Spoiler Rate RAW 10/13/14

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Oct 13, 2014.

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  2. I'll give it a 6/10. The opening triple threat tag match and the match between Orton and Ziggler were pretty good matches. As is usual in the age of the three hour RAW, the second hour lagged. There really wasn't any interesting character development and the main event potential was not realized. Basically they took a potentially good pay per view match and made it a throwaway five minute RAW match.
  3. worst episode ever :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. 7/10, definitely based out of being the more entertaining episode of the HIAC buildup.
  5. I actually caught a bit.
    Its clear they are turning Randy Orton face.
    Ambrose offbeat style is refreshing, but wearing that T-shirt seems very organized.
    I wasn't really prepared for Ambrose to be so deliberate at this point. No worries.
    He's further ahead of the curve than Reigns is and that's cool in my book.
    Wyatt is being used very effectively as well.
  6. About to watch this! It'd better be as good as the last week's episode (storyline-wise).

    Will rate/review it later!
  7. So Cena loses the contract on a pole match, yet judging by the segment between Orton and The Authority, he and Randy's match is gonna end up headlining the PPV anyway? Not a bad deal for a guy who loses a match that he so dearly wanted to win. I guess "Gets to headline the PPV, too" wasn't written into the contract as well.

    And I love how they're setting up the "rivalry" between Orton and Rollins and how it's so evidently planting the seeds for Orton's babyface turn soon. Hopefully he turns good in time to give us Brock vs Orton for the title. And while I hate to nitpick (well, actually I don't), but wouldn't it have made more sense to have Orton vs Swagger and Rollins vs Ziggler on Raw instead of the other way around? Orton won his match against Ziggler fair and square whereas Seth had to pull Swagger's tights, and I would think you'd want to protect your Intercontinental Champion (who with Brock Lesnar gone is technically the most prestigious champion on the show right now) with a cheap loss more so than a midcard geek like Jack Swagger whom they obviously don't care for. Oh well. No one will even remember or care about this by next week anyway. Regardless, Orton vs Ziggler was the match of the night.

    I'll concede that Big Show vs Rusev was better than I expected it to be as well.
  8. Made perfect sense for Orton to go over Ziggler to me. Orton is a 12 time world champ
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  9. and ziggler came out looking strong as hell. As much as I cant stand Orton, it was damn good match.
  10. I'm giving this show a 7. It was a stronger showing than what we have been getting recently.
    The bullshit was kept to a minimum and the matches bar the divas one delivered.
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  11. Orton winning cleanly wasn't an issue. I'm saying that following their booking strategy last night where one guy wins his match clean and the other guy wins his match dirty, it would have made slightly more sense to have Ziggler suffer the dirty loss and Swagger suffer the clean one since Ziggler arguably needs more protecting than Swagger, being a champion and all.
  12. It wasn't as hard to sit through as it's usually been, so there's that. Shame that Rollins/Ambrose won't be main eventing HIAC, but it seemed too good to be true.

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  13. Moment of the night:
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  14. Just done watching it. It was good, just like last week's episode. 7/10
    - They've stepped it up a little bit and kept most of the redundant, filler BS away. Overall, it was a good show, it picked up where last week's episode left off, storyline-wise and it was a good build-up for HIAC.

    - Openning the show with my boy Ambrose was good! I loved his new shirt and I loved his entrance, it's always different! The part when Cena came out and started talking put me to sleep, but then Ambrose stared talking again and it was good.
    - The Triple Threat Tag Team match being announced right out of the blue was good, just an all around good match.
    - Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler was highlight of the night... Fantastic RKO. The master salesman DZ sold both RKO and Curb Stomp like a baws! Planting the seeds for Orton's future face turn were obvious, I'm looking forward to it.
    - Rollins vs Swagger
    - Mizdow being entertaining as usual
    - Bray Wyatt's vignette. They've done such a great job on these vignettes. They've got me hyped up for Wyatt, Harper and Rowan! Hopefully all three of 'em are going to be utilized better from now on!
    - The ME was decent, but still short and predictable. There's an upside to it, though, Ambrose got the win!

    - Rusev vs Big Show put me to sleep.
    - Miz vs Sheamus

    The 'I don't give a fuck about this' segment:
    - The Divas division crap

    Anyways, I was surprised they announced NHB Contract on a Pole match, when it was originally planned to happen at HIAC. I really thought Ambrose/Rollins were gonna main event the PPV. But, oh well... It was too good to be true. And having Orton/Cena main eventing HIAC is fine with me, as long as Orton gets the win!
  15. How was Sheamus vs Miz a bad match? IMO it was a fine little sports entertainment match that did its job perfectly, building up the feud of the Miz vs Sheamusby screwing Sheamus out of the win yet again.

    INB4 BecausetheMiz
  16. How was Sheamus vs Miz a good match? I don't care if the match served its purpose. I just did not like it. It wasn't a complete garbage, but it wasn't good either.

    However, I did like what Sandow was doing while the match was going on. That's the best moment(s) this match had.
  17. Because both men involved are good wrestlers? The match told a loud and clear story which was easy to follow, there wasn't any big botches or mistakes made and both guys got their characters over with the crowd. Text book definition of good match. Not amazing, but not bad either
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  18. Honestly i was pretty jacked i didn't skip it. Solid RAW all the way through IMO (I skipped the diva nonsense)
  19. Same. Everything else did what it was supposed to do. Nothing amazing, but nothing horrible.
  20. nah, a solid 7 imo. Nothing was shoved down your throat too much (which imo is the norm with raw) and it was decent. I loved the ziggler match, huge fan of his booking and idgaf about him loosing clean personally, although I think Rollins needed the dirty win to keep it going, and i'd bitch about Cena vs Orton again but it's best case Ontario. HIAC is really looking decently put together, most of all being another Cesaro vs Ziggler match. I love their feud.
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