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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 10, 2016.

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    Raw Results (open)


    Sasha Banks came to the ring to talk about her championship win. She also requested to face Charlotte in the first ever women's Hell in a Cell match. She was interrupted by Charlotte, who was, in turn, interrupted immediately by Rusev. Rusev tried insulting the women's division twice, resulting in both Charlotte first taking the microphone out of his hand and then Sasha knocking it out of his hand when he took it back. Lana began bad mouthing them and Sasha and knocked her down. While Rusev was trying to help her, Charlotte and Sasha worked together and knocked Rusev out of the ring.

    Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston

    Kofi Kingston defeated Cesaro by pinfall when he rolled Cesaro up. Cesaro was distracted by Sheamus and the New Day fighting outside the ring. The loss resulted in Sheamus and Ceasaro arguing.

    Bayley vs. Cami Fields

    Bayley defeated Cami Fields by pinfall

    Sin Cara and Lince Dorado vs. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese

    Lince Dorado pinned Drew Gulak to give his team the victory

    Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley

    Steph and Foley were in the ring and Foley granted Sasha's Hell in a Cell match request. He also announced that Seth Rollins would get a title shot against Kevin Owens, which would also be in a cell. They were interrupted by Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens, who insulted Foley and put him on their list (again). Jericho wanted Stephanie to take care of Foley but she yelled at him, saying he should respect Foley. Stephanie told Jericho she doesn't care about any list. Jericho demurred, obviously intimidated by Steph.

    Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs Sami Zayn and Neville

    Originally this match was Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs Enzo and Cass but Anderson and Gallows took them out. They were replaced by Zayn and Neville. Neville pinned Axel to give his team the victory.


    Lana threatened Charlotte backstage and Charlotte insulted her back, saying she was genetically superior to Lana in every way.

    Titus O'Neil vs R. Truth

    R Truth defeated O'Neil by pinfall


    TJ Perkins sat down to talk to Brian Kendrick about his attitude. Kendrick pretends to shake hands but attempts to cheap shot Perkins... Perkins, however knocks him down.

    Braun Strowman vs the Splash Brothers

    Braun Strowman defeated the Splash Brothers.

    Rusev and Charlotte vs Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns

    Charlotte tapped out to the Bank Statement

    Paul Heyman

    Heyman showed a video clip of WWE 2k17 with Lesnar and Goldberg. He challenged Goldberg on behalf of Lesnar because Goldberg is the one blemish on Lesnar's career.

    TJ Perkins vs Ariya Daivari

    Perkins defeated Daivari by submission

    Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins

    If Jericho can defeat Rollins, the HIAC Universal Title match at HIAC becomes a triple threat

    Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho by pinfall. After the match, Owens attacked Rollins. Although Rollins made a comeback, he was then attacked by Jericho. Although Jericho saved Owens from Rollins, Owens left the ring and didn't return the favor when Rollins got the advantage on Jericho and hit him with a pedigree.
  2. I give it a generous 5. It was kind of a boring show highlighted by a few moments:

    Charlotte and Sasha knocking Rusev out of the ring

    Paul Heyman

    The Rollins and Jericho match.
  3. The most important thing on last night’s show was obviously the challenge made by Brock Lesnar via his advocate Paul Heymann towards Bill Goldberg and though certainly a big deal, that alone wasn’t enough to make this show that much better so going with a 4/10. Thoughts:

    - You kind of know this ain’t going to be good when the opening segment is basically…meh. This is the most important part of the show and usually gets the ball rolling but in this instance, we started off with a Sasha promo that was pretty much a rehash of what we heard and saw the first time around when she won the belt and then, after Charlotte came out and before she could make it half way to the ring, Rusev came out in what appeared to be a random interference. Little did we know that this would ultimately set up a mixed tag match since, God forbid, Roman had to be a part of the opener (for the third week in a row, mind you).

    - So they’re going for it after all, with the first ever women’s match (for the title, no less) inside Hell in Cell. To be honest, I was kind of surprised with the announcement mostly because I didn’t expect WWE would be taking any risks with Sasha Banks given how injury prone she’s been but apparently they have enough faith in both her and Charlotte to go for it.

    - Speaking of HIAC, they went on to announce that Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins will also take place inside the cell, making it three matches in the upcoming PPV, counting of course Roman and Rusev. To me, that’s just overkill. Some may disagree on this but I’m kind of old school as mentioned several times and back in the day, a Hell in Cell match was a pretty big fucking deal and not just your average gimmick match, with legendary competitors like Undertaker, Austin, Foley, Triple H and Kane to name a few so going from something that special to throwing three matches on the same night just feels too much and probably unnecessary.

    - I said it last week, I’ll say it again, too little too late as far as Anderson and Gallows are concerned. This should have been the deal from the moment they made their debut instead of basically being fed to Roman and then constantly lose to New Day in every title opportunity they got. Oh, now all of a sudden they are the badasses of the tag team division? Pff…

    - It’s been already announced that Goldberg will appear on RAW next week and answer to Brock’s challenge. Definitely excited about it and very keen to see the place and time, being it obviously isn’t a matter of “if”. I understand that Survivor Series has been heavily rumored but we’ll just have to wait and see because they also announced the Royal Rumble in the Alamodome, which is a big freaking stadium that could probably use such a marquee match to sell seats.

