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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Adam., Aug 29, 2016.

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  11. Orgasm-Inducing/10 (GrammarNazi's request)

  1. [​IMG]

    Notable Moments/Results (open)

    Chris Jericho Def. Neville

    Nia Jax Def. Hyan

    Sami Zayn Def. Jinder Mahal

    WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day and Bayley Def. The Club and Dana Brooke. WWE Womens Champion Charlotte was on commentary during this match. Sasha Banks was confirmed injured.

    Best of 7 Series Match No. 2: Sheamus Def. Cesaro. Sheamus is 2-0 so far.

    Paul Heyman attempted to pay Brock Lesnar's fine in $1 Bills, Stephanie threatened his job at WWE. Heyman apologised on behalf of Lesnar.

    Braun Strowman Def. Americo

    Darren Young Def. Titus O'Neil. Titus hit the Clash Of The Titus after the match.

    Main Event
    Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the WWE Universal Championship

    Kevin Owens Def. Seth Rolins, Big Cass and Roman Reigns to become the 2nd WWE Universal Champion

    Triple H returned mid match, hit an outside pedigree on Reigns. He helped Rollins up and push him into the ring, Rollins pinned Reigns. HHH then grabbed Owens to set him up for an attack, HHH turned on Rollins and hit him with the pedigree for Owens to win.

    They shook hands afterwards, clear alliance formed between Triple H and Owens. Mick Foley seemed to know nothing about this, Stephanie McMahon seemed to know everything about this.

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  2. [​IMG] /10
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  3. KO is CHAMPION!!! WOOOOHOOOOO! Mark out Moment of 2016! Shittest Raw until he did that! Just him winning the Title made it 10/10 Fkn legend please let him have it forever!
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  5. This is what Raw needs to be. It was a constantly entertaining episode capped by a spectacular main event.

    You know, I am happy that Kevin Owens is the Universal Champion. But that is not what I liked about it the most. Triple H, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, had such a monumental effect on this match. I didn't see this coming at all. WWE TOTALLY caught me by surprise and that is what I love about them the most.

    Amazing show. The best Raw in years!
  6. I can't even be rational right now. The ending to the show was fucking terrific. One of the best WWE moments ive been apart of in years. Put me in the most amazing mood. Kevin fucking Owens is a WWE world champion. I don't give a damn, this RAW was 10/10 my god.
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  7. What a great moment. I was rooting for KO going into the match and just had a weird feeling that they were gonna put the title on him tonight. And with Triple H coming in a wrecking Reigns and Rollins was just a huge swerve that no one saw coming. I'm so glad to see Owens finally get this push. And I'm excited to see the Rollins vs Triple H feud that's finally coming now
  8. 6/10.. half of the show was boring as fuck.
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  9. Orgasm/10. I watched the replay of it. Worked till 11. About halfway through I innocently opened Facebook (for some fucked reason) and as soon as I saw the screen it spoiled the winner for me. Fuck!
    But I continued to watch the show. That ending though.... Fuckin eh! I can't even put it into words.
    Did not see that coming at all, amazing. Triple H with the most left field appearance made this match so epic. And then the pedigree to rollins... Finally!! I have come to like rollins since his return but there was a time I couldn't stand him and wanted nothing more than hhh to deliver a nice pedigree. It was definitely worth the wait though lol.

    Excited to see where things go with these storylines. One thing I'd like to see in the future, maybe a year down the road, is Big Cass as universal champion alongside Enzo as the cruiserweight champion. Hell, even throw the tag titles on them at the same damn time. Wowowow wouldn't that be something?

    Anyways I'm off to bed it's past 3am here. I may do a more in depth review... maybe. I'll probably forget to though honestly.
  10. Really great show. With the exception of the Nia Jax match, all matches were great.
    Very happy about KO getting the title, he deserves it.
  11. :stfu:
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  12. When you injure your Demon brother and Dad is pissed at you. :hhh2:
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  13. Only complaint I have is that Owens' first title win became another vehicle for McMahonmania. You can't redo your first title win. It should be something more special.
  14. rip kevin owens and jericho tag team
  15. The night started off good with Jericho/Neville, then Bayley and the New Day happened and I didn't even know I wanted that , THEN Paul Heyman comes out making it rain on Stephanie,THEN the main event happens and Big Cass and Roman actually were good and outta nowhere HHH helps Rollins but then fucks Rollins over and I'm just like:

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  16. KO winning the title is worthy of a 10/10.

