Spoiler Rate Raw 10/03/2016

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 3, 2016.

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  1. Rate this week's episode of Raw and make sure to leave some comments below!

    Raw Results (open)


    Roman Reigns came out to give a promo and was interuppted by Lana. She passed on a challenge by Rusev for the US Championship. After some bickering, Rusev came out to the ring and the two began brawling. Rusev came out the winner of the brawl and took the title belt with him. However, when Rusev was leaving on the ramp, Reigns laid him out with a superman punch.

    TJ Perkins vs Bryan Kendrick

    Brian Kendrick defeated TJ Perkins by submission.

    Seth Rollins Interview

    Rollins talked about his injury and how he has alienated most of the WWE Universe. He mainly made his case that Kevin Owens never truly defeated him and he vowed to cancel the Kevin Owens Show.

    Braun Strowman vs Chase Silver

    Braun Strowman pinned Chase Silver after a squash.

    Kevin Owens Promo

    Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho came to the ring to respond to Seth Rollins' earlier interview. First Owens just made the case the regardless of what Rollins claimed, Owens had the belt. He then made the case for Chris Jericho to be the referee in the rematch. Jericho countered that he and Owens should challenge the New Day for the tag team championship. When Owens seemed hesitant, Jericho made the point that he was not challenging Owens for the Universal title and Owens immediately agreed to challenge the New Day.

    The New Day then came to the apron. After a little back and forth, the New Day agreed to give them the match. They made the match for tonight but decided to give Jericho and Owens time to dress for the match.

    Afterwards, a video clip was played with Cesaro and Sheamus driving to the arena together and arguing. Sheamus said he was going to talk to Foley to get taken out of the match.

    Sami Zayn vs Titus O'Neil

    Sami Zayn defeated Titus O'Neil by pin fall following a Helluva kick.

    Golden Truth vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

    Gallows and Anderson defeated Golden Truth by pinfall when Gallows pinned Truth after hitting a Magic Killer.
    After the match, Ashton Kucher and Danny Mastersen met up with Owens and Jericho backstage and were immediately put on the list. The two groups kept trying to one up their friendship to each other.

    The New Day vs Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

    The New Day defeated Jericho and Owens by pinfall. Seth Rollins came to ringside and his presence created a diversion. Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher were at ringside Afterward, Rollins put Jericho in the pedigree.
    Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins Promo

    The two had a big exchange about their relationship. Stephanie said that Seth was all alone. Rollins said that HHH turning on him was the second biggest mistake of his life... the first being marrying Stephanie. Rollins promised to burn the show to the ground if he didn't get his rematch.

    Rich Swann vs Tony Nese

    Tony Nese defeated Rich Swann by pin fall following a pump handle slam

    Sheamus and Cesaro vs Jobber Team

    Sheamus and Cesaro won the match by pinfall.

    Charlotte vs Sasha Banks for the WWE Raw Women's Championship

    Before the match, Charlotte and Dana Brooke taunted Bayley backstage. When Charlotte left, Bayley took out Dana Brooke and injured Dana's knee.

    Sasha Banks forced Charlotte to tap out to the Bank Statement and win her second WWE Raw Women's Championship
  2. I enjoyed this show and I am giving it a 7.

    I liked:

    TJ Perkins vs Bryan Kendrick *** Enjoyable match, loved Kendrick's tights and happy Kendrick won!

    Seth Rollins Interview Rollins was on in this interview. I loved every bit of it

    Kevin Owens Promo. This was enjoyable.

    The New Day vs Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens *** This was a good match and I LOVED Rollins interfering in it.

    Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins Promo Rollins was on again. This was one of the better promos of his lately

    Rich Swann vs Tony Nese **1/2 Not the best cruiserweight match, but pretty good

    Charlotte vs Sasha Banks for the WWE Raw Women's Championship *** Match of the night and loved every bit of it. Love Banks as the champion!

    I didn't like:

    Braun Strowman vs Chase Silver * Awful as usual.

    Sheamus and Cesaro vs Jobber Team * Boring and stupid angle with these two.

    I was indifferent:

    Roman Reigns Promo... it would have been a like if Rusev walked out with the belt rather than getting laid out

    Sami Zayn vs Titus O'Neil ** Decent match but hard to get behind

    Golden Truth vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson ** See above
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  3. I'll give it a generous 7. Overall a good show. Unfortunately I turned it off before the end and rather than watching the rest before I came here, I made the dumb mistake of looking here first and spoiled the main event. Oh well, I personally don't have a preference of either so it's good either way.

    There was a few dull spots. The beginning segment. It's cool that RR isn't in the universal picture right now, but all of the sudden they're trying to shoot the us title and roman (still) to the moon... and it's not quite landing there...
    Let the guy not be in a title scene for a bit. Rebuild the mother fucker from the ground up.

    It seems nobody really cares for braun strowman. I mean, his squashes have been entertaining and all, but it's been almost 3 months now. Time to get the ball rolling. Hopefully it happens next week. Is mark Henry with raw? There's someone who would do the job to strowman I'm sure.

    Glad Kelso and Hyde (lol) were there. That was cool to see them around.
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  4. Lol Sasha Banks is a joke

    Her and her Raw title victories
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  5. I only tuned in for the main event because the Women main eventing peaked my interest alittle. The match was pretty damn good but the result...why? Having the Women's championship change hands on so often devalues the championship believe or not. I'm not too mad though seeing this is just the start of the build to eventually have Bayley become champ.
  6. They totally spoiled what could of been an epic first Womens Hell in a Cell match for the title where Sasha could of won the title in a historical moment on a PPV but no...instead they give her the title on a crummy episode of Raw because they probably wanted to put over women and breast cancer
  7. The show was good. 7/10

    Now, I'd usually post my little review of positives and negatives on the show, but I don't feel like doing it since @Jacob Fox has pretty much covered it.

