered to be Rusev's best man and offered to make a toast. When Rusev refused, Roman challenged him for the US Title at Summerslam. When Rusev refused, than Roman insisted to make a toast.

    In the toast Rusev thanked them for letting him see a wedding between a Bulgarian sasquatch and a mail order bride. When this upset them, Roman acted disappointed. Roman claimed he was expecting more from Rusev, just like Lana was expecting more from Rusev on their wedding night.

    Having had enough of Roman, Rusev attacked him and beat him down until he turned his back and Roman knocked Rusev into Lana, who fell into the cake.

    After the match, Rusev confronted Mick Foley and demanded to have something done about Roman. Foley obliged and made the match for the US Title at Summerslam.

    Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke.

    If Sasha wins this match, then Dana Brooke is barred from ringside at Summerslam. If Sasha loses this match, then the match at Summerslam will be a handicap match between Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke/Charlotte.

    Sasha Banks won this match by pinfall, therefore Dana Brooke is banned from ringside at Summerslam.

    WWE's Greatest Upsets

    WWE aired a clip of the 1,2,3 Kid (Sean Waltman) vs Razor Ramon in 1993 in which Waltman defeated Ramon despite having jobber status.

    Finn Balor Response to Seth Rollins

    Finn Balor responded to Rollins and defended his choice of name, then explaining where his name came from. He made references to Irish legends and demons. There was a significant focus on Balor. He told Seth that he had never met a demon like Balor and at Summerslam Rollins will meet the Demon King.


    Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson presented a promo in which they were pretended to be doctors. They introduced a condition they called ringpostitis, from which there is no cure. They then picked up a jar with two white balls in it and claimed they were Big E's testicles. After making a lot of bad testicle jokes they claimed they were coming for Kofi's next.

    Kofi Kingston vs Luke Gallows

    Luke Gallows defeated Kofi Kingston by pinfall. After the match, Gallows and Anderson tried to post Kofi but Xavier Woods made the save.

    Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley Meeting

    Daniel Bryan came out to talk to Foley in the ring. Foley claimed it was an attempt to "clear the air." Daniel Bryan and Foley traded compliments about their respective work as GM's of the show. Foley also complimented Bryan on his commentator role on the Cruiserweight Classic.

    Daniel Bryan began complimenting Smackdown, but Foley interrupted to "apologize" for Brock Lesnar coming into the ring and "destroying" Orton. Daniel Bryan responded with sarcasm about Orton throwing the first shot.

    Foley interrupted and played a clip in which Daniel Bryan had joked about the silliness of the Universal Championship. Although Bryan tried to keep making jokes, Foley got upset and tried to defend the belt.

    Rusev interrupted and claimed Raw didn't need a champion because he is the champion on Raw. He also defended Mick Foley as the greatest GM. Daniel Bryan accused him of doing this to get out of his match with Reigns. When Rusev began threatening Bryan, Cesaro came out to interrupt. He suggested that Rusev has already had a very bad night and he wanted to make it worse. He brought up that Foley had told him he had to earn a championship shot and by beating Sheamus two weeks in a row. Mick Foley tried to backpeddle. Cesaro accused Foley of not being a man of his word. Daniel then complimented Cesaro as being underutilized on Raw. In response, Foley then gave Cesaro a title match immediately.

    Cesaro vs Rusev for US Championship

    Rusev retained the US Championship by pinfall when Sheamus interfered and kicked Cesaro in the face. When Rusev left the ring, he got speared by Roman Reigns.
  2. I give this show a 4. There really wasn't much good about it. The main event between Rusev and Cesaro was a very good match, but it ended in typical interference.

    Other than that, I think they are doing a good job reinventing Reigns. Showing the 1 2 3 Kid defeat Razor Ramon in 1993 was obvious foreshadowing that a jobber will eventually defeat Braun Strowman.
  3. 4/10. Glad I didn't watch live. For some reason whenever a show is 2 weeks away from a PPV, it's always ass in my eyes. Tonight was no different. I'm sure next weeks will be better leading up to Summerslam.
  4. Didn't watch the first half of the show. My favorite part of the night was the Dr. Gallows and Dr. Anderson bit on Big E.

