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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Jan 13, 2015.

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  2. The matches weren't so good but the segments were. Daniel Bryan awoke a sleeping crowd. Dean Ambrose with the therapy sessions and then Seth Rollins looking strong at the end.
  3. Another 6/10

    The only time the crowd was awake all night was when Bryan was in the ring. It was good to see him out there fighting again, finally.

    Ambrose was funny as hell and made what could have been a really terrible segment actually tolerable.

    It was good to not have to hear Jerry Lawler's voice all night.. Booker T was good on commentary.
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    It was slightly better than last week's episode. 6/10

    - Rollins vs Cena in a Lumberjack match was decent. Glad my boy got the win!
    - LOL. Ambrose was just gold in that backstage segment with Steph and that 'doctor'.
    - Reigns' promo was better than the one from last week.
    - Harper vs Reigns was pretty damn decent, I liked it!
    - Ambrose had me laughin' my ass off again in those therapy sessions.
    - Mizdow was all I cared about in that whole Miz vs Jimmy segment.
    - Enjoyed Heyman/Lesnar segment.
    - Enjoyed the DB/Stephanie segment. As well as DB/Kane brawl. Dat Suicide Dive, tho!
    - Just a grand final segment with Rollins/The Authority, Cena and Lesnar/Heyman. I definitely enjoyed the ending to it. Curb Stomp on both Cena and Lesnar, and Rollins was standing tall which is interesting.

    - Boooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggg openning segment. Too much of redundant talking, especially on Cena's part.
    - The New Day vs Cesaro & Kidd was meh.
    - The Miz vs Jey Uso was meh. This whole saga needs to stop.
    - Another squash from The Ascension? Meh. But kudos to Booker T for trying to put them over. You're not supposed to shit on the guys, JBL and Maggle.
    - Wait, Ambrose vs Rusev ended in match stoppage? Bullshit.

    The 'Why God, why is this BS on TV?'
    - Gladly skipped whatever Big Slow was gonna talk about.
    - Whatever divas division match was on.
    - Skipped Paige vs Brie.
    - Shitty little Rusev/Lana promo.
  5. I'd give it a 7/10. I've only watched one episode of Raw in the past two or three months, but this seemed way better than the usual garbage they pedal.

    Besides The Ascension squash match, I can't really complain about much. Heyman was great, as was Ambrose. Reigns even managed to have enough mic skills to pull his segment off. Rollins keeps being pretty boss. Two Divas matches was nice, since they weren't terrible.... although I know people will be crying over that.
  6. Pretty shitty.
  7. Well the College Football Playoff Championship was definitely more intriguing, the main reason being this episode was pretty awful.
  8. Roman's promo this week was not that great IMO
  9. The matches were crap. I gladly skimmed through most of them, but the main plot points were cool
  10. Just be happy they didn't let him him quote Bugs Bunny this time around.
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  11. He did all he could with some awful, awful subject matter.
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  12. I gave it a 7/10. Keep in mind, however, that I had just had a hellish 14 hours on a bus after a hellish 8 hours in a dirty bus station and I am a diagnosed obsessive compulsive, so even a boring Raw would have been an oasis to that crappy day.

    I liked:

    The Dean Ambrose segment, mostly because Dean handled it well.

    Paul Heyman was gold.

    The ending segment was wonderful.

    Opening lumberjack match was decent and always fun to see Cena get screwed over.

    Daniel Bryan.

    Reigns segment is getting better at talking.

    I'm skipping the things I didn't like since I am sure everyone hear has vasic math and reasoning skills.
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  13. + Daniel Bryan!
    + Cesaro and Kidd are a great tag team!
    + Mizdow on my screen is always great

    - Everything else, pretty much... Best RAW of 2015, better than a lot of post-Summerslam RAWs of 2014. WrestleMania season is in full gear, although I'll be more relieved once I know that Lesnar's keeping the title at Royal Rumble.
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  14. I don't think we should worry too much about Lesnar keeping the title.

    I'm staying optimistic about him retaining.
  15. He better. But then again, with John Cena in the match, anything can happen. Plus there's Rollins and his MITB briefcase to worry about and Paul Heyman's always gonna be at ringside.
  16. I recall nothing, but the final segment was good.
  17. You're right about that, but either way, here's to hoping CENAWINSLOL doesn't happen.

    Rollins cashing in on Mania would be dope, though.
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  18. Cena beating the man who beat 'Taker would be so Vince, though.

    Rollins ruining Bryan's title reign... Now that is how you would have mega-heat :ambrose:
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  19. Yeah, Cena beating the guy who conquered Taker's Streak and the man who took Cena's virginity that same year is so lame.

    About Rollins cashing in on Bryan... That's what I've been pulling for to happen for months and months now. It'd lead to an awesome feud. But either way, whoever ends up being the champ at Mania, Rollins cashing in that night would still be dope.

    So, if it's Bryan, it'll be awesome. If it's Reigns, then we'd get the former Shield feud. It's a win-win either way.
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  20. I'm beginning to question it actually. I think the interest in Lesnar defending at Wrestlemania might be waning and Reigns is not really riding a wave of momentum.

    I've personally been thinking that a good idea, if Undertaker insists on wrestling at Wrestlemania, that a rematch with Lesnar in which he wins would be a wonderful bookend to his career. It ties up the whole Heyman gloating of the past year and although it doesn't restore the streak, it allows the Undertaker to put an end to his Wrestlemania career by beating he who beat the streak. It gives closure to the most famous Wrestlemania story ever. It is the only conceivable reason to have an Undertaker match at Wrestlemania at all. It also frees up Seth Rollins to take the title, being the number one heel, to defend against Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose or Daniel Bryan (hopefully not Cena).
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