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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Raw Results (open)


    Mick Foley confronted Stephanie over whether or not she knew that Triple H was going to interfere in the match. Mick asked why he should believe her and she said it was because she was embarrassed and she had nothing to do with it. After an impassioned plea, Mick claimed he believed her because if she was lying, she would be both a very good liar and a very bad person and he didn't want to believe that.

    In the ring, Mick and Stephanie introduced the new Universal Champion Kevin Owens. KO came out in a suit and addressed the crowd who had been chanting that he deserved it. He told the crowd he knew he deserved it and didn't need their acknowledgement. He further commented that he had already done 90% of the work and didn't need Triple H. KO then dubbed Raw the Kevin Owens show.

    Seth Rollins then came to the ring and addressed Owens. KO asked what he wanted but Seth told him it wasn't about him and told him to shut up. Rollins then accused Steph of stabbing him in the back. Rollins accused KO of being Triple H's chosen one since he showed up in NXT. Rollins threatened to burn the show to the ground.

    KO interrupted Rollins and called him a failure. Rollins then began beating KO out of the ring. Stephanie then got angry and suspended him indefinitely. Mick immediately overturned that suspension, to Steph's shock. He said he was the match maker and although he doesn't like Seth, he is important to the show. He then made the match between Rollins and Owens at Clash of Champions.

    Behind the scenes, Steph told Mick that if he ever usurped her authority again, she would fire him. Mick defended his actions. KO then confronted Mick, claiming he was rewarding Rollins with a title match. Foley then put KO in a match with Sami Zayn. Chris Jericho than verbally attacked Foley for disrespecting KO, the longest reigning Universal champion of all time. Stephanie than demanded that Jericho not talk to Mick Foley in such a way. Foley then put Jericho in a match with Seth Rollins.

    Charlotte vs Bayley

    Bayley defeated Charlotte by pinfall after hitting a Bayley to Belly.

    Backstage, Charlotte chastised Dana Brooke and slapped her for allowing Bayley to defeat Charlotte.

    Bo Dallas vs Kyle Roberts

    A new and more dark Bo Dallas quickly destroyed Kyle Roberts and defeated him by pinfall.

    Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho

    Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho by pinfall after hitting a pedigree.

    Cesaro vs Sheamus Match 3

    Sheamus leads the best of 7 series 2-0. Sheamus defeated Cesaro by pinfall and moved up to 3-0 in the series.

    The Shining Stars vs Enzo and Cass

    Primo and Epico were in the ring and were interrupted by Enzo and Cass who proceeded to mock them before the match.

    Sami Zayn promo

    Sami was backstage commenting on the fact that it stung that he won their last match and KO is the champion. KO then showed up and gloated about winning the belt. Zayn responded that he will eventually win the belt and he will do it on his own, without Triple H handing the belt to him on a silver platter.

    Nia Jax vs Ann Esposito

    Nia Jax quickly defeated Ann Esposito by pinfall. Esposito did put up a bit more fight that the jobbers of late but still lost.

    OLD FART Segment

    Gallows and Anderson announced an old satirical version of the New Day called the Old Day where they basically made old man jokes about going to the bathroom. Eventually the New Day interrupted it. The New Day played off the fact that the Old Day couldn't really be them from the future because it would create a paradox if they touched each other. Instead the New Day chased the Club out of the ring. They then beat up the Old Day.

    Darren Young vs Jinder Mahal

    Darren Young quickly defeated Mahal by pinfall despite an attempt at distraction from Titus O'Neil. When O'Neil advanced on Backlund, Young attacked him from behind and beat the hell out of O'Neil.

    Nia Jax and Alicia Fox

    Nia Jax approached Alicia Fox and made fun of Ann Esposito's poor showing in the match. Fox criticized Jax for being too rough and Jax defended her actions since they weren't on Total Divas. Fox hit Jax with a donut box and Jax pushed Fox before walking off with Fox yelling at her.

    Braun Strowman vs Sin Cara

    Strowman won by count out and attacked Cara after the match.

