Spoiler Rate RAW 10/20/14

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Oct 21, 2014.

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  2. that's a creepy avatar dude. When you make these, you should vote too.
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  3. I usually do.
  4. I found the show to be just above average, it was entertaining.

    Hell in a Cell match (essentially)
    Mick Foley return
    Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins segment
    Mizdow winning!!!!!!
    Orton RKOing Heyman.

    Everything in between.
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  5. 2/10

    Crappy show. Nothing good happened.
  6. 7/10..

    +Cant stop MIzdow
    -Fuck it
  7. Watching this right now! Will rate/review it later.
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  8. I missed a good chunk of Raw and only bothered keeping the channel on the show when something slightly interesting was happening during the final two hours, but I saw some fairly decent stuff:

    -The Cena/Orton confrontation in the ring. I've honestly seen enough of these two feuding and cutting promos on one another for one lifetime, but Paul Heyman interrupting (and getting RKO'ed) and hearing that the winner of the HIAC match would get a shot at Brock Lesnar was enough to get me intrigued. Survivor Series being in Missouri (Orton's home state) and Orton laying Heyman out tells me Orton is winning this one and I've been pulling for an Orton/Lesnar match for awhile. Picking up a surprisingly clean victory over Cena inside the cell would definitely be a good way to cement a face turn.

    -Loved the segment between Ambrose, Rollins and Foley. I thought for a second that Foley was gonna announce himself as the special referee for their match.

    -The six-man Street Fight at the end was pretty great. Rollins hitting Orton with the Curb Stomp was an excellent way to end the show.
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  9. Good show. 7/10

    - For the past 3 weeks, WWE's stepped it up and improved their product a little bit, I like that. The last 3 episodes of Raw and the entire build-up for HIAC has been really good! I'm also glad that all of the redundant crap has been kept to a minimum.

    - Mizdow getting the win!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!! Miz's reaction after the match ended was priceless.
    - Loved the RKO 'Outta Nowhere' on Cena and Heyman!
    - Backstage segment with Ambrose watching a movie
    - Ambrose/Rollins/Foley segment
    - Cesaro winning clean in what was a decent match. Dat uppercut, man! Ziggler sold it like a baws, though.
    - Good ME, even though it's been done a bunch of times before. The part when the cell came down was good, anyways... Rollins bouncing off the cell when Ambrose dropkicked him was gold, Orton almost got spiked by that trestle of the table, I didn't realize what was going on till he was like 'FUCK!' and then they replayed the whole thing. Loved Rollins hitting the Curb Stomp on Orton after the match, definitely cements Orton's face turn on Rollins at either HIAC or in the very near future! Rollins has been doing a real good job at being the biggest heel on the roster.

    - Cena kissing the crowd's ass... Orton/Cena promos who're completely bland and have been done a zillion times before. Thank God for Heyman walkin' out during those Orton/Cena promos, though.

    The 'I don't give a fuck about this' segment:
    - The Divas division crap
    - Whatever Rusev crap was going on

    So, with HIAC just a couple of days away... I have this feeling that Ambrose, after all, is still not going to get his retribution on Rollins. Why? I think Bray Wyatt is gonna get involved in that match. We'll see what happens, though. I'd also like to think that Orton will be winning his match against Cena, with his face turn looming and all...

    Anyways, can't wait for HIAC to see how they're gonna go with Ambrose/Rollins and Cena/Orton.
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  10. #11 Trip in the Head, Oct 22, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2014
    Does anyone know if the soldier getting kicked was planned or not?

    EDIT: Nevermind. Google search gave me my answer - FAKE
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  11. I skimmed through that segment, 'cause I couldn't care less about whatever Rusev/Show crap was going on...

    Of course it was fake. lol
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  12. I should've known
  13. That raw was actually pretty good IMO. WWE did a good job of making the Orton/ Cena stuff interesting again, and the glimpses of a orton face turn make me think he actually has a good chance of going over cena on this PPV, so its a + for unpredictability. I don't really need to mention Rollins/ Ambrose, you would have to be a really old, grumpy smark to not get enterteined by that. I'm also enjoying the mid-card feuds, which is really good. Not too keen on rusev and the bellas stuff though
  14. You either have EXTREMELY high standards or you're just a butthurt mark.
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  15. lol, having extremely high standards like that guy has in this day and age of pro-wrestling is kind of an unrequited dream.
    To each their own, though.
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  16. I saw that on wensday not Tuesday that was a awesome show tho
  17. Umm, what show? You mean RAW?
  18. Oh... Well, it was a good, but still a forgettable show. Saying it was awesome is kind of exaggerating.

    To each their own, though.
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