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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 20, 2015.

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  1. WWE Raw Results:

    - The show opened with Brock Lesnar demanding a fight with Seth Rollins. He was interrupted by Triple, and then Seth Rollins on the TitanTron. That brought out the rest of The Authority, and eventually John Cena. After 20+ minutes of arguing, Triple H decides John Cena will get another chance to fight for his fired friends’ jobs if he wins a WWE App poll.

    1. Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan. Corporate Kane interfered in the match, allowing Wyatt to hit Sister Abigail on Bryan and get the pin. After the match, Kane continued to beat up Bryan.

    - Byron Saxton hosts a “Legends Panel” and asks Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan who they think will win the Rumble. Michaels says Bray Wyatt. Flair says Dean Ambrose. Hogan says Daniel Bryan. They’re interrupted by Big Show, who takes offense at their choices and knocks out Flair with a punch. Roman Reigns made the save.

    2. Dean Ambrose defeated Bad News Barrett. This was a non-title match. Ambrose won with Dirty Deeds.

    3. The New Day defeated Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. Kofi Kingston rolled up Cesaro to win by pinfall. After the match, The New Day celebrated with the Rosebuds. The New Day will face Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Adam Rose in the Royal Rumble Kickoff match on Sunday.

    - The nWo, the APA and the New Age Outlaws beat up The Ascension. The Outlaws will face The Ascension at the Royal Rumble.

    - John Cena won the WWE App vote, so The Authority made a handicap main-event. Cena vs. Rollins, Big Show and Kane. If Cena wins, his friends get their jobs back. If he loses, he’s out of the championship match at Royal Rumble.

    4. Paige and Natalya defeated Summer Rae and Alicia Fox. Paige made Fox tap out to the PTO. The Bella Twins were on color commentary. Paige and Natalya will face the Bellas at the Royal Rumble.

    5. Rusev defeated R-Truth. Rusev won by submission with The Accolade.

    6. The Usos defeated The Miz and Damien Mizdow. The Usos won clean with a top rope splash. These two teams will face each other again for some reason at the Royal Rumble.

    7. John Cena defeated Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show. Sting appeared, distracting the Authority and allowing Cena to roll up Rollins for the win. After the match, Brock Lesnar came to the ring and F-5’d Kane and Big Show.
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    Giving it a 7/10, purely because of the legends reuniting on the show, D-Bry vs Wyatt, Sting appearing and Lesnar going Beast Mode at the very end of the episode.
    Realistic rating: 6/10

    - Good openning segment. Lesnar and Heyman were badass, as were The Authority.

    - Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt was dope, I enjoyed it. D-Bry looked awesome and sold everything like a baws. The ending to the match was meh, though.

    - That backstage segment including Hunter, Nash & Hall, HB-Shizzle, X-Pac and Mizdow was too sweet. "I'm so ashamed!" LOL - It's always a treat seeing these guys.

    - The Legends Panel segment was fine and thank God for Reigns coming out to save us from the boring Big Slow.

    - Ambrose vs BNB was short, but okay. Glad Ambrose finally got the win after such a long losing streak.

    - The NWO/APA/NAO reunion and them squashing The Ascension was just grand.

    - The ME was predictable to say the least, but kinda okay for what it was. However, Sting appearing and Lesnar going Beast Mode at the end made that final segment good.

    - John 'The Narrator' Cena ruining a good segment with his presence. Goody Two-Shoes put me to sleep once he opened his mouth.
    - The Big Slow ruining the Legends Panel segment. Just like Cena, the guy opens up his mouth and bores the hell outta me.

    The 'Why God, why is this BS on TV?' segment:
    - The New Day vs Cesaro & Kidd. Meh.
    - The divas division match. LOL
    - Gladly skipped Rusev vs R-Truth.
    - Jey Uso vs The Miz. Again?! Thanks, but not thanks! It's been done to death.
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  3. 5/10.

    The positives:

    The APA. The Kliq and Sandow segment. Daniel Bryan Vs Bray Wyatt. Ambrose Vs Wade Barrett. The 'Eat, sleep, disappear, repeat' sign in the crowd. Even the Divas match was decent for a three minute match. Ric Flair being crazy.

    The Negatives:

    Far too much talking. Kane with no shirt on. The LOD 2000 (Ascension) promo. The predictability of Cena's match being a 3 on 1. Sting reappearing to probably just vanish again without there being any rhyme or reason behind it.
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  4. 10/10. Best Raw in a while. Motherfucking nWo, APA, and STIIING. It should go to 11 for Cena hugging that kid and totally making his year. Hell of a moment.
  5. When I saw the Cena ME match I completely thought they were seriously about to make him go superman mode and cleanly beat Seth, Kane & Show.. Thankfully they aren't that stupid to keep making Cena look like that and had Sting come in for the distraction.
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  6. Lol Sandow coming in as X-Pac cracked me the fugg up though, probably one of his better character works that he has done.
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  7. I really thought it was X-Pac when they asked 'Where is X-Pac?' and then I realized it was Sandow mimicking him.

    Fuckin' A, man.
  8. I'm going to go crazy and say this show was an 8/10, mostly because I, personally, enjoyed almost all of it.

    The opening segment was good and then Cena came out, I understood why he came out but he should have kept it much shorter than he did and then Stephanie went on for like 5 minutes and the whole thing was just lost on me at that point as I lost focus.

    Wyatt vs Bryan was a very good match and it is definitely great to see Bryan back in the ring and back in tip top shape again... the ending was kind of meh but it makes no difference.

    Backstage segment with the Kilq was awesome, Sandow was awesome, and, what I perceived as a rib at Vince when Nash asked what kind of show HHH was running around here and HHH looked shameful, was awesome as well.