    Sasha Banks Promo

    Sasha came to the ring and talked about every journey having an end. She also made reference to the women's revolution and many of the great all time women wrestlers of all time. Sasha announced she had bad news. She was then interrupted by Dana Brooke who said she was going to use Sasha's broken body to make things up to Charlotte. However, when she attacked Sasha, Sasha put her in the bank statement. Sasha then said that the bad news is that she is fine and will take her belt in the rematch.

    Kevins Owens vs Sami Zayn

    Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn by pinfall after hitting a power bomb. Immediately after the match, Roman Reigns came out to the ring. Reigns stared down KO but KO left the ring. Then Chris Jericho came down and the two had Reigns surrounded. Before anything could happen though, Mick Foley came down to the ring. Foley made a match between Reigns and KO for next week's Raw. If Reigns can defeat Owens, the Clash of Champions match will be made a triple threat between KO, Reigns and Rollins. Jericho tried to attack Reigns but was hit with a spear.
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  2. Seems like a good show on paper. I'll be right on it.
  3. A solid 7 from me. It started out good and ended good with some bad parts in between. All in all a good show.

    I liked:

    The opening. The whole thing with Rollins was great but the best part was when Mick immediately overturned Steph's suspension of Seth. Moment of the night for me easily.

    Charlotte vs Bayley **1/2 This was a decent match. However, with Bayley winning, it seems obvious to me they are going to be setting up Charlotte to retain at Clash of Champions. I could be wrong, but non title wins usually lead to losses when the title is on the line.

    Bo Dallas vs Kyle Roberts ** This was a good match only because I enjoyed Bo's new demeanor and his overly aggressive style in the ring.

    Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho *** Match of the night for me. This was a nice and solid fight. I think that with Triple H turning on Seth last week, he should have used a finisher that wasn't the Pedigree. But still the match of the night.

    The Shining Stars vs Enzo and Cass ** Typical Enzo and Cass match but that is why it was enjoyable.

    Nia Jax and Alicia Fox I am not a fan of Alicia but I LOVED how she reacted to Nia.... great segment

    Sasha Banks Promo I saw this coming a mile away but it was still fun to watch.

    Kevins Owens vs Sami Zayn *** Another good match and a solid ending for the show.

    I didn't like:

    Nia Jax vs Ann Esposito * This Jax vs Jobber of the week was boring when it started. It is more boring now.

    Braun Strowman vs Sin Cara * See above.

    I was indifferent to:

    Cesaro vs Sheamus Match 3 ** Obvious setup for a three match winning streak by Cesaro. The match was a bit lacking.

    Darren Young vs Jinder Mahal *1/2 Eh.
  4. Haha at first I thought the results said Alicia Fox hit Nia Jax in the face with a donut lolololol
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  5. If them adding Roman to the main event is their way of keeping Seth heel, they're messing up. People obviously wanna cheer him, let it be.

    Watching him v Jericho, listening to his promo, and evaluating his next couple of programs, it seems like he is definitely going to slowly become a face. But I can just see the WWE being hesitant to turn him, hope that won't be the case.
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  6. I don't think this show did a good capitalizing on what it set up last week. We got no real progression in the KO storyline or no explanation which I can forgive because well have two more weeks before Clash of the Champions. With that said, this show was kinda ass. 6/10

    The Good:

    The opening segment was good, I like face Seth so far.

    A decent Women's match tonight, though I don't know why they gave it away before CotC...

    Jericho Vs. Rollins was my personal match of the night. Jericho has been on fire since he returned and night after night keeps on proving why his is the best in the world at what he does.Rollins obviously baby facing ( that's not a term I know) his moveset up is great because we finally get to see Mr. flippyshit Rollins again.

    BO Dallas on TV...in a squash match...and he isn't the jobber? He looked pretty good, curious to see where they go with him because it doesn't seem that they're reverting back to NXT BO.

    Sami Zayn's promo had some real emotion behind it which is always nice to see.

    The Meh:

    Why Zayn/Owens wasn't saved for a championship feud on it's own makes no sense to me. They really need to let Sami do his thing and not just be the guy who hates Kevin Owens.

