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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Jan 8, 2018.

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    The show starts with Roman Reigns talking about Samoa Joe messing with Dean Ambrose and paying for it. He is interrupted by Jason Jordan who is quickly interrupted by Seth Rollins. Jordan is once again acting like he is part of the Shield, although the other two are adamant he is not. They are interrupted by Finn Balor and the Club, who proceed to call Jordan a nerd. They make the point they have been together 10 years before Jordan knew Angle was his dad. Angle comes out and makes a six man tag for the main event.

    Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

    Sasha Banks and Bayley won by submission

    Matt Hardy vs. Curt Hawkins

    Matt Hardy won by pin fall

    Miz TV

    This begins with Elias playing guitar to welcome Miz.
    Fans chant "welcome back" as Miz takes the mic and asks if everyone missed him. They pop. Miz welcomes us to MizTV and says he's been away filming The Marine 6 and visiting troops overseas for the holidays. Miz says he has not been forgotten thanks to two people, who just happen to be his guests for tonight... Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, The Miztourage. Miz praises Axel and Dallas for turning their careers around in 2017. Axel says 2017 was the best year of his life as everyday felt like Mizmas. Dallas says it was like winning The Mizzies every single day. Dallas gets a "thank you Miz" chant going. Some fans join in. Dallas presents Miz with a framed photo of Miz. Dallas says it will be hard to fall asleep without that tonight. Axel wants to show Dallas up. He gives Miz his own jacket, calling it a brand new sports coat. Dallas needs to one-up that. He has a watch for Miz, off his own wrist. Axel gives Miz his shoes next. Miz shuts them up and tells them to sit down.

    Miz says 2017 was a big year for him but he has a lot more planned. He brags on his WWE Intercontinental Title reign and says he elevated Dallas, Axel, RAW and SmackDown. Miz says everything he touched turned to gold and he was even named Rolling Stone's Wrestler of the Year. But he's not going to forget about this... we see a replay from 2 months ago where he was laid out by The Shield and put through an announce table. Miz rants and says he's allowed Reigns to borrow his Intercontinental Title because he wanted the title to be defended while he was away filming a movie but clearly the title doesn't make the man. Miz says in 2018 he will celebrate the birth of his daughter and he will become the longest-reigning, single-greatest IC Champion of all time. Miz say she hopes Reigns enjoyed his time in the spotlight that Miz allowed him to have but it is all coming to an end. Miz declares that he is back, he is coming for his title and Reigns can believe that. Miz drops the mic and his music hits. He leaves the ring with The Miztourage right behind him.

    WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Champion Enzo Amore vs. Cedric Alexander

    Cedric won by count out. After the match, Enzo was being checked for injury backstage with Nia taking care of him.


    Kurt Angle is backstage on the phone with someone, a surprise entrant for the women's Rumble match. Angle says they haven't been in the ring in years but he thought someone of her caliber would be great for the Rumble. The Bar walks in and Angle says he will call the mystery woman back. Cesaro and Sheamus want their RAW Tag Team Title rematch. Angle books it for the Royal Rumble. They also want some competition tonight and Angle sends them to the ring. The Miz walks in and confirms that he and Maryse will have their own "unscripted" reality TV show on the USA Network soon and will be executive producers. Miz goes on and says Angle can prove he knows how to run his show by giving Miz another Intercontinental Title shot against Roman Reigns at the RAW 25th Anniversary show. Angle makes the match.

    The Bar vs. Titus Worldwide

    Titus Worldwide won by pin fall

    Brock Lesnar

    Heyman and Lesnar come to the ring. Heyman was interrupted by Kane and Braun Strowman. Kane and Lesnar brawled until Strowman joined in and took them both out, causing a structure to fall on them. Kane walked away but Lesnar was stretchered out even though he kept demanding Heyman let him out of the ambulance.

    Samoa Joe vs Rhyno

    Joe won by submission

    Roman Reigns, Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

    The Balor Club won by pin fall. After the match, the teams were attacked by the Miztourage and the show ended with Miz hitting Roman with two skull crushing finales.
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  2. 10/10 show. :kappa:
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  3. Funny :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: I'm just missing the show for personal reasons but I want to make sure that a thread is up for you all if you want to talk about it right after the show....