    - Let’s team up Roman with Sasha, the legit baby face so we can get some cheers for the guy. Yay, Roman !!!

    - Main event was very good and had me thinking till the end. On one hand, I figured they would eventually go with the Triple Threat, then again Seth kind of needed a win being he hasn’t been getting many of those lately so I’m fine with the outcome. Sooner or later though, you know Y2J will insert his way into the picture anyway. They are obviously building towards that angle and there isn't really that much time left if indeed Jericho is leaving soon (a couple of months) because...Fozzy.

    - Still no sign of Triple H, still no explanation given for his actions. I get it if the end game is HHH vs. Rollins at Wrestlemania but, come on, you got to give us something...
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  4. 5 out of 10 Stars this week
    Highlights : The Paul Heyman segment, Rollins vs Jericho (All the promo's with Jeri-KO) and I have to admit that spear over Sasha and Charlotte was real beast like Kudos to Roman for that.
  5. RAW was OK, but nothing to write home about. 5/10.

    There was a lot of filler and a lot of boring stuff, but there were also great moments like when Sasha and Charlotte kicked Rusev out of the ring, Heyman's promo, all things involving Y2J and the ME.

    - Sasha and Charlotte kicking Rusev out of the ring was the best part of the opening segment.

    - The New Day's pre-match promo was fine. LOL'd at Big E throwing Booty-O's from his singlet, as well as to this line: "Everyone loves Full House." followed by Graves saying: "And then you turn 8." :lol1: Also, loved how they put over Cesaro and made fun of Sheamus.

    - Cesaro vs Kofi was solid. Sheamus legit doing a Facebook live feed was hilarious. Anyways, the match was perfectly solid and serviceable. Plus, it was used to further prolong this "Sheamus and Cesaro just don't get along" story. So, no harm done.

    - Sin Cara & Lince Dorado vs Tony Nese & Drew Gulak was solid given the time constraint. They worked hard with what they were given and made the most of it. Sin Cara is a nice addition to the Cruiserweight division. They should throw Neville in the mix, too.

    - Y2J continues to be the best thing on the show. KO was pretty great, too. But, Y2J is simply perfect.

    - That backstage segment w/ TJP and Kendrick was alright.

    - Paul Heyman was great as always. I do not care to see Lesnar vs Goldberg this year or next year, but damn, Heyman did one hell of a job to set it up!

    - TJP vs Daivari was rock solid. Kendrick was good on commentary.

    - Rollins vs Y2J was a pretty good ME.

    - Everything else.
    Also, the biggest negative from the show is Stephanie and Mick acting like they're on the same page again and ignoring the fact that Stephanie cut Mick's balls off the week before while also refusing to address the HHH situation. Oh, well.
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  6. I give this show a :titus:/10
  7. 5/10

    -Great matches from Jericho vs. Rollins, Daivari vs. Perkins, Kingston vs. Cesaro, Roman & Banks vs. Rusev & Charlotte, and That Cruiserweight tag (Damn that spear Roman)

    -Yes, 3 cell matches is overkill but the right matches are in the cell, Roman and Rusev got a way bigger arsenal with a cell match

    -Braun Strowman looked good with that squash match over 2 locals, getting him more pissed for competition

    -Paul Heyman rocking the mic, and now we have it, it is happening Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg II, the make up for the 2004 incident

    -The Jericho character this week deserves a x2

    Everything else sucked, Truth and Titus are literally fighting over a candy bar, can it be serious for these men? EVER?!
  8. Hey...Question...Bork Laser can talk right?

    I know he was punched in the head a few times in UFC...
    but why does Paul Heyman have to act as his mouthpiece
    all the time?

    I guess that would mean Bork would actually have to show
    up and actually do something beside slowly walk around
    the ring and german suplex someone.

    I don't really care what happens between Bork & Glodberg...
    but I hope Glodberg spears him so hard he breaks a few ribs.

    Hey Bork...if you don't really care about the WWE and aren't
    going to put in any effort...why don't you piss off back to UFC!!!
  9. Didn't watch/10.
    I turned it there for a few minutes at the end. ... then said fuck it I can pass this week..

    Nothing against what they do for the cancer, but the pink and white ropes kill the RAW vibe. Even if it was pink and red, maybe that would be a little better... but pink and white, no thanks. I really hope they don't do that for HIAC again. Because damn it, HELL IN A CELL... noT hell in a cage with pink ropes.
  10. Yeah, the show could've been better. There was a lot of filler and a lot of boring stuff.

    Chris Jericho was the absolute highlight of the show, though. Every segment including him, along with KO (more so Y2J) was gold.

    Also, Heyman's promo was great.

    And the ME, Rollins vs Y2J, was pretty good.

    I'm with ya as far as the color of the ropes goes. I get why they're doing it and I've got absolutely nothing against it, but I hope the ropes remain all red come HIAC time.
  11. I... Wonder if the Heyman promos are ways to get around Brock talking?
    It really does hurt Lesnar to go around saying and doing the same stuff as everyone else.
    Whenever Brock DOES talk, I listen, because chances are he's not going to give a fuck about someone else's kids. *Insert the Austin Thumbs-Up gif here*
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