    The Bad:

    WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT NEW DAY SEGMENT?????!?!??!?!?!????!?! I haven't cringed that hard at wrestling in a long time. I HATE these type of segments, didn't work with the Hardy's doesn't work here. The Club are supposed to be badasses, rebels, rouges and WWE is just making them look like dickheads. WWE,

    hopefully we'll be free of this torment once the Club win the titles a start being the Club again.

    Sasha Banks' fake retirement was the watered down, forced and nowhere nearly as good Women's version of Mark Henry's "retirement" speech. Really hard to sit though.

    Enzo giving birth.

    I wish I cared about Cesaro/Sheamus more.

    Sin Cara's new theme is auditory cancer.

    Darren Young/Titus O'Neil,

    pretty much everything else.
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  7. After catching the full 3 hours... blackshock...

    5/10 here. Much on the strength of the opening segment, Bayley/Charlotte and the Dana interactions, and KO/Sami.

    That fucking New Day segment though, that was the worst thing I've seen since Deathclaw was a member. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

    Apron powerbomb the hell out of Foley next time, KO! Would say the same next week but that stupid body armor. lol
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  8. So... Is Seth a face? Or is Vince and Creative just not giving up yet on Roman Reigns? Feels like they are still keeping reigns always to close the show... Just give it to Rollins man... Get Roman out of there ya idiots... well then again Triple H knocked him out of the match too so I guess it makes sense for both men to get the title match. But goddammit we need baby face Rollins pronto.
  9. Though it appeared that the show was picking up where they left off last week with an almost excellent first 20-25 minutes, I feel that overall RAW was a letdown and couldn't personally go past 3/10. Most of it was simply boring, some of it quite bad and a few bright spots here and there could not (and did not, in my opinion) save the show...

    - Triple H not appearing to explain his actions was probably a bummer since I'm sure most were really looking forward to it but I guess keeping the intrigue and anticipation going for a bit longer isn't such a bad idea after all so won't complain about it...

    - Charlotte slapping the shit out of Dana Brook was MY moment of the night and I think the crowd should have erupted in "thank you Charlotte" chants...

    - Club/New Day: What a horrible segment and what a horrible waste of all these guys in fucking bad comedy...

    - Darren Young/Titus: Not a single person gives a fuck so can we just limit this to fucking Superstars or Sunday Night Heat or whatever taped shit...

    - The "longest reigning Universal champion" line from Y2J cracked me up and one of the very few bright spots on the entire show...

    - Early prediction: Main event at Clash of Champions I feel will remain a one on one between KO and Seth Rollins. Thought it appears that they are giving Roman Reigns a backdoor way to insert himself, I think we may see Rusev come out next week, interfere and cost Roman the match, thus setting up the US Championship match that, let's not forget, never actually happened...

    - Excellent promo from Sasha and good job on trolling us all; another one of the few bright spots on RAW last night...

    - Hopefully last night is the beginning of more meaningful things regarding Nia Jax and Strowman cause the squash matches can only be interesting for so long...

    - New and more aggressive version of Bo looks interesting, I must admit...
  10. The show was OK, but nothing to write home about. 5/10

    KO and Rollins were great, Rollins in particular. He was on fire during that opening segment.

    Bayley vs Charlotte was solid.

    Y2J was perfect in that backstage segment involving KO, Mick and Stephanie. Y2J proudly calling KO the longest-reigning WWE Universal Champion in history was hilarious, as well as the "Is he a Holy Foley mark?" line.

    Rollins vs Y2J was good, Cesaro vs Sheamus was well done given the time constraint and given the injury angle.

    Sasha cut a solid promo.

    The new side of Bo seems interesting.

    KO vs Zayn was a good ME.

    Everything else pretty much sucked. Especially that OLDFART segment. It was atrocious and the worst part of the show.
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  11. FYI: Cesaro won the 4th match at a live event in London.

  12. Wait, I didn't realize they actually announced Charlotte vs Bayley at Clash, now they announced Sasha as the #1 contender the next week.
    Also that the Shining Stars pinned Enzo clean. Fast-forwarded through that.

    Editing that to 3/10
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