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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Sep 19, 2016.

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  1. Rate this week's Raw in our poll and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

    Raw Results (open)


    Roman Reigns came to the ring and was immediately interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. They were then interrupted by Mick Foley. Foley says that due to Rusev's actions last week, he put Rusev in a match with Rollins this week. Reigns wondered how this benefited him. Foley said that Reigns would get a match with Rusev for the US title at Clash of Champions plus he made the main event of tonight's Raw Reigns versus Kevin Owens but not for the Universal Championship. When KO protested, Foley made the match a cage match.

    Seth Rollins vs Rusev

    This match ended in a double count out as the two brawled back towards the commentary table.


    Dana Brooke and Charlotte are talking to Mick Foley. Charlotte insists that Sasha should not be the number one contender since there was a double pin in the number one contender's match. Dana suggested they make a new match to decide the number one contender. Instead, Foley adds Bayley to the match at Clash of Champions and credits Dana with the idea. Furious, Charlotte pushes Dana to the floor.

    Braun Strowman vs Sin Cara

    Braun Strowman defeated Sin Cara by pinfall in a squash match.

    Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Bayley and Sasha Banks

    Dana Brooke and Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks and Bayley win Charlotte pinned Bayley.

    Seth Rollins and Stephanie McMahon

    Stephanie McMahon told Rollins that she had nothing to do with HHH interfering in the WWE Universal Fatal Fourway. She then blamed Seth for the WWE World Title going to Smackdown. Seth then told her that he could be her worse nightmare. Stephanie did confirmed that she thought KO was the right champion and that he replaced Rollins as the man on Raw. And then Rollins blamed her change in attitude on Shane and left.

    Bo Dallas vs Gary Graham

    Bo Dallas defeated Gary Graham by pinfall

    Cesaro vs Sheamus Match 6 of the best of Seven. Sheamus leads 3-2

    Cesaro pinned Sheamus to tie the series up 3-3


    Chris Jericho confronted Mick Foley about him picking on Kevin Owens and accused Foley of never liking him. Jericho said he was itemizing everything about Foley that he didn't like, comprising the list of Jericho.

    The List of Jericho

    Chris Jericho aired his list of grievances against Mick Foley as general manager. He was interrupted by Enzo and Cass who criticized the concept of KO and Jericho as best friends. They were interrupted by the Shining Stars who were in turn interrupted by the New Day. They were then interrupted by Gallows and Anderson. Chris Jericho then left the ring, proclaiming all of them idiots. Sami Zayn then came to the aisle and began beating on Jericho, throwing him in the ring where everyone than beat each other up.

    Chris Jericho, Anderson and Gallows and the Shining Stars vs the New Day and Enzo and Cass and Sami Zayn

    During the break, Foley made this match. Enzo pinned one of the Shining Stars to give his team the victory.

    Introduction to the New Cruiserweight Division

    Cruiserweight Fatal Four Way.

    Mick Foley introduced the new cruiserweights to Raw. He made a fatal four way between Cedric Alexander, Brian Kendrick, Gran Metalik and Rich Swann

    Brian Kendrick made Cedric Alexander tap out to move onto the cruiserweight title match at Clash of Champions

    Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens in a Steel Cage

    Roman Reigns escaped the cage to defeat Kevin Owens. After the match he was attacked by Rusev. Rusev and Owens had Reigns chained up in the cage and Seth Rollins came down, scaled the cage and took both Rusev and Owens with a cross body from the top of the cage.

  2. This week's live review... I started late, real late tonight lol.

    Cruiserweights have some of the most character in the product. Niiiice Brian Kendrick won.
    I was hoping either he, Cedric, or metalik would win. That was my first. View of all 3 well I guess the first time seeing Swann actually wrestle. I had turned the channel to baseball I believe when his cwc match was on so I didn't see hardly anything.

    Oh yeah what the fuck happened to those cool ring posts? I was digging those!

    Steel cage match, up next!

    A quick recap of some of the show:

    - I Bo-lieve. I'm hoping he's in for big things in the near future. I didn't have too much of a preference for his character before, but this new and improved bo dallas is nice. And instead of carrying a political looking sign, maybe give him a flag or something. The idea of him carrying something is cool, just not the current item.
    And that's as far as I got there lmao.