    Also I seriously called that Diddy would do a promo wit New Day...of course WWE would lol
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  5. 0/10, worst show i've seen in the last 5 year's.. not even Rollins promo was good.
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  6. Maybe I'm just really easy to please tonight. I gave a 9. I enjoyed the whole show. So without further ado, here's my breakdown lol. I think this is the first time I've done this

    My play by play analysis and random thoughts of RAW August 8th. Well partially play by play. Lol enjoy.

    Enzo cass opening was good.
    Enzo vs Jericho good
    Heel titus better than face titus
    Didn't even think of picking up phone between these parts. Not going to bother recapping anything. Only adding this because cable is updating directly after the Neville/Sin Cara win. Only adding words to fill time. I even started this in another spot then had time to restart on the proper place. Takes so long to do this crap.
    Neville will make excellent cruiserweight competitor/champion btw. This division seems like it was made just for him tbh.
    So far I've liked what I've seen this week. No complaints at all. Wonder if reigns will crash rusev and lana's wedding celebration, in turn making him an official heel? Idk but it seems like he's already mostly a heel anyways so I wonder what will be the event that 'makes it official'.
    Oh nice box is done updating time to get back to it!

    Funny; that rusev bit is next.
    Haven't watched any of the cwc yet, I love cruiserweight action but budgeting time with pregnant (almost due) wife doesn't allow 3 nights of rasslin. Except ppv weeks of course lol.
    Have a good feeling about the division and if Finn doesn't win universal title, he's definitely among the tops of the cruiserweight division

    Hahaha loved the kermit ms piggy wedding and the beauty and the beast reference. Funny shit.
    Hahaha yes! 'WHAT!?!'
    I'm actually spending time watching this lol ive been captivated since this split. Everything is good. I swear it's the red ropes lol
    Ok this is a time waster. I'm ready for it to end anytime now. Someone interfere....
    Wow what a shitty way to get a cheer for roman hahaha. But kudos it works. Okay there's the boos Lmfao. What a train wreck of an attempt. I still don't mind the guy though.
    Really? A best man shot? Omg kick his ass rusev lol. This better be a hilarious toast. Fail joke #1. I'm trying to give him a chance too...
    OK the cake smash was pretty funny.... highlight of that segment by far....heel or nothing for roman at this point for me. I don't mind most things about him. Just....the amount of corn that he talks, it just doesn't work for him.

    Charlotte interference was terribly timed. If it was a little more smooth would have been better.

    Really building up Nia Jax too. Which is good, really building up the women's dividision. Nia Jax promo reminded me about the braun squash. Was another good beat down. Although they'll eventually have to give him someone. If they feed him another 5 newbies in a row, I'll question their motive. He should move up soon. Sure it's entertaining, but come on.

    Finn Bálor promo was nice. Deep.
    Followed by Dr anderson and Dr gallows. Funny shit. I laughed a bit. 'Yes, it makes me pretty teste' lol.

    New day. Break time for a minute. I don't mind them; but I HATE their gimmick. Hate it.
    Oh nvm they're going right into a match.
    Anderson and Gallows have to run roughshod on the roster to mean something.
    Perfect. That was a quick match which is what needed to happen. Make them look tough.

    R truth has slipped. Way too far down there now to ever be taken seriously again. Goldust has been there for 2 decades lol

    Having Bryan there doesn't do much fucking pointless to be having this type of stuff during a brand split. They better make this really interesting.
    OK ok it turned out to be interesting. Although it was only because of the impromptu match.
    Expected outcome. But atleast made it look like Cesaro could beat rusev.
    OK atleast reigns is doing cool stuff like that. Interferes with their wedding celebration. Then runs down the ramp to spear rusev. Cool points with me. He really needs to have better lines though.... for real.

    All in all a great episode this week. 9 for me.
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  7. Is that such a good idea? They've done such an amazing job protecting Strowman, hasn't he been pretty untouchable by most people? He's been built up so well that he would be the perfect opponent to build someone up to face Seth for the Universal Title - in theory, anyway... Then again that sounds like fun and I'm not sure how much the "obvious route" I just laid out would help anyone lol
  8. I definitely don't think it is a good idea. But, it didn't hurt Razor Ramon when it happened to him. It actually did more to help his career. He beat Ted Dibiase shortly after and won a tournament for the IC title. So who knows what it will do.

