Spoiler Rate Raw 09/12/2016

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Sep 12, 2016.

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    Mick Foley came to the ring. He was interrupted by Charlotte and Dana Brooke and Charlotte said that an apology was in order because of last week. Dana told Charlotte that she didn't have to apologize for slapping her. Charlotte however demanded an apology from Dana because she allowed Charlotte to lose to Bayley. They were then interrupted by Sasha Banks. Shortly after, they were interrupted by Bayley, who thought she should get the title at Clash of Champions because she beat Charlotte last week. Charlotte commented that Bayley was not the WWE match maker and Bayley would not get a shot. Mick agreed that Bayley was not the match maker but pointed out that he was the match maker, not Charlotte. He made a match for the night between Bayley and Sasha with the winner getting the title shot at Clash of Champions. Following further dispute from Charlotte and Dana, Dana slapped Charlotte. Mick amended the match to a triple threat between Sasha, Bayley and Dana with the winner getting the shot at Clash of Champions

    Dana vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks... winner faces Charlotte for the Women's Championship at Clash of Champions

    Sasha Banks pinned Bayley to advance to the title match at Clash of Champions

    Backstage Segments

    Dana apologized to Charlotte and Charlotte forced Dana to get her bags.

    KO called Triple H his mentor and said it didn't matter if Reigns is in the match because he will retain the belt. He left and Chris Jericho took his place, complaining about KO being taken out of the Highlight Reel

    Bo Dallas vs Brandon Scott

    Bo Dallas squashed Brandon Scott

    Highlight Reel with Sami Zayn

    Chris Jericho was irritated that Kevin Owens, the longest reigning Universal Champion in WWE history, was taken out of the highlight reel to be put in a match against Roman. He then said KO was replaced with the lowest of the low, Sami Zayn. Zayn came to the ring. Jericho assumed that the reason Zayn lost his friendship with KO was because of Zayn. Zayn didn't want to talk about Owens. Zayn called Jericho a stupid idiot if he believed Owens was really his brother and best friend. He claimed that Owens would turn on Jericho and called Jericho Owens' bitch. Jericho pretended to reach for his cell phone, but then cheap shotted Zayn.

    Sheamus vs Cesaro Match 5 in the best of 7. Sheamus leads 3-1

    Cesaro pinned Sheamus to put the series at 3-2

    Alicia Fox vs Nia Jax

    The match ended quickly when Nia speared Fox into the crowd barrier.

    The New Day vs Anderson and Gallows

    The New basically came to the ring and went through their many catch phrases before apologizing to the crowd for Gallows and Anderson wasting the audience's time with the Old Day sketch. Anderson and Gallows then came out and they exchanged words before the match

    Anderson and Gallows won by pinfall after hitting Woods with Magic Killer

    Jinder Mahal vs Jack Swagger

    Jinder came to the ring and mentioned how he felt hate and rage for everyone when he left WWE, but he has learned to let that all go. He has found inner peace. He was interrupted by Jack Swagger coming out for the match.

    Mahal defeated Swagger by pinfall. After the match, Swagger was approached backstage about his contract running out. He just breathed heavy and declined to answer.

    Enzo vs the Epico

    Epico pinned Enzo when Primo grabbed Enzo's legs and held him down, preventing him from kicking out.

    Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns

    If Roman Reigns wins then he is added to the main event at Clash of Champions. Before the match, Foley warned Rollins that if he interfered, there would be serious consequences.

    Before the match, KO met up with Seth Rollins backstage and chastised him for his many failures since returning from injury.

    During the match, Seth Rollins attacked KO and got Reigns disqualified. Kevin Owens won the match.
    Mick Foley came to the arena and began yelling at Rollins for interfering in the match. Rollins claimed he could do what he wanted. Foley had Rollins removed. He then restarted the match.

    Rusev came and distracted Reigns, giving Owens the chance to hit Reigns with the pop up power bomb. KO won by pinfall. The main event at Clash of Champions is set as Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens.

