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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. Please rate this week's Raw in our poll and leave your thoughts below!

    Raw Results (open)


    The show opened with Seth Rollins doing a promo in regards to Summerslam and his match with Finn Balor. He claimed he is going to call out the demon king right now. However, Rollins was standing in a parking lot. He called out the demon king and when no one showed up, he claimed the demon king was scared.

    Inside the ring, Rusev and Lana refused to leave the ring and blamed Roman Reigns for ruining the historical event of their wedding celebration. Rusev then said there would be no Raw until Roman Reigns came out to apologize.

    Mick Foley then came out to the ring and demanded that Rusev and Lana leave. Rusev still refused to leave and then criticized Foley for forcing him to fight Roman Reigns. Rusev then demanded Stephanie McMahon to come out and Stephanie did.

    Stephanie McMahon came out and told Rusev that his behavior was unacceptable and he needed to show Foley respect. Rusev then said he would call up Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon because they would treat him better.

    Roman Reigns then came out and offered an apology to end this. However the apology was sarcastic and made jokes about Rusev and Lana. Rusev wanted to fight to defend his wife's honor so Foley made the non title match between Roman and Rusev on Raw tonight.

    Sheamus vs Sami Zayn

    Sami Zayn pinned Sheamus after a Helluva kick. Cesaro distracted Sheamus when he was ready to hit the brogue kick and that allowed Sami to hit the Helluva kick.

    Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens Promo

    These two gave a promo about Enzo and Cass. Jericho wondered who certified Enzo as a G, the G Association of America? Owens criticized Cass's spelling SAWFT. They then said after Summerslam, when anyone asked Enzo and Cass "How you doin?" They would answer, "Not so well."


    Sheamus and Cesaro were fighting outside. Foley got in between them and put them in a best of 7 series beginning at Summerslam.

    The Dudley Boyz vs the New Day

    Kofi pinned Devon and the New Day defeated the Dudley Boyz in a quick match.

    Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins was backstage looking for the demon king, asking people where he was. He came across Neville who offered Seth the advice that he was not ready to face the demon king.

    Nia Jax vs Rachel

    Nia Jax decimated Rachel in a few seconds and won by pinfall.

    Brock Lesnar

    Heath Slater immediately came out and interupted Paul Heyman. Heath said he would get a contract if he could defeat Brock Lesnar. He knew he would get his ass kicked, but said he had to do it because of his "kids" needing to be fed.

    Lesnar took the mike from Heyman and told Slater he had guts. He told Heath he'd talk about their kids and that he didn't give a shit about Slater's kid. He then told Heath he had two choices, 1. To leave and 2. Stay there and continue pissing Lesnar off.

    Slater made as if to leave, and then attacked Lesnar. Lesnar then proceeded to take Heath to Suplex City and F5ed him and threw him out of the ring.

    Afterwards Heyman continued on his promo basically just commenting on the match with Orton at Summerslam.

    Cass vs Kevin Owens

    Kevin Owens was DQed when Chris Jericho attacked Cass. KO and Jericho then beat down both Enzo and Cass.

    The Prime Time Players vs The Shining Stars

    Titus O'Neil turned on Darren Young and hit him with the Clash of Titus and the Shining Stars defeated him by pinfall.

    Jinder Mahal vs Neville

    Neville defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall after hitting the red arrow.

    Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins came out to the ring and said that he had never been more insulted in his life. He talked about how he had been calling out the demon king but the demon king never showed up. He then called out the demon king, giving him one more chance. He then kept putting the demon king down.

    The lights in the arena began blinking and then went out. The demon king came out and Rollins attacked him in the ring. Balor, however, came out on top and Rollins fled from the ring and the two opponents stared each other down.

    Golden Truth vs The Club

    The Club quickly beat the Golden Truth and were immediately attacked by the New Day afterwards. The New day tried to hit Anderson in the crotch with Francesca, but he was saved by Gallows.

    Charlotte and Dana Brooke

    Charlotte and Dana Brooke had a confrontation in the back in which Charlotte came down on a distraught Dana Brooke for failing her.

    Charlotte vs Alicia Fox

    Charlotte defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall after hitting natural selection. Afterwards, Charlotte called out Sasha Banks, who had been doing commentary during the match. Sasha came to the ring and was sneak attacked by Dana Brooke, revealing the backstage segment to have been a trick.

    Rusev vs Roman Reigns to defend Lana's Honor

    Roman Reigns defeated Rusev by pinfall after hitting him with a spear.