    I mean I could be wrong, but Waltman was a jobber when it happened. Braun has been facing jobbers and decimating them every week. Then they show a segment called, "WWE's Greatest Upsets," something that they have never done before... it just seems like they are pushing that way.
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  9. This was the weakest RAW of the new era by far. Not bad just very, very boring. So boring that I fell asleep going into the third hour. I guess the streak of good shows is over for now. 6/10

    The Good:

    Rusev is the fucking man. The wedding segment was stupid don't get me wrong but I dunno' Rusev just makes everything he does watchable, not to mention gets a Reigns a face pop. Then he main events RAW against Cesaro and my god--Rusev is just the best. If he drops the championship to Reigns I'll be bitching about it for weeks, WEEKS. Also Lana is my Aunt.

    Cesaro Vs. Sheamus was a good match and the only one I can vividly remember from this show. Sheamus is such an underrated guy IMO he can really work. Cesaro pulling double duty tonight makes me happy because it's an indication that maybe, just maybe he might get the push he deserves soon and this time it'll stick.

    Gallows and Anderson a.k.a The DOCTOR CLUB with a great segment tonight. It was funny and added more personality to the team. I wouldn't mind them becoming the new tag champs, they're the best heel team on RAW atm who else would New Day drop the titles to?

    Speaking of heel teams, Y2KO has to be the greatest pairing of canadian wrestlers of all time right? The banter Gods in one promo segment working together is just unfair, even for the likes of Enzo Amore. Y2KO could be something great for like a month or two, hopefully they don't break up immediately after this feud.

    Bruan Strowman/ Nia Jax Squash matches are just therapeutic. Maybe after SS we could get these two in real feuds?

    The Meh:

    Enzo and Cass could've been saved for a little later in the show. Hopefully this doesn't become a thing where they come out to start the show every week. For as entertaining as Enzo is on the mic, It'll get old real quick.

    Rollins/Balor being built like a Lesnar match is kinda stupid. What I mean is that Balor, like Lesnar, can't cut a promo so Rollins like a Lesnar opponent has to build the match himself...it's stupid. Balor should be wrestling at the very least.

    The Bad:

    Dana Brooke...you make the Botch Club proud.

    P.diddy...why were you here? The soundtrack only has like two good songs.

    So Neville had like a hour to pick a tag partner and he gets Sin Cara? Ok.

    Darren Young/ Titus O'neil.
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  10. When you said that in the other thread, I knew it would happen :dawg:

    I'll be watching What Culture's WTF recap. I am sure it will not disappoint.

    EDIT: Was that you that said that in the other thread? :hmm: I remember reading it but now I don't see it. LOL Too tired for thoughts right now.
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  11. Oh it's there. 4th comment down lol.
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  12. The show was decent, but had too much talking. It was kind of a typical RAW, featuring both boring moments, as well as those filled with excitement on occasion. 6/10

    - I really like the "Last week on RAW" video that opens the show. I'd be cool with it happening every week.

    - Enzo & Cass/KO and Jon Bon Jericho stuff was fine. The Enzo/Y2J match was meh, though. Oh, and I really like this KO/Y2J pairing.

    - Where's WWE getting these jobbers they feed to Strowman? They are hilarious.

    - Rollins' promo was good. LOL'd at "Do you know that Finn Bálor isn't even his real name?" bit. Please, tell us more, Colby Lopez! LMAO, good stuff. Seth has really improved on the mic.

    - Cesaro vs Sheamus was good. I felt their match from last week was a bit better, but this was still good. Diggin' Sheamus' new tron and man, they really are selling him as the guy who can't pull off a win even when he cheats. I guess that means he's up for a character reboot, which he needs.

    - The Lesnar/Orton video package was excellent!

    - Neville & Sin Cara vs The Dudleyz was decent enough. If the post-match stuff is any indication, it seems The Dudleyz will be split, which I wouldn't mind. If they actually take Bubba off TV for a while and allow him to return as Bully Ray character, then I'd really dig that.

    - Reigns was being such a dick during that Lana/RuRu segment and I loved it. The segment was pretty bad until Reigns came out and the cake bit was hilarious.

    - Loved the video package for Finn Bálor.

    - Doctor Anderson & Doctor Gallows bit.

