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    Post your thoughts and ratings on tonight's RAW in this thread.

    - Gonna go ahead and give the episode an 8/10. I'd give it a 7 but the Live Discussion made it so much better. The RAW opening was awesome,although, Cena retained. HBK "turning" and calling Bryan a little puke was hilarious. The Wyatt Family was booked great tonight,Kane pulled out a decent swerve. The Shield/Usos & Big E match was tight. The tag match between The Rhodes Brothers and The Real Americans was pretty darn good,I was surprised The Real Americans got a win. The Summer Rae/Natalya match was actually decent,besides the part involving Khali of course. The ending was kindof underwhelming though. I can't really remember anything else that was good that transpired through the night so I'm gonna leave it at that.
  2. Not sure what to rate it. I'm trying to think of where they're going with these stories.

    Bryan attacks HBK. I'm guessing they aren't having a match since Shawn is retired.
    Bryan & Punk get attacked by the Wyatt's. Does this mean they're teaming up to feud against them?
    If DB is involved in that then does Big Show fight Orton for the title or does he face HHH?
  3. 8/10
    Really enjoyable show. Really enjoyable that it made people forget that Sandow failed to cash in. :lol1:
  4. Awesome show. I'd say it was easily one of the greatest Raws since the move to three hours. Other than a couple of segments, everything was at least mildly entertaining and felt like it had some sort of purpose. Sandow attacking Cena and having a very good WHC match to open the show, Bryan putting Michaels in the Yes/No Lock, the Wyatts attacking both Punk and Bryan, Kane removing his mask and 'turning heel' (what is this, Heel Turn #32 for him? #45? I probably lost count somewhere...), the whole Big Show segment at the end, etc. Great stuff.
  5. 8/10 especially bc of everyone in the LD thread
  6. I enjoyed everything but Sandow failing to cash in on Cena, it just really annoys me how they had a perfect set up for Sandow to win the WHC, But Cena with one arm beats him. If there was any better time to show the picture of John Cena as Superman.

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    Lots of surprises. Can't believe Ryback tapped. I guess they aren't planning ahead for some I Quit match in the future where the announcers can say the big guy has never tapped in his life.
  8. 8.5/10. Fantastic episode of RAW.
  9. 7/10

    The corporation storyline needs to hurry up and end or change big time. Hunter needs to face Show and Vince needs to hurry up and come back.
    Sandow cashing in was awesome... until SuperCena beat him, like really? Why... Have Cena chase the heel smart-ass champion...

    Overall it was a good show though. Still fast forwarded most parts though :lol1:
  10. 8/10

    Best Raw since the post Payback one. Despite there being quite a few things I didn't like, the show kept me excited and interested pretty much throughout. There was a number of potentially great feuds and stories set up tonight (Punk/Wyatt, Bryan/Wyatt, Bryan/HBK and Kane/Wyatt's involvement with the authority). The only things which I didn't like/hated were Sandow's failed cash in, Ziggler not even making an appearance and Big Show taking the main fucking angle.
  11. Why Big Show as a headliner though?
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  12. It's gearing up for Big Show v Kane.
  13. Why'd you respond to yourself? ^
  14. It's known that the storyline is going into Wrestlemania and will possibly benefit HHH in the long run.
  15. I had an after thought. Plus, trying to increase post count.

    Steph will use Kane against him before hhh gets involved.
  16. Is that ok?

  17. Gonna go ahead and post my thoughts here to avoid going to bed. :haha: That way Leo can get his entertainment. (Rain Alvarez may not be a bad username)

    Show Spoiler

    -Maybe Cena was gone long enough? Every once in a while a firey Cena promo gets over. This one somehow worked for me, although next week I'll get back to bitching about it. He and Damien may have put on one of the 10 best matches this year. Unpredictable, you could buy into every near-fall, there were innovative spots, etc. Fantastic stuff... I'm not worried about Sandow after this as stated in another thread, but... ugh, thanks for reminding us all how much we hate this guy. This may have hurt Cena worse than Sandow, so tired of the same old Cena crap.
    -Speaking of that, when the Divas' came out for their tag I marked for something... They really put over Brie being distraught over Bryan's injury, but didn't mention a peep about Nikki being worried about Cena's. They missed a chance to talk up Cena to get a Bryan angle over. YES! There were good spots in the match, so you'll take your good spots and throw 2 thumbs up at the Divas.
    -Daniel Bryan and HBK... wow. Just wow. Covered it already, but damn am I happy to see a pissed off Bryan. Can't say that enough. Bryan finally gets some character development, woo!
    -Ambrose talking was great, though they kinda killed my buzz when they announced another crappy match between these two... luckily the Shield interfered, another fun six-man, and Reigns spearing both Uso's was awesome.
    -Fuck Ryback.
    -Punk and Bryan feuding with the Wyatts? Hell yeah! Bryan and Punk will be in title contention again soon, hold your horses, this isn't a burial, this'll just elevate the Wyatts before everyone involved in this winds up fine... If we get Rhodes, Goldust, Bryan and Punk vs the Wyatts and Kane in a 4-on-4 match... Well, I would say it would be a money match but the rest of the card certainly won't be up to par. Cannot wait for that match though! Always great to see the Wyatts getting pushed.
    -There's plenty of other little things on this show that I loved, but can't think of them atm. Sorry!
    -There's only one complaint I had from this show.... sorry, I've tried, but I'm completely Aces and Eights-ing the corporation angle now. They're still getting heat, and the payoff will be fun, but... They're using so much TV time and using so many people on something that, as a fan, I just don't give anything resembling a fuck about. "Best for business" "Not a star" "B+ player" Enough is enough. I couldn't pay attention to anything in the final segment until Big Show came out and just started punching people. Kane's part of the Corporation because it's "best for business"? He's unmasking? Big Show's suing the company? Absolutely awful.
    -Although admittedly, Big Show is a guilty pleasure of mine in this role. He's playing the pissed off monster really freaking well, there's nothing to get my panties in a wad over as long as he only gets 1-2 title shots before the focus gets back on the young talent where it should be. Problem is, no matter how well you build it, I don't want to see Orton vs Big Show for the title (nor does it feel like that big a match). I don't want to see HHH vs Big Show period. So guess there really isn't a point to this, is there?
    -Still... we got character development... mid-card feuds... young talent being elevated... matches that had a point... good wrestling... an "anything can happen" atmosphere... backstage segments... no time wasted on any idiots (except Ryback)... Great, great stuff.

    Despite the complaints, 8/10. Great LD, fantastic episode. The good was just that damn good.
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  18. Would mark for Rain Alvarez.
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