    Damn. That pediatric cancer commercial was touching. I haven't paid much attention to the whole Connors cure thing. But that hits close now that we have a baby. I guess you never really expect something like that to happen. But it does. Damn.

    OK great way to kill the mood for this sick main event lol, but this is still going to be cool.
    I've said it before I'll say it again, the red/black colour scheme just makes the whole show look SO much better!

    ok time to enjoy this, just started.

    I've thought to myself in the past that they need to do more matches like this, but since they don't it makes it that much better when they do have them.

    As a human, the invisible 10th punch that the crowd counted was embarrassing lol.

    That was a nicely timed superman punch.
    End of the match was ok, but the end of the show was great.

    9/10 for me. All around great show.
    I'll recap more tomorrow
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  3. Overall RAW was boring tonight with the occasional interesting thing sprinkled in. That could describe most episodes but I digress. 5/10.

    The Good:

    The Cruiserweight fatal four way was of course the highlight of the show. Guys haven't lost a step since the tournament! I understand why Kendrick won, he's the veteran with WWE cred' and that makes him the perfect person to have put over TJ Perkins.

    Even though it was an odd way to introduce the match, the Tag team+Jericho and Zayn segment was pretty fun as well as the match that accompanied it. Also Jericho wrestling in leather pants...this man is the GOAT.

    The Main Event, even though it was essentially the same as last week, was pretty good. I think the cage allowed Owens and Reigns to make the match different enough. Rollins coming out to make the save at the end raises sooo many questions. Does this mean shield reunion? Yeah probably.

    The Meh:

    Cesaro/Sheamus 6...who cares anymore?

    BO Dallas squashing yet again but this time with his new partner, BOner.

    The Bad:

    Why no TJ on RAW?

    Everything else.
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  4. 8/10

    Not bad not bad... But why did Roman win clean? Eh whatever.
  5. The go-home show for Clash of Champions was OK, but nothing to write home about. 5/10

    As @Botchie Botcherson already said: "RAW was boring tonight with the occasional interesting thing sprinkled in."

    I'm not gonna bother writing the positives and negatives of the show like I usually do, but instead I'll only mention my biggest gripe: The whole Cruiserweight introduction sucked.

    Foley was a bumbling fool and on top of that, he couldn't even remember their names, so he had to read 'em off the cards.

    Commentary was meh, as expected. Nobody can replace Mauro and Bryan. The insight and the passion they displayed on the CWC was off the charts, but this right here, meh.

    And finally... Where was the champ, TJ Perkins?

    I get them wanting to hold him off for the PPV, but they could've at least had him show up at the end of the match when Kendrick won and have him raise the title or something. Oh, well.

    Even though this wasn't a good go-home show, I do hope Clash of Champion ends up being a nice surprise and a good show. But, we'll see.
  6. A very generous 6. Like my husband, I'm not going to list all the things I liked and disliked.

    Although the cruiserweight match was decent, it left a lot to be desired. It really didn't have the feeling or weight that I was expecting. That was disappointing. I was hoping it would have a WCW cruiserweight air of excitement about it. I know it's only one match and it was? a decent one, but so far it seems like an afterthought.

    I don't want them to do to the cruiserweight division what they often have done with the women and make nearly every match only be about the title in some way. There should be more than 6 cruiserweights on the roster and having a couple matches on Raw every week would greatly increase the fun of the show.

    The ending of the show was awkward. Reigns winning was stupid. Rollins saving Reigns was stupid. Yeah he's pissed off at Stephanie, Owens and Jericho but him helping Reigns made little sense as he has no real reason to care about Roman... unless he's trying to kiss Roman's ass in an attempt to get the Shield back. If he is, Roman should reject it at first simply because it would be too quick and awkward to do it right away.

    Not much else to comment on. Hope Smackdown is better.
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  7. So I guess I am easily pleased with wwe lately.... I seem to be giving good ratings all the time, even on 'bad' weeks. I'll do a little more in depth review of everything else that I didn't cover last night (it was late I just wanted to post and go to bed lol)

    Opening segment was ok. I had a good chuckle at roman getting cut off immediately when he started talking. That was good lol.