    - Rusev vs Cesaro was a good ME. With the way booking went down here, it seems like there may be a Fatal 4-Way US title match announced for SummerSlam.

    - Why was even Puff Daddy on RAW? :hhh3:Also, he kept saying French Montana's name like it's something we should pop for. :pity2:

    - DY/Titus stuff. :idc:

    - The Golden Truth stuff was lame this week, too.

    - RuRu and Lana segment was too freakin' long and it wasn't any good.

    - Wow, Dana is awful. Send her back to NXT.

    - That Foley/DB segment was awkward. What was the point of it again?

    - Biggest WTF moment: Why is it that Sami Zayn got one of, if not THE biggest win of his career at Battleground, yet he's left without a program heading into SummerSlam?!
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  13. Spot on and exactly what I've been saying for weeks now. If Rusev drops the belt to Reigns at Summerslam, they might as well just kill the guy already cause that will be a glorious burial. All the buid to make Rusev look dominant, strong and one of the most credible heels would be for nothing and, just to be clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with Roman Reigns. Plain and simple, you just can't have Rusev destroy all these midcarders, aka the Ryders and Kallistos and Titus Oneals etc and then have him lose to the first serious, upper card, opponent. What was the point then?

    It should be an absolute given that Rusev retains and hopefully WWE don't fuck this up. Now, given that Reigns is, well, Reigns, I really can't see a submission finish (honestly cannot picture Reigns tapping out and I seriously doubt WWE would approve) so most likely Mr. Superman will somehow break the Accolade and maybe heel Rusev cheats his way out of it so Roman can still look strong. Not my ideal scenario (would much rather prefer a clean win for Rusev) but I guess I'd take it over Roman winning any day of the week...
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  14. - Glad to see I'm not the only one complaining about the blond bimbo...

    - Indeed awkard but I think it may lead to a trade or two in the near future, most likely Cesaro to Smackdown being the first one. If anything, I think DB's line of Cesaro being underutlized was quite the hint...

    - Haven't heard anything but simply guessing they gave the guy a night off; God knows he could use it after all these great matches lately and the bumps he took. Hmm, come to think of it, would Zayn be the second trade for Smackdown? There's no doubt Smackdown could use a Cesaro or a Zayn and perhaps now even more since they got a big blow in regards to Shelton Benjamin...
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  15. I heard it was like a creative team writer took a poop, stood up, looked at it and said "hey that should be on tonight's Raw!"
  16. - She's obviously green as gooseshit and needs some polishing, same as Nia Jax. Her NXT run hasn't been good either. I mean, she had a pretty solid match with Asuka, in Asuka's debut (where Asuka was a carryjob machine while Dana just stood there), and that's about it. Oh, and this: :lol1:

    - That's all I got from the segment - Cesaro being traded for someone in the near future. Other than that, it was a pretty awkward segment. It came off as if they were trying to manufacture some heat 'tween RAW and SD and putting on the last minute ME. Speaking of the ME and how it was booked, I think we may be getting a Fatal 4-Way at SummerSlam, but we'll see.

    - The event is 2 weeks away, he should've already started some sort of build for his program by now, but we'll see. Maybe he gets to be on the pre-show. LMAO
  17. Have you ever rated a Raw show anything above a four?

    Good show, Rusev and Cesaro main eventing was really cool. I like how the US Title is regaining its credibility and having it main event and having its feud end the show is a good step in the ring direction, I hope Reigns does not win the title and not because I dislike him but more because Rusev's reign shouldn't be another meaningless reign like Kalisto and Del Rio, I obviously don't want or expect Rusev to go over clean I think Reigns has had 3 major clean losses recently and another would hurt him really badly, he's been great since his return and I hope he keeps it up and I think some time in the mid card will help him a lot, his reputation among casual and internet fans has significantly improved since he dropped the title and mainly because he wasn't ready for it and the next reign they give him shouldn't be for at least another year. I am a little concerned that both Rusev and Cesaro did double duty tonight in terms of segments for Rusev and matches for Cesaro, I know the roster is tight but is it that tight?

    Balor's promo was great, probably his best so far. It was short, sweet and to the point.

    The Club is fucking great, their segment was the highlight of the night. They should definitely go over at Summerslam.

