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Discussion in 'RAW' started by CrayJ Lee, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. Post your rating and thoughts about tonight's RAW.
  2. 7/10 a few good matches, an old school semi drive in, all stories for the PPVwere addressed. Decent go home show.
  3. 8/10. I'm ready for the PPV. Let's do this.
  4. all round vicky did a great job making matches tonight best yet
  5. ppv gonna be off the chain
  6. yeah i agree its gonna be a great ppv cant wait for smackdown tho things aren't over wit show comeon who drives into a building without being stopped its a setup for ppv i think show is gonna fight hhh to get his "job" back .....................lmfao
  7. 4/10

    Shield/Usos aside every match was either dull or painfully predictable, the promos were all pretty average and we had to put up with even more of that Punk/Heyman crap. Seriously, just end it, or at least take the feud in a different direction PLEASE. That must be the first time in years that I've skipped a Punk promo, but I'm just so tired of this feud and the fact it hasn't moved on at all from when it first started.
  8. 4/10 as well. Not a very memorable show at all.
  9. Liked the show quite a bit.
    Matches were lengthy and fun
    Bryan/Ambrose was a cool start
    Big E langston vs Ryback needs to happen ASAP.
    Big Show on a Big Rig is best for buisness
    Brie Bella is hella improved. Seen some fire out of her
    Ziggler vs Orton was a good match
    Shield vs Usos was dope
    Cesaro/Swagger continue to entertain me, and Zeb on mic was great as usual.

    Of course the show had some dull times, but I think the good outweighed the bad.
    I think it set up HIAC perfectly 7/10
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  10. Yeah. Brie is really bringing it. I mentioned this previously, but I really loved it when she hit that Lance Storm rolling half crab the other week.
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  11. 6/10.
    Enjoyable show, but some useless shit happened.
  12. 7/10. Strong episode.

    + Everyone was awesome during the contract signing
    + The first time in months I've seen Big Show and not thought "piss off ffs"
    + Heyman's backstage promo was insanely good
    + The tag-team segment was great, particularly Usos

    Not enough memorable stuff though.
  13. Gonna go with a 3/10.

    Good matches, but some really boring segments. HBK defending Bryan was kinda boring because I wanted bryan to argue with HHH and then HBK interfering and giving some more credit to Bryan.
  14. Raw on Hulu was kind of interesting... took me 3 days to sit through a 90 minute Raw but whatevs.

    Show Spoiler

    -The attention to detail really stood out this week. Usually plotholes don't bother me, but it stood out seeing Steph go around asking everyone how Big Show was on the titantron, how the Usos lost their title shot instead of just glossing over it, how Vickie was able to make matches, and there was something else too. Cool to see them closing simple stuff they normally would forget.
    -Really good opener, think I've said "I was pleasantly surprised by Big Show" more than anyone else over the last year. GREAT promo from that guy. Was about to knock the show down 2 points because Bryan coming out to wrestle a match pissed me off, we get good Bryan matches on every Raw, many Smackdowns, every PPV... Dude needs mic time.
    -HBK backstage looked to be foreshadowing something, but I don't know what, and I'm completely happy with that.
    -Lol'ed at Ziggler's jobber entrance getting cut out of Hulu. Come out of ad breaks, see Orton, they never mention who he's facing, didn't notice it was Ziggler until they started fighting. Fast-forwarded through the match.
    -Ryback and Axel deserve Emmy consideration for their straight faces while Heyman was acting like a damn mental patient. Punk's promo was fine.
    -Both tag matches were good this week since they broke away from the script. Punk got in plenty of offense before the hot tag, and while the Shield/Usos wound up going down that path there was still enough action before and after the boring isolate the babyface stuff to leave you satisfied. Thing is, the Heyman guys being unable to "isolate Punk" just proves how useless these two are. In kayfabe, they have to be rebuilt just to be considered for the tag titles. What's Punk going to do?
    -Big E is a freakin' star. His hot tag single-handedly woke up a dead Tennessee crowd, my goodness they loved him. When HBK couldn't get these guys to make any noise but Big E got them to roar was definitely telling.
    -JBL on commentary was just awesome between the Shield and the Usos. Do more of that. And that brawl afterwards was freakin' intense too. But even on Hulu it felt like they brought up that damn app 400 times. SHUT UP WITH THE FREAKING APP
    -Heard John Cena was shoved down your throat again this week. That was cut. I appreciate that.
    -I realllllly didn't like the final segment. Bryan finally got so flippin' mic time so I can't knock it too much, but... ugh. No character development, nothing to write themselves out of their hole, good promos all around... but it's clearly obvious HHH wasn't talking in kayfabe with what he said to Bryan when Big Show came out with the big rig, and at the end of the show, the lasting impression you have was "how awesome Big Show is". He's been great lately, but... Bryan's clearly way behind Big Show in the pecking order among babyfaces. That's awful.
    -Can't wait for HIAC.

    7/10, probably with the benefit of a break.
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