    After match, Rusev stalked Reigns in the ring. He then attacked Reigns, hitting him with a jumping kick. He then began brutally beating Roman down. Lana came to the ramp and ordered Rusev to put Roman in the Accolade, which he did. He held the Accolade for about 30 seconds until the referee forced him to break it.

  2. I gave this show a 6. It wasn't the best show, but I watched it all and it didn't really drag for me.

    I liked:

    The opening was cool

    Sasha Banks vs Dan Brooke vs Bayley *** This was a very good match and I enjoyed every minute of it. Glad Banks won.

    KO and Jericho interview. I love Jericho going with this "Longest reigning Universal Champion of all time" thing. Funny.

    Sheamus vs Cesaro Match 5 in the best of 7. Sheamus leads 3-1 ** This series is not that exciting. Cesaro really deserves better but the match was all right. Definitely not Cesaro's best, but it wasn't boring.

    Alicia Fox vs Nia Jax ** There really wasn't a match, but Jax taking out Fox was awesome

    Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns *** Very good match and happy Roman did not get into the title match at Clash.
    I didn't like:

    Dana's toadying and going right back to Charlotte after losing the match.

    The hightlight reel. Was just boring. Sami's promo was unconvincing.

    Bo Dallas vs Brandon Scott * Having Dallas squash jobbers is a little weird. Also he needs to take poetry lessons from the Genius

    The New Day vs Anderson and Gallows *1/2 More typical stuff from these guys.

    Jinder Mahal vs Jack Swagger * Pointless in every way

    Enzo vs the Epico * 1/2 Boring. And quit trying to overexpose Enzo and Cass like you did with the New Day
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  3. It was... Fine. It wasn't brilliant, but it wasn't terrible either.
    I zoned out at points, like during New Day vs Gallows and Anderson, Mahal vs Swagger.
    The women's triple threat match was good.
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  4. Half of it was good by the looks of it

    The good thing is Roman Reigns will continue the rivalry with Rusev
  5. Very consistent show with some decent matches and a lot of banter.7/10.

    The Good:


    KO for the second week in row looking pretty strong and against Roman Reigns no less.

    All the banter tonight was great, from Zayn calling Jericho KO's bitch, to the New Day burying that shitty old day segment, to Kevin Owens Str8 roasting Seth Rollins.

    Nia Jax murdering Alicia Fox on live T.V.

    Gallows and Anderson going back to their roots finally. Pls give them the titles.

    The Meh:

    Jinder Mahal push.

    Cesaro/Sheamus 5

    Bo Dallas.

    The Bad:

    Made no sense to have Sasha pin Bayley when Dana was in the match... We need to stop with the Women's triple threat matches.
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  6. This week's show was decent. 6/10

    It had a mix of both good and bad things, but it wasn't bad overall.

    - Sasha vs Bayley vs Dana was rock solid.

    - KO and Y2J were good in that backstage segment.

    - The Bo Dallas squash was fine.

    - The Highlight Reel with Y2J and Zayn was good.

    - Cesaro vs Sheamus was good. I dug that finish, too.

    - That Rollins/Foley segment was OK, as they continue to tease that Steph did know about HHH and that Foley's getting played.

    - Nia Jax destroying Alicia Fox was actually really well done.

    - The New Day talking segment. It wasn't great or anything, but I appreciate the fact they bashed last week's tasteless "Old Day" segment, as well as the Creative dropping Gallows and Anderson's comedy shtick... Or so it seemed. I mean, I wasn't the biggest of fan of them doing the match here, but it felt like they pressed a reset button and tried to fix the issues this week by presenting G&A in a good way - where they appear to cut a serious promo and then kick ass, instead of looking like dorks every week.

    - KO vs Reigns was a pretty good ME. The post-match stuff was well done and sets up a US title match at CoC.

    - Everything else.
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