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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Majour, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. Thoughts and opinions on the post NoC Raw.
  2. I'm going for a five- not the worst Raw, but certainly not the best by a long shot.

    The good

    Ambrose being back, especially his ability to evade/escape the security.
    Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz- Happy with the result and really enjoyed the match, especially with Mizdow still being around.
    Paige's commentary on the second divas match seemed a lot better this time- way less awkward, but then again Cameron was there last time.
    Adam Rose and The Bunny Vs Slater Gator- I think it's probably down to the fact that it's Sami Zayn as the bunny that makes me think this fun- that, or the creativity being put into the product is really that bad.

    The bad

    Cena turning up during Ambrose's promo.
    Having Cena Vs Orton as a main event again
    The Bellas and the this whole twin tragic nonsense.
    Rusev Vs World's Strongest Sexual Chocolate

    The meh

    Summer Rae Vs Natalya- just no.
    Bo Dallas Vs Jack Swagger.
    Sheamus and The Usos Vs Cesaro and The Dust Brothers
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  3. A sub-par show for me.


    -Dean Ambrose opening and closing the show (despite the fact that both he and Cena were standing tall together at the end, the final image was of him while his music played) was definitely great, as was him quasi-threatening Cena. I won't even bother theorizing how Ambrose teleported from the room backstage to being under the box at ringside, though. I guess he must of absorbed some of Kane's magical powers during their match earlier in the night or something.
    -Ziggler regaining the Intercontinental Championship was also a pleasant surprise. Here's hoping they don't switch it right back to The Miz again.
    -The six-man tag team match between The Usos and Sheamus versus The Dust Brothers and Cesaro served as the obligatory standout Raw match of the night.


    -Everything else. Hearing the commentators (and Cena) making damn sure we all knew for certain that Cena would have beaten Brock Lesnar had it not been for Seth Rollins most definitely got under my skin. I guess John boy taking two clean losses in a row was too much to ask, even to the conqueror of the streak. The Bellas shit continues to drag the show down into the depths of mediocrity and beyond. Add to that that nothing else on the show really got my attention.
  4. 3/10... they followed up a shit PPV with a shit RAW.. Ziggler winning the IC title back and Ambrose were the only bright spots.
  5. Very meh show to follow up the NoC PPV.. I mean like totally thought they were going to do some more NXT crossover matches =/
  6. 5/10 - Being really generous with the rating here.

    - The openning and the closing segment with my boy Ambrose and the 'Mr. Annoying' Cena was great. Loved the 'threat' at Cena, for one second I hoped they'd get into a brawl, but there's time for that... Seth Rollins is doing such a good job at being a heel. Kinda got scared Dean would get hurt when he jumped to the back of the car, and once he fell out of it, I thought 'I hope he's okay' and he was.
    - Ziggler winning the IC title back
    - Cesaro & The Dust Brothers vs Usos & Sheamus was a good match. Don't like who the winners were, though!

    - No Wyatts. But I guess they're better off not being on TV, they'd probably be jobbing, which is frustrating. I'd like to think the company is working hard at getting them back on track, though!
    - No Lesnar or Heyman. WTF?
    - I like Bo and Swagger. But this feud they've got going on is garbage.
    - Skipped all the Divas crap.
    - Usos & Sheamus getting the win. That's BS. I'd be kinda okay with it had Sheamus gotten the win, but Usos...? Come on!
    - Skipped Henry and Rusev garbage
    - Skipped Shitrose and Shitus O' Neal and that whole piece of crap segment. Get 'em off TV!
    - Orton vs Cena. Meh. Déjà vu. Same old shit.
  7. Ok show. Didn't like it but didn't hate it.
  8. I gave this Raw a 2.....really low I know. However, we got Cena vs. Orton for a main event.....no Wyatts....and every authority based match seemed to just go to DQ as usual....just as the Brock and Cena match ended....it was God awful....I almost shut it off mid way. I really like Ambrose, Reigns, and Rollins....they're all the future in my eyes...but Ambrose and Rollins can't literally carry the entire show for 3 hours with boring bs smashed in between constantly....im just amazed that we have Orton and Kane at the top heel status right now and that's it....had Brock made an appearance and shook things up by attacking Rollins or something out of anger....that would've made it much more interesting....but instead we get an over powered cena fights orton...and authority DQ fest....utter garbage.
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