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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Oct 6, 2014.

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  2. Rock and Rusev/Lana confrontations made me mark out.
    Dean Ambrose was just on fire this week, loved the tong to the balls routine as well as the ketchup/mustard stuff.
    Damien Mizdow, was beastly as usual same with Dolph.
  3. I swear after Ambrose left I tuned out Raw until The Rock showed up. Then I was like Wow Ambrose... You never fail to entertain me.
  4. 7/10...

    Mizdow's ringside mimicking of Miz is funny as hell
    Ambrose was all over the place.. good segments..
    WWE's recognizing and calling out of the breast cancer survivors was pretty great
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  5