    I liked the Foley/Bryan promo, Foley was a little bit too heelish for me because by god if there is a heel authority figure in WWE within the next at least 2 year I will be pissed because it was god awful last time. I did like that Bryan was trying to swerve Cesaro to Smackdown I really liked it.

    Now onto the negatives

    Braun Strowman ew, get off my TV.

    The womens match was okay and I would've much preferred a segment setting up the match before hand rather than just a random match. Dana Brooke I've seen wrestle way too much recently and its all a result of splitting up the womens division, we will see these same match ups A LOT.

    The tag match was weirdly random, it was fine I guess.

    I swear to fuck if they do Darren Young Vs Titus O'Neil again I will break something, it sucked the first time and it sucks now. Both these guys just flat out suck and putting them together is just a bad bad BAD idea.

    Overall though, good show. I'd say 7/10.
  18. Saying this for the 100th time: Ignore him. He's a silly little troll.
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  19. Ya know, sometimes I wonder if I'm secretly the same WWE hater I used to be. :haha: After another edition of Hulu Raw, I thought this was the "Impact 7/10" phrase I coined back in 2013.
    It was an enjoyable show full of some fun progression that never left you bored, but nothing really memorable... but I'd figure it was like a 4/10 live. This show must have draaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggged.

    :tough: haha

    I'd say Cesaro and Zayn for Cena would be a fair trade, no? :emoji_wink: When you think about it, there's 2, maybe 3 (Rollins) top guys you can trust with these Raw opening promos, and those are Ambrose and Cena which are... well...
    Weird way to have the rosters right now. Plus that way we get Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles and :gusta:

    Show Spoiler
    So this week for the Long Boring 20 Minute Opening Promo to start Raw it... wasn't all that boring because WHOOOOAAAA ENZO AMOOORE! This crowd was weird, I made a mental note about how he and Jericho had to beg this crowd to get into anything, but by the 3rd hour when most crowds are asleep they were super into the show...

    Anyway damn is it nice to have Enzo Amore on Raw, and I feel SUPER DUPER TERRIBLE for thinking he'd be a bust! Dude's a perfect fit and feels like the biggest damn star on this show. He's certainly the coolest! So this segment went on too long even for THESE four guys and... then there was a match that was okay, but had a lot of fun shenanigans, and Kevin Owens yelling stuff at ringside which made this a 5 star match in it's own right. Bonus points for JeriKO saying "How you doin!" in proper English. HOW ARE YOU DOING? IT'S S-O-F-T! YOU TWO CAN'T SPELL! I can't help but think Owens will get more shots in next week, which will only make things better!

    this week in small nitpicky crap that annoys Snow: If you replace "Hey Mick, I want my Diva's title match to be a handicap match!" with "Hey Mick, I want Dana banned from ringside during my Diva's title match", this show instantly becomes an 8/10. This was the worst line I've ever heard for the next 45 minutes. Mick is fun backstage, and these segments are 100000000000000000000x better with no Stephanie.

    -So Seth Rollins is shockingly an amazing promo. As much as he's obviously improved, I just feel like there's so little to talk about with this feud. "New Belt! I'll be the first champ! No, I will!" Like the only bit of added layers to this is Steph "rewarding" Rollins with a shot at the top, which you already got all the money you can out of it with Balor's excellent line last week, so... he's talking about being the guy who does all the firsts! Which is cool. And then digging into Balor and setting up a pretaped video package in response to the live promo... it's wrestling, it's seriously fine - which was FUCKING AWESOME. Two more good segments! :win:

    -Speaking of good video packages...
    Randy: "When Brock Lesnar debuted in OVW, we were all intimidated by such a physical presence...
    Brock: "I don't give a fuck, I'ma knock your teeth down your throat!"
    Randy: "Then we debuted around the same time, we won championships fairly quickly"
    Brock: "Then I'll watch you shit said teeth back out and knock that down your throat as well!"

    The 2 minutes I saw of Sheamus vs Cesaro was good, yet again! And watching one of the worst overpushed babyfaces look like he can't buy a win warms my heart. Fuck Sheamus.

    :lol1: Congrats to Gallows and Anderson for being the first team to not have their heat completely pwned by the New Day! (Maybe the Wyatts) Most teams get overshadowed so massively in feuds with the Day, but I'm digging these guys as Doctors. LOL that was pretty great, and Xavier running in with a chair to run those two off felt like shit was going down. Thumbs up for this, minus Gallows stealing the Roode Bomb. :tough: Inglorious bastard.