    Oh, and I'm happy Sasha Banks is the RAW Women's Champion... Again.
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  8. Just finished watching RAW a little over an hour ago and after a couple of cigarettes, thinking things over in the process, I honestly can’t go past a 5/10. Granted, it wasn’t the worst show they put together and in all fairness some segments (and/or matches) were really entertaining but unfortunately the “negatives” prevailed once again. For all the good moments we got from KO&Y2J (both are simply gold) to Tom Nese’s excellent performance in the second cruiserweight match, there were all the iffy things that I’d rather point out.

    - When will WWE finally stop being stubborn, suck it up and turn Roman heel? How much more till they understand that this move is inevitable and the only way they will ultimately accomplish their goal of making him one of the top baby face guys in the business? If guys like the Rock, Austin and even Hulk Hogan went through that process, why should Roman be any different? Oh, and btw, his promos still suck, I’m sorry and when the fans are chanting “thank you Lana” in the opening segment for her interrupting Reigns, you know you got a problem.

    - Speaking of Roman Reigns, as far as the US Championship is concerned, I honestly feel them having this rematch with Rusev for the title in Hell in a Cell is a waste of time. While I understand the “importance” factor that they are trying to bring to the table, this gimmick I feel is unnecessary only because it’s been done before one times too many. For one, I feel the Hell in Cell gimmick match should have only been saved for KO vs. Rollins, given the story is already there with all the interferences and shenanigans in their prior match. As for Roman vs. Rusev, given all the brawls lately (again, overdone, btw), why not book something as simple as a No DQ match or a Street Fight?

    - Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick announced to be a title match last week on RAW? What happened since? It’s not like we all follow all the news every day of the week nor do we all watch the pre show (if anything was announced there that I’m unaware of) so…what gives? Aside from that, if it isn’t a title match, why is the champion tapping out on RAW? Now that I mention it, they actually do this quite often and in my humble opinion, no champion should be tapping out on a regular RAW or Smackdown, better yet if not involved in a title match. I mean, shouldn’t you be “protecting” your champions? Just horrible booking, if you ask me.

    - It’s about fucking time they themselves acknowledged the fact that the Strowman squash matches must come to an end. One week, two weeks, one month, two months, enough is enough. The positive thing about it is we will finally get some legit competition for Braun, the flipside however is it will probably end up being either Big Show or Mark Henry, probably Show. And while on the subject, same goes for Nia Jax.

    - So, before we really got an opportunity to see Ema on the main roster, we know are told she is coming back with yet a new gimmick under the name Emalina? Yikes…

    - Ever since their debut on RAW, for the most part they’ve been made to look like fools, losing almost every important match they’ve been involved in, losing every title match opportunity and looking like fools yet again, all culminating in that horrible “Old Day” segment. And now, all of a sudden, we are asked to believe that Anderson and Gallows are the team that will take over the tag team division and become the force to be reckoned with? Too little, too late I’m afraid it’s going to take a lot of time and work before these guys – as much as I personally respect them both – come close to be serious contenders again.

    - Who would have though the Women’s division on RAW would become such a clusterfuck. I mean, here we were shortly after the draft talking about how RAW got the best of it and how Smackdown came out losers with only 5 (where is Eva Marie anyway) women, none of them being Bailey, Sasha or Charlotte. Now granted, RAW got unlucky with Ema getting hurt and Paige following that up with an injury of her own (won’t even bother to mention the story prior to that) but the fact of the matter is, we’ve come to a point where RAW is pretty much left with three top stars in this division, all of which need protection to begin with and as a result, it’s been the almost the same freaking deal every week.

    Doing the title switch on RAW the first time was understandable. It was shortly after the draft, they needed to do something different and special, they needed the ratings boost, whatever, they did it, fine. To do it again, however, last night, I feel is overdoing things.

    Let’s be perfectly clear, I love Sasha Banks and I most certainly respect the fact that she goes out there each and every time ready to kill herself in order to put on a good match so this isn’t something personal against her. My problem is, if WWE wanted here to be champion, why take the belt away from her in the first place when she won it back then? If Rusev can take a few weeks off for his honeymoon, I’m pretty sure WWE could have kept Sasha champion even if she had to rest up for 2-3 weeks in order to nurse whatever minor injuries she was dealing with.

    Aside from that, how much more of Charlotte vs. Sasha can we possibly handle? It’s been a great feud, no doubt, but I personally feel it’s come to a point of “overkill”, not to mention Bailey is left somewhat on the side which is ludicrous. And what’s next? Another rematch at the PPV? Again? Why not just save the title change for the PPV to begin with and give her, by the way, that feel good moment since Hell in Cell will take place in Boston, Sasha’s home town? Granted, when it comes to homecomings, WWE has had a tendency over the years of fucking the local guy or gal but in this particular case, they could have easily done some better booking.

    - Speaking of the Women's division, how much longer before Nia Jax is inserted in the main picture?
  9. 8/10

    Extra point: For the sole reason a Women's Championship match Main events RAW for the first time in who knows how long.

    I'm guessing Seth will be good to go soon.

    Roman had a nice job with the mic in the beginning. US cell match confirmed.

    And KO, enough said
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