    The Legends panel was very good until Big Show appeared.. he is just so boring to listen to and he is a terrible heel, so much better as a face, almost tolerable.

    Ambrose and Barrett was a good match but why they are making Barrett lose every non title match is lost on me and is taking away prestige from the IC title that I though they had done a pretty good job of building back up.. oh well..

    New Day vs Cesaro/Kidd was bathroom break #1

    The NWO/NAO/APA vs Ascension segment was the best of the show at this point... great work by all. Loved seeing the Clothesline from Hell from JBL.

    Divas match - bathroom break #2

    Rusev vs RTruth - Why? just why?

    Uso vs Miz - This has been done way too many times now.. just break up Miz/Mizdow already and let's get something more entertaining happening.

    3 on 1 handicap match... this whole thing was good in my opinion, from the dominating start by the Authority to the faux comeback from Cena to make everyone think Super Cena would happen... Sting's appearance was not surprising honestly but cool none the less. Ziggler, Ryback, and Rowan get their jobs back and the ending was very, very good with Lesnar coming after Rollins and then hitting F5s on Kane and Big Show... showed massive power, straight beastly.

    Well.. that's it... Just Kevin out...
  9. Lol another match between Usos & Miz/Mizdow to take place at the Rumble itself, that's just overkill on that matchup.
  10. - Oh yeah, that backstage segment with Hunter, Nash & Hall, HBK, X-Pac and Mizdow was too sweet. The "I'm so ashamed!" line - LOL'd so hard at that.

    - Yeah, thank God for Reigns coming out and stopping the Big Slow, he's so boring. The guy just opens up his mouth and puts me to sleep.

    - Bathroom break #1 during Cesaro/Kidd, eh? Should've had one myself, but didn't care for it anyway.

    - Yup, the NWO/APA/NAO vs The Ascension was just grand, I enjoyed it.

    - How dare you have a bathroom break during the DIVAS match? Just kidding, of course. Gladly skipped that segment, haha.

    - Rusev vs R-Truth. Why? Because RAW isn't RAW if the Creative doesn't come up with random shit.

    - Jey Uso vs The Miz. Couldn't care less about that segment, it's been done to death. I agree, Miz/Mizdow break-up leading to Mizdow going over should be good. Assuming it's all gonna start at the Rumble by having Mizdow eliminate Miz (on accident) and then do the stunt double gig and eliminate himself. I'm gonna enjoy that.

    - The ME was so predictable, and I didn't really enjoy it till Sting showed up, and then after the match ended, Lesnar going Beast Mode on Rollins, especially on Kane and the Big Slow was cool. Figured they'd handle the 'fired' angle before the Rumble. I actually expected The Authority to give DZ, Ryback and Rowan the first three spots in the RR match, as a reward of being reinstated. But, oh well.
  11. Aye. All these matches they've had over the last couple of weeks is so redundant, man. I'm so sick of seeing it.
  12. They've been feuding for a month now. That's some real short attention span, bud.
  13. I gave the show a 6/10. Parts of it were slow but some of it was pretty good.

    I liked:

    Paul Heyman, always and forever

    Bray Wyatt versus Daniel Bryan. A decent match but nice to see Bryan back at RAW.

    Ambrose versus Barrett. Nothing great, but a decent standard match.

    Damien Sandow doing X-Pac

    Flair trying to beat up Show


    Lesnar laying down the law with Kane and Show

    and the best part of the show: JBL takes off his shirt and brings down Ron.


    Didn't like:

    All Divas

    Rusev versus R Truth

    Ron didn't get an opportunity to say "Damn" about the Ascension

    All the actual tag matches


    It was a little week for a pre RR Raw, but Lesnar cleaning up at the end was great.
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  14. I agree with everything here, man. Spot on post.

    - Heyman's promos are and always will be pure gold.

    - Bryan vs Wyatt was dope for me. I always enjoy watching these two.

    - Ambrose vs BNB was kind of a random match, but it was decent, despite being short.

    - I actually thought it was X-Pac jumping in front of 'em when they asked 'Where's X-Pac?', then I realized it was Mizdow. Enjoyed that entire segment. The 'I'm so ashamed.' line had me cracking up so bad.

    - That Legend Panel segment was alright, too bad Big Show had to ruin it. But, when Flair was about to beat up Show, I was just waiting for Reigns to come in and save us from that booooooooorrriiiinnngg stuff the Big Show was talking about.

    - Seeing Sting for the first time on RAW was cool. I'm glad they didn't let SuperCena win clean.

    - Lesnar going Beast Mode on Rollins, Kane and Big Show was just a sight to see. It definitely made that final segment good.

    - JBL hitting Clothesline From Hell on someone always brings me joy. Definitely enjoyed that segment where the legends whooped Konnor and Viktor's rear ends. Good stuff.

    Can't be arsed enough to type my comments on those things you disliked, 'cause I already have and they were that bad.
  15. Nash taking credit for everything good that happened since 1996>
  16. Sounds like they had good ideas but 3 hour long RAWs hold them down. Too much talking, not enough wrestling. Also, who else would have liked to see Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback rebel against The Authority for the last 2 weeks with Sting before Cena wins their jobs back? Also, why is BNB jobbing a month after Ziggler had a good title reign? The key is to keep momentum, BNB shouldn't look like a shit champion.
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  17. Didn't watch but Lesnar/10 always.
  18. It was alright, I didn't watch the ending but Big Dave has been saying Lesnar had a face turn.
  19. Last week's Raw, I believe the tally was 11 matches in 44 days.
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