    I... Take it Sami Zayn was just cut from Hulu? I'm sure there's NOTHING on this show they could have cut to fit him in, so oh well. Gotta do what you've gotta do, I guess.

    Anyway thank you @GrammarNazi82 for the forewarning about this friggin' segment. :facepalm1: I bet you thought I'd get no enjoyment out of this. I'd know the misery you felt watching this live... well, you'd be wrong! :haha: Mostly because I misheard Lana as saying "renew our vowels" and that got me saying "Wait, what? :haha: " and then Lana and her ridiculous dress started to seem eerily similar to Vanna White 20 years ago and... Yeah time to get to the actual anal-ysis. (hehe lana backwards)

    so these two came out to be a lovely little couple and the crowd instantly started berating them because people are a bunch of assholes and Rusev yells "RESPECT MY WIFE" and I'm like "Yeah! You go!" before... as mountains eroded, the sounds of the birds outside became the squawking of the new dinosaurs, as humanity was wiped out by a new ice age as I was warm under my blanket watching this never ending segment go on. and on. and on. and look photos. and on. and on. and on. and......... GET TO THE POINT :angry: OH NO GET BACK AWAY FROM THE POINT! POINT BAD TOO! The pretty photos and stuff were nice! :please:

    MY GOSH ROMAN REIGNS IS A DICK. This dude makes Cena look like the freaking Pope by comparison. Over here crashing this perfect vow renewal ceremony as this dude's celebrating his new wife to call her a mail order bride, get the hell out of here. I feel weird judging Roman so harshly by saying "fight me for the US Title" and interrupting this garbage while hating Cena for being like "look at me hosting the ESPY's while all you can do is wrestle!" Can I pay 19.99 to see a special Summerslam where Styles and Rusev totally squash these two douchebags? Please? I mean that's what wrestling's about, right? Paying to watch someone you want to see beat up get his? Sheesh. Mail order bride? That's your toast? Sufferin' Succotash, son. So Rusev defends his wife, and Roman steals his champagne to say more crap before Rusev goes to teach this intruder to keep his gigantic nose out of their business which he's totally justified in doing and Lana accidentally goes into the cake and Rusev is DOUBLY PISSED and storming around backstage and begging Foley to rectify this situation that damn sure needs to be rectified and he's like "yeah that challenge is on though, bwahahahahaha!"... Poor Rusev. Now fighting against unjust authority figures rewarding ruining weddings on top of everything else. :okay:


    hey look it's Dana. Ya know, my idea of "Call up Asuka, then have Dana run away from her all the way back to NXT" still works! There's no reason to keep her on the main roster at this point.

    DANIEL BRYAN! clapclapclapclapclap DANIEL BRYAN! so this segment happened and Our American Hero Rusev comes out to mention how he has a belt already and he's the top champion right now - and he's right - so Cesaro came out, and he did earn a title shot and all this is fair but now just to spite Rusev they get this match going RIGHT NOW and Rusev vs Cesaro was the quality match of the night! I had a lot of fun watching this one minus some chickenheaded motherfucker coming out and ruining everything! Cesaro can do no wrong right now. Or any other time. And they match up well, and... apparently not satisfied or bothered in the least by what happened to Lana earlier, Roman spears Rusev to add icing on his penis-shaped cake, and I start wondering if Sheamus and Cesaro could be added to the US Title Match to pile on poor little RuRu and COME ON! You can fight back! Overcome those odds, Rusev! Stupid Foley is piling so much on you and muscleheaded morons are ruining your (insanely boring) weddings and also looking way too much like Ron Jeremy and FIGHT RUSEV! FIGHT AGAINST EVIL AND TYRANNY! SHOW US THE LITTLE MAN STICKING UP FOR HIS WIFE CAN GET IT DONE! :please: GO WIN SOME OLYMPIC MEDALS FOR THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION WHILE BEATING UP ROMAN AT SUMMERSLAM! YOU GOT THIS! :woohoo:
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  20. Prince Bálor Forgot To Mention It, Part 55: Rusev sucking up to Mick Foley prior to the ME was so great. :lol1:
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