    Oh, and now that you voted, you cannot take your vote back
  4. I didn't ;3
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Okay...so I honestly can't be bothered covering the entire show so here
    are some quick random thoughts for anyone who cares to read them...

    ~ It isn't the Shield without Ambrose...no matter how much the WWE
    want the fans to think otherwise...

    ~ The same old, same old Absolution vs. Sasha/Bayley & or Mickie match...
    Seriously...I could not care less.

    Way to take Paige's return & make it seem like it doesn't even matter...

    ~ I can't stand Alexa Bliss now...like seriously...SKIP!!!

    ~ I wish they'd just put the title on Asuka before the Rumble...Asuka
    doesn't need to win the Rumble...

    ~ I really hope the WWE doesn't intend on having Nia break Asuka's
    streak on RAW next week...

    ~ It is good to see the Club getting a win...& I hope the Miz takes back
    HIS Intercontinental title next week.

    And I'm Done...
  7. 4/10 is being generous.. Only highlights were Braun Strowman destroying the arena. Brock is always nice to see. Miz being back is cool. Nia Jax beating up Asuka was cool to see as well. Not much happened.
    • glad that they (re)united Balor with Gallows and Anderson, he seems to have way more life and enthusiasm in him since last week. It's exactly what both sides needed right now (or for a long time now as a matter of fact) and if they keep it up like this, I don't see how they're not gonna get over.
    • Jason Jordan on the other hand.. eeeh.. I get what they're doing and he's getting the right reaction for it but he's just a bit of a cringe imo, but maybe that's the gimmick. Being cringey is the new heat magnet nowadays lol.
    • Samoe Joe talking shit about John Cena? Joe vs Cena at Mania? Is that the "big match" that has been talked about instead of having Cena vs Styles? Meh, I love Joe and that'd definitely be a good match for him to have, but I think Styles/Cena just has more impact and story to it. I mean, it's almost been a 2 year project for them at this point. Anyways, I don't wanna jump to conclusions just yet, but they've done this before with Cena, where a random bloke starts talking shit about him close to the Rumble and that'll drag out until Mania.
    • the Miz returning was good, it's just weird to me how even the character knows that he'll never be more than an IC champ. Instead of talking about winning the rumble or smth, he's talking about winning the IC title back. Winning the IC title over 7 times isn't a good thing in my eyes, it basically means that he's a midcarder for life and the company would like to keep it that way. So every time I hear him talk about getting his "precious" IC title back, I cry a bit inside because the title isn't there to hold it a hundred times, it's there to help as a launching pad to the world title.
    • That whole Strowman thing was cool, even though it obviously didn't even touch anyone but at least Brock took a good bump for Strowman. Hope they have some crazy stuff planned for the match itself. Maybe this will be the first Triple Threat where they actually abuse the no DQ stipulation and actually start using weapons for once.
    Didn't watch the whole thing, just some of the Youtube videos so I don't really feel like rating it, sry
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  8. I didnt get to see much of it, But from what I did see was Really Good. Got to see BALOR's team win before going to sleep. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: YAY! Lol
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  9. Well, this was quite boring for the most part but I won't be too harsh about it. All in all I gave it a 5/10 and the only reason I'm being somewhat generous (as well as prepared for more of the same next week) is because I do understand they have a lot on their plate with two major shows coming up back to back in both the 25th anniversary show as well as the royal rumble ppv. I'd be pretty focused on those already myself if I was in them shoes so, once again, I'll give them a pass with a decent rating.
  10. It was moderately enjoyable. Cringe was present, but story progression went well and the matches were okay. 6/10 for me.
  11. The Miz was good on mic, but the whole miztourage thing is ridiculous, they're fighting over Miz? I mean, what the fuck, man?
    I will give WWE credit, though - that whole Strowman thing? Awesome. I got goosebumps from it. More please!
  12. Pros :

    + Balor Club wins.

    + Miz cut a great promo, good to have him back.

    Cons :

    - Generally a boring and uneventful show.

    Overall : 5/10
  13. 6/10 kinda boring but some highlights like Finn winning and Miz returning was cool.
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  14. Ha! I was just happy to see Finn win! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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