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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. Post your thoughts and ratings about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. I haven't given a RAW higher than a 7 in a long time, but I'll go with 8/10. Mainly because Batista, that was a lot of points too. The LD probably boosted it a bunch as well. Buttt none the less, I loved the 6 man tag, the end with Orton and Cena I kinda enjoyed, Show and Lesnar was hit or miss, the Bryan/Bray storyline segments were really great, and I guess Punk's match was pretty entertaining.
  3. It was ok, I marked for Batista a little. 6.9/10
  4. 5/10
    Pretty bad build for the Rumble.
  5. i say 8. the matches were all pretty good. That Rey Mysterio, Alberto del Rio match surprised me.
  6. 5/10
    Wasn't too big on any of the matches, Batista's comeback was a little underwhelming = my primary issues with it.
  7. 5/10. Bork looked weak and pitiful, Batista shouldnt have gone near the mic, and most of the segments and matches just went on and on and on. I would have given it a 6.5 probably if i didnt have to sit through all the UK commercials.

    And just as i type this, Foley breaks down the door in boy meets world. Marked harder for this than i did on anything else for raw.
  8. A pretty good Raw, overall. Hardly anything on the show was wasteful or boring to me.
  9. 7/10, poor build up to the RR
  10. 7/10. A good episode simply due to the amount of star power there. Otherwise, nothing special.
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  11. Batista. I'm a mark so great RAW for me.
  12. 4/10, pretty boring, pretty lame build.

    Good: The New Age Outlaws, Brock/Show, Usos/Wyatt Family, REIGNS beasting on the Rhodes bros
    Bad: Orton/Cena/Kofi ME match/segment, Batistazzzzzzzzzz, Bryan's explanation
    Indifferent: chick match, Fandungfuck, long boring ADR/Mysterio match, Martin Luther King Day
  13. ^ Lol you sure that wasn't meant for Bad:?
  14. For me to consider it bad I would have had to of sat through the match, but I skipped over it
  15. 4/10.

    Only had one good match.
  16. True, I sat through it, used the funkadactyls v aj & tamina as my piss break... Still think he's a waste of money.
    Tyler Breeze's gimmick > Fandango
  17. 7/10

    Kept my attention for the most part.
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