    And the rest of the show was great.

    - The opening segment w/ KO, Rollins, Big Cass and Reigns was good. It was a pretty basic opener to set the stage for later in the night, but thankfully it didn't drag. Owens was great, Rollins' death, taxes and Rollins always beats Reigns line was great, and Cass had some pretty strong lines, too.

    - Y2J was pretty great in that backstage segment with Tom Phillips. DRINK IT IN, MAAAAAAN!

    - Y2J vs Neville was good.

    - Zayn vs Jinder was OK and exactly what it needed to be. Zayn needed the rehab win following last week's loss. NOW PUSH ZAYN, GODDAMMIT!

    - Gallows, Anderson & Dana vs The New Day & Bayley was solid.

    - Sheamus vs Cesaro was so darn good. These two never fail to deliver.

    - The Strowman squash was fun. Wow. Best Strowman squash ever.

    - Heyman/Steph felt like a filler segment as they're waiting for Brock, but it was fine. I wish Heyman had finished counting to 500 when he was paying out Lesnar's fine, though.

    - KO vs Rollins vs Big Cass vs Reigns was a great ME. Didn't expect Trips to show up out of nowhere and turn on Rollins, but I'm extremely happy for KO winning the title. He really deserves it!

    - The Nia Jax squash sucked.

    - DY/Titus feud still sucks.
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  17. 10/10 and not just THE AMAZING KEVIN OWENS BACK UP PLAN ENDINGS but the rest of the show was good, well.... Except Ttitus O Neil vs Young anyway XD

    I can see a shit ton of memes with that Old Fart Club and Nurse Dana segment
  18. How was that an amazing ending? Owens looks like a geek
  19. "On a final note, I'm pretty sure most will be predicting Seth Rollins to be coming out victorious from the fatal 4-Way and be crowned the new Universal champ, which, to a degree, probably makes the most sense. Personally, if it were up to me, I'd say fuck that and give the strap to KO...Just saying....:henry2:"

    And once more I say...fuck it. Orgasm/10 baby !!!! :ko:

    In all seriousness, was the show in its entirety worthy of a perfect score? Absolutely not, however the main even alone was enough to make for the entire 3 hours, along with that epic ending of course.

    Now, some may argue the use of the term "epic" as being exaggerating and Stopspot above makes a very reasonable argument so here's my take on why I thought the ending was epic:

    A) The right guy won. Yeah, it's a simplistic argument but it's not like WWE comes up with these decisions very often...

    B) The element of surprise. I've said it before, I personally hate the fact that they usually announce beforehand certain people appearing on the show, whether it's a special one time appearance or a returning superstar. Nowadays, it's all about promotion and if you add the social media outlets in the mix, it is extremely rare that we get surprised. Now, I personally very rarely follow or check dirt sheets or other spoilers before shows, nor do I have any special relationship with the social media so I am not exactly sure if there was any talk about HHH appearing last night. If that's the case, so be it. I for one was totally unaware of anything and completely shocked when i saw him appear on my TV screan and to that I say BRAVO WWE !!!

    C) The cliffhanger. When was the last time any RAW or Smackdown went off the air and left you begging for more, wishing that the next show could start right away? See, this is something they really used to do a lot during the Attitude Era and was one (of many) of the reasons of the success and something we rarely (if at all) get these days. Can anyone honestly tell me he or she ain't anxious to see HHH come out next week and explain his actions? What about Seth and Roman and what they have to say? It's called a good storyline folks and when the writing is good, the show in general is all that better so of course I am eager to see how this will all unfold next week...
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  20. Seth Rollins is definitely turning, he has the fans he just need WWE to recognize him as the face that he obviously is
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