    Rollins vs rusev was good and I was wondering how they'd finish it to make them both look good. I think they picked the right ending. And the jump off the desk was nice.

    I'm not a fan of the concept of opponents teaming up in tag matches days before they face each other. Always makes me scratch my head like...wtf this makes no sense.
    And I'm hoping that Dana fucks Charlotte over at CoC. I can see it coming at some point soon plus it plays into the mentoring Charlotte was doing. Student attacks teacher. Ya know.

    Still liking strowman matches and I'm glad it's finally against actual roster now. They need to continue this streak for a while.

    Bo dallas squash was good. I like bo's new personality. It fits for him. And I got a kick out of the crowd cheering for the jobber. That was good too lol.

    Sheamus vs Cesaro. It is what it is. I haven't paid attention to really any of their matches. Idk why..... but I knew they'd go to 7 and finish off at the ppv. I will watch as Cesaro wins andmaybe gets a push.

    Jericho is the GOAT. The list of Jericho was gold. But it was a weird way to start that big tag match. It wasn't a bad match and I'm glad enzo and cass won.

    Recapped cruiserweights in my post last night. It was a good match but they need more on the roster. 5 won't be enough. I was a little like wtf about segregating the division with the purple colouring but it makes sene. It's 'new' so it's good to highlight it for a few weeks but after a bit make it part of the show.

    Main event was good too. Ending was ok but the after was great.
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  8. #8 Snowman, Sep 20, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
    I'll be honest. No super happy Snowwie today, cutting back on finances lately, so watched the WatchWrestling version and didn't get through all of it. Can't make a rating, but so much of this show just felt like it was going through the motions, as this review will be.

    I popped for Jericho's segment for sure. "Why are we out here, Big E?" "Because we had nothing better to do!" Marked. Jericho backstage with everyone was fantastic, he was the MVP tonight

    I don't understand what's going on with the women. Them taking 4 weeks to decide on a match they could have just announced in the first segment really feels pointless, boring, and dumb. They're doing such a good job building face heat on Dana though, it's a shame they can't put it on someone who can use it.... and they've created a scenario where CHARLOTTE VS SASHA VS BAYLEY doesn't have a happy outcome. How the...

    (can't believe I'm saying this, but points for the lack of Emma return)

    Crowd sucked. Unless you're personally coming so Foxy or I can see you, just don't come back to Tennessee

    As cool as Seth standing in the face of Stephanie is, Foley and Stephanie arguing all the time is just boring. Stop. This feels like a TNA power struggle angle. "beating Smackdown" doesn't mean dick.
    And it's leading to me thinking Stephanie's turning heel (lol) at CoC which makes me not want to watch KEVIN OWENS VERSUS SETH ROLLINS. Then again...

    Zayn's music >>>>>

    I can't BELIEVE this Cesaro/Sheamus series... They had good matches. Sheamus got an early lead. Cesaro was down 3-0 and is fighting back and doing everything he can to fight back in the series and not one person cares. Come on, this is the easiest sports-type thing to get behind, it's somewhat easy to follow, they're fighting for something (undisclosed) and it's an easy way to get a guy who's not getting a title shot anytime soon to go fight for the Universal Title (fuck off with the US Title here). This should be such a happy thing, instead it couldn't fall flatter if it was facing Brawn Strowman.

    I watched Backlash and absolutely loved that show, because they got us invested... be it through the great angle of Slater fighting to get his job and how entertaining he's been lately, or by the simple greatness of AJ STYLES. It really was a happy show full of happy moments (and motherfucking Kane) and I can tell you just about everything that happened in the buildup. I can barely remember anything that happened on this show and I just watched it. Hell, I can't remember Bayley's whole main roster run of like a month, despite recalling most of her 2 year NXT run. It's weird.

    Raw needs a change. Having a bunch of CWC guys take the place of Titus and Darren is definitely a start.
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  9. Deep breath... okay, saw the Steel Cage match. Shall I rant about that when I have the energy?
  10. Sure, if you feel like wasting your energy. :dawg:
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