Spoiler Rate RAW 10/12/15

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Oct 12, 2015.

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  2. Boring. Redundant. Recycled. Trash Bag.

    A few good spots but most of the show was horrendously bad.

    The good -
    John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler
    New Day
    Seth Rollins vs. Kane

    The horrendous -
    Divas tag match
    Cesaro & Neville vs. Sheamus & Barrett

    The bad -
    Everything else
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  3. For me,


    U.S. title match

    New Day

    Main event

    Dudleys match

    No CM Punk chants


    The divas matches

    The other tag match

    No Heyman and Lesnar

    No Sasha Banks

    Everything else
  4. 10/10 would fall asleep to it again
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  5. Well, this sounds just as bad as the last week's episode, and the week before that, and the week before that...

    Thank God the New Day is there every week to elevate the show whenever they're on, though.
  6. 3/10. Yet another terrible episode. Absolutely dreadful. I am just surprised because this may be the worst Raw has ever been for any extended period of time.

    I liked:

    Cena vs Ziggler: best of the day

    Kane vs Rollins was all right

    New Day was enjoyable

    KO vs Kallisto was all right

    Kane's backstage antics

    How Sasha Banks tripped Brie (was it Brie?) when she was mocking the crowd's chant

    I didn't like:

    That I missed the last inning of Jake Arietta pitching to watch this bad episode.

    Just about everything else.

    WWE really needs to address this because Raw has been abysmal for a long time with the occasional good episode. I know they are the highest rated show on USA regardless of how good it is but it will catch up with them eventually.

    While there is no promotion currently able to compete with WWE, if they continue putting on these crappy shows, they will open the door for competitors to steal fans.

    And I know most people don't think it could happen but that was exactly what everyone thought when WCW finally decided to challenge them. It won't happen as quickly. but it becomes more possible the more they put on these terrible shows.
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  7. Lol Ruzev and Lana got so much weirder now, remember last week Rusev accepting Rae's proposal but I guess Vince finally said fuck it I can't break Rusev and Lana up in real life and let the world finally know but leaving them confused with what went on last week
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  8. And was I watching this show? Lol nope I was watching the Mets kill it!
  9. Yeah I think this had a great shot at worst angle of the year easily. It was conducted, executed and ended very poorly.
  10. The whole Lana and Rusev thing has been weird. They should have never did what they did with them. I mean if they are together in real life,keep them together in the ring. It just runs the risk of crap like this happening. As for raw... Meh/10.
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  11. Same old shit, different Monday night. 3/10

    - All things New Day. Week in and week out they keep elevating the show whenever they're on. Thank you, fellas. Never change.

    - Sasha tripping "C'mon, Nikki!" aka Brie Bella.

    - Jawn Cena vs DZ was good and MOTN. I also liked the slight change in DZ's attitude, he was heeling it up. He's been stale for a while now, so I wouldn't mind a heel turn one bit.

    - KO trolling the Lucha Dragons with his 'high flying' moves.

    - The opening 30 minutes of the show were kind of boring. Outside of The New Day's antics, it was pretty much skip-worthy.

    - All things Kane.

    - Nikki vs Naomi was meh, boring. At least it was short.

    - The ending to Cena vs DZ. It was very anticlimatic and I hate it when matches end like that. It's like, there's no real set up or anything to it, just AA OUTTA NOWHERE and THANK YOU. FUCK YOU. BYE. I WIN. [​IMG]

    - I didn't care for Dudleyz vs Jobscension. Wow, I haven't seen Cosmic Jobberland together for a while now. Guess they're done. Surprise, surprise.
    Plus, Cosmic Wasteland perfectly describes the current state of The Ascension and Stardust's careers.

    - Sheamus & Barrett vs Neville & Cesaro was filler garbage.

    - Who the hell thought Reigns with a mic in CHICAGO (with long and rehashed material) was a good idea? :dawg:
    I am actually worried about Reigns right now. Does Vince want this guy to fail? With that promo, he set him up to get freakin' roasted out there. And Reigns is like his pet project. I felt bad for the guy, 'cause he got crapped on for someone else's buffoonery. [Yes, I'm still looking at you, Vince!] And as if that wasn't enough, he won that boring match against Strowman via count-out, bailed out when The Wyatts closed him down and sucker punched Bray along the way. I mean, this is all good stuff if you want to turn the guy heel, but I doubt that's what Vince's plan is. Also, 'This ain't boring, this is real life!' was easily Roman's best line since 'Sufferin' Succotash!'

    - The Rusev stuff was as lame as usual. On the bright side, RuRu, along with DZ got out of that terrible angle, 'cause RuRu and Lana got engaged for real and WWE decided to burn kayfabe to the ground. It wasn't pretty, but hey, at least that hideous angle is over. :bodallas:

    - Brie & Alicia vs Becky & Charlotte was garbage. The worst thing was Charlotte eating a clean pin... After a freakin' Dropkick! The champ needs to be protected from crap like this.

    - The Kane/Rollins stuff was typical RAW/10 garbage. A surprise even 6 year olds saw coming, Rollins jobbing for like the 15th time during his title reign and the possibility of Big Show being added to the title match at HIAC. Oh, joy! God knows I was salty watching that ME. I mean, come on! Kane defeating Rollins on RAW in 2015 is like The Iron Sheik defeating The Rock or SCSA in 1998/1999.

    My feelings about the product right now:
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  12. If we're going to get married, you really need to flush the toilet more than once a week.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. I know someone who's sleeping on the couch during the honeymoon... hmmm :lenny:
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  15. Jacob Fox? :smirk2:

  16. :notsure: You win this round... but I'll get you next time.
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  17. :kermit:

    So yeah... How bout that Raw?
  18. It blew.
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  19. Of course... Until then, enjoy the couch, Rainmaker.
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  20. :notsure: Raw or....

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