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  2. 7/10. Better than last night week for sure.. Lesnar on the mic was enough to carry 5 points alone.. Roman and Rusev had a good match but I feel like it was a waste to have it right before Sunmerslam. Balors entrance was sweet but I hate how Seth kept saying "Demon King" it's sounds too much like Demon Kane. Other than that it's was a pretty average show
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  3. I voted 6. It was better than last week. I was entertained throughout the entire show, but there really wasn't much to jump up and down about. I think the exchange between Heath Slater and Lesnar was Gold. I also like how Slater didn't back down and did what he had to in order to get the contract... even acknowledging that he knew he wasn't going to win.

    The main event was decent. It also continues to prove that WWE is finally doing something right with Roman Reigns if they still want to push him as a face. I have to give all of the credit to Rusev and Lana, however. They are doing for Roman what no one else has been able to yet.

    Nothing else really stood out, but I still felt entertained.
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  4. #4 Botchie, Aug 16, 2016
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    A lot easier to sit through than last week. None of the matches, with the exception of the main event, were anything to write home about but the segments tonight were pretty cool. 7/10.

    The Good:

    Rusev throughout the night was great. Glad he got to beat Roman's ass all night...until the main event. I'm not even mad about the out come because Reigns going over on the go home show could mean Rusev retains this Sunday, lord willing. Their match was pretty good too.

    Heath Slater lowkey won me over in his segment with Brock Lesnar tonight. It was already good with Heath and Heyman going back-and-fourth on the mic but then Brock grabs the mic and doesn't sound horrible...holy shit. If Heath isn't about to get a push to at least a midcard title I don't know what they're doing any of this for, it's entertaining nonetheless.

    Y2J's douche goatee is wonderful. Jeri-KO is a great team, pls don't let them break up after this feud.

    Sami Zayn won a match.

    Neville was on RAW.

    The Bad:

    Finn Balor's Demon form should've been saved for Sunday. It made absolutely no fucking sense to have him apply the body paint for a two minute brawl! At Summerslam it would've had a bigger impact, but nooo WWE just has to blow their load with Balor. Seth Searching all night was stupid too.

    PTP reunion? Fuck no bby.

    I know I'm in the minority here But Enzo and Cass' shit is getting kinda old. They need to change up their routine because boy is it over exposed.
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  5. I'm gonna give this show an 8/10

    Now I didn't watch it because I pretty busy but I checked out everything afterwards.

    I was a little skeptical on Finn doing his demon entrance last night but then again i realize it will create more buys and viewership for Summer Slam.

    I was also skeptical on why the Roman Reigns vs. Rusev match ended the night at first. I was thinking it was because WWE still is trying to put Roman in that spot but it's actually because Raw wanted to end thier night with an action packed match instead of a promo. Roman and Rusev definitely thought that match out though so good job to them there.

    Gallows and Anderson are funny as fuck using an egg to represent Big E's urine sample and all that shit.

    Charlotte had some sort of squash match going against Alicia Fox, if that's what you wanna call it, so that was probably a good call.

    Brock destroyed Slater, I just hope Slater finally accepts the Smackdown contract and stops getting treated like a dumbo though. The man has already busted his ass too much in Job squads and it's time it payed off.

    Overal I think Raw put on a good show, I think it was just a little overlooked this week until you look at the logic behind it.
  6. Really enjoyed this RAW. 8/10 from me.

    Highlight of the night was that JeriKO promo. That shit was GOLD, literally gold. Kept callin Tom different names and shit, so good.

    Not gonna write a whole write up but definitely enjoyed all of the promo segments (Brock one was great, liked the whole Seth/Demon King thing).

    Oh and that Braun Strowman package, fuck yes! So dope seein them really hype the dude up, im a fan of him. RAAAWWWWWRRRR

    Enjoyed most the matches too. Overall i thought it was a good show to lead to Summerslam.
  7. I guess one could say it was a good enough show but only gave it a 5/10 because I felt it should have been a whole lot better being the final stop before the biggest summer event.

    Absolutely loved the interaction between Slater, Heymann and Brock, which was probably the highlight of the night as far as promos are concerned. The "I don't give a shit about your kids" line was pure gold and of course one that very few can get away with...

    Seth Rollins promo was rather meh in comparison to the usual good stuff from him but in all fairness, you got to give the man some props for his reaction after the fan incident....

