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  1. Rate it you punk ass bitches, and remember, it's cool to swear :pity:
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  2. 6/10, good Raw IMO, despite the surrounding circumstances still marking like hell for Brock's return.
  3. The Superfriends got their asses beat by the Shield.

    10/10 Raw
  4. I'm going to say 9/10. There were a lot of bads but the good was outstanding. Punk's opening promo was great, Rock's promo was average but waved again by another great CM Punk performance (inb4 punk mark etc, shut up, he was better tonight), The Shield went over three massive super faces and looked like fucking gold, Heyman was simply incredible and Brock Lesnar kicking Vince's ass was mark worthy to say the least.

    Edit: Jesus, forgot about Jericho/Dolph as well, their interaction was cool.
  5. 6/10 the RAW Roulette stuff is just stupid. It'd actually be entertaining if they didn't rig the wheel. Rock/Punk/Heyman/Brock/Shield/Jericho those were the positives.
  6. 6/10

    At least they didn't have a hug it out challenge I guess.
  7. 8/10 I really enjoied it ... Cesaro vs Miz is gonna be great ... the Rouletter..well... tensai GOAT punk > rock >>>>>>>>>>Cena ...I just hate this guy .. oh and what about Jericho saying I TROLLED YOU I TROLLED YOU ! LESNAR ISSS BACKKKKKK
  8. Just watched it.
    Forwarded through the shitty segments and I'll give it a 6.5.

    Punk opening promo was alright
    The Rock's Promo was :eww:
    There interaction was alright.
    The Shield looked like millions of dollas, millions of dollas!
    Vince/Heyman/Brock was good.
  9. Pretty fucking boring episode. 5/10 tops.
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  10. Not sure, only watched half.. The Shield was great.
  11. Thought it was pretty great episode, actually.

    The Raw Roulette was mostly pointless of course, but we got a lot of good/great segments:

    -Punk flipping out at the beginning
    -Rock/Punk segment
    -the Big Show/Del Rio segment. Am actually loving this feud.
    -Ryback destroying PTP and then especially attacking Matt Striker.
    Jericho/Ziggler feud continuing.
    -Cena delivering a serious promo, hinting that the WM29 main event might be a triple threat, and then he, Sheamus and Ryback getting destroyed by the Shield. But what happened to Orton feuding with the Shield?
    -the whole Heyman/Vince segment (loved the beatdown of Brad Maddox on tape), which ended with Brock delivering an F-5 to Vince, and Heyman selling the whole thing like a madman. It puts the whole thing over as a big deal when Heyman himself is going crazy at how far Brock just went.

    The only things I didn't care for was 3MB interrupting someone, the Tensai/Brodus embarrassment and the diva's thingie, which even the crowd was apathetic towards.
  12. This episode was what I like to call YoyoRaw. Switching between quality from segment to segment. We got some pretty low quality segments (some of whom gave us some nice entertainment, Tensai being a prime example) Others like the divas were worthless.

    But we also had a lot of good segments or segments that advanced story nicely.
    - The opening promo by Punk. Love his character change.
    - The opening match with Cesaro and Orton. Advanced the feud between Cesaro and Miz and gave it some more material, making it personal which will fuel the promos and the feud itself.
    - Punk interrupting Rock's promo.
    - Big Show vs ADR segment.
    - Barrett vs Dallas started some story for Dallas getting on the roster. I'm not fond of Dallas but I like the way this seems to be going.

    My end grade will be a 6.5/10. Could have been better, could have been a lot worse.
  13. It was pretty good. Loved the Punk promos, The Shield attacking 3 top faces, Chris Jericho back on RAW, and Heyman/Lesnar.

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