    Main point of conversation is obviously the introduction of the Demon King and whether WWE did the right thing by giving it to the fans on RAW rather than saving it for Summerslam. In my humble opinion, while I honestly understand why they did it, I feel it would have been a lot more special had they saved the unveiling for Sumerslam; you know, just keep that anticipation going for a few more days...

    I also found it interesting that they chose to promote the US Championship in the main event slot rather than the Universal title situation but it didn't really bother me because...Rusev. Here's hoping that since we made Roman look good last night, Rusev will retain (AS HE SHOULD) at Summerslam. Oh, I know I said last week that I can't see Roman submitting to the Accolade (which he broke out of last night) but scratch that; it's exactly the proper finish, Reigns submitting. Even Superman should fall for the Accolade and only that will solidify Rusev as the monster he is portayed to be...
  8. Decent go-home show. 6/10

    Rollins/Demon King and Lesnar/Heyman/Slater were highlights of the show.
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  9. Slater has been the most credible looking opponent Lesnar has had since Taker/Roman. Shame he hasn't been able to put food on his 23 children's plates.

    Roman shaving his beard is a heel turn for me. It looked so good.:why:
  10. Fixed that for ya.
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    6/10. Or Rusev/10. Whichever you feel is more accurate. :sandow:

    Plus thanks to Prince Balor's beloved 50/50 booking, I can't wait for Summerslam now thanks to Roman pinning Rusev clean. LETS GO CENA ON SMACKDOWN
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  12. Here's my... stoned n 4 beers deep viewing review of this week's RAW.

    RAW August 15th.
    Watching on the 19th lol. Well a good chunk of it anyway.
    I watched a bit before starting the live recaps. This has been typed during te rusev savagery after commercials (during their match)

    That roman/rusev bit was actually nice imo. Agressive. Nice.

    The man that gravity forgot!
    Nope. Gravity remembered him. He seems short lol. And gravity just kept him down for that slip. Haha
    This Jinder Mahal seems like he could be ok.
    If only be beat Neville there. Looks to be a jobber then. Probably get alot of heat real quick and be fed to roman soon. Possibly for the us title.

    That seth promo was ok. That guy running in was a wtf moment but funny. He handled it well. "Was that the demon Kong? Hahaha"
    Finn's entrance was captivating. I love it.

    Golden truth... What a joke.
    Hmm gallows and Anderson. Better smoke these guys too. I respect goldust's longevity, but he is, and always has been, a joke.
    OK good quick win.
    I could see wwe putting gallows/Anderson over at summerslam. Only to give the belts to golden truth the next night on RAW. Just because.

    Charlotte vs Dana bra and panties match please.

    Alicia Fox vs Charlotte. That turned out as expected. Kind of a corny finish but whatever. Some more build up.

    Strowman video was nice. That's one thing about wwe. They make some awesome videos out of sometimes boring scenarios (not saying this strowman domination is boring...it's fucking fun. But they make boring talking promos into amazing video packages most of the time)

    Rusev is actually threatening when he's supposed to be. I like Romans intensity this match too.
    I'm hoping he wins the title at the 'slam.
    Hell even have rusev go for the universal title sometime this year. Beat rollins or Balor at some point. Man that would put sooo much heat on him. Perfect heel heat. (This is where I typed the blurb up there ^^^)
    Atleast roman is able to look like a warrior. Hope rusev wins this and roman wins at SS. So many wwe network plugs.
    Wow. Roman Cena... so many kick outs at 2. Kind of bullshit. Wow another one. Wtf end this one already ffs. If roman wins I'll be a little upset.
    "Roman is tapping into something special!" No he's tapping mcmahon's cock.
    This is going forever.
    Grabs the rope. Of course. Idk roman took way more damage than he's dealt out. And to be staying in it for this long is just foolish. I believe it should have been over 5 minutes ago.
    Aaaand a spear to win. WWE. Really? If that was the case it shouldn't have been so lopsided the whole time.
    Now I want rusev to retain the title lol.

    Also saw the enzo/cass usual bit and the ensuing match. It was good. Think their tag match will be ok. The most ideal out come of their match will be if KO pins Cass.
    Jericho is well past his prime. Enzo is... in all reality, just the mouth piece of their team. Gets his ass whooped every match until cass comes back and beats the opponents then throws Enzo on top of them for the pin. I like them, I really do. But that's the unfortunate reality. So they could have that outcome and Enzo pin Jericho and get a great reaction, or KO pin cass and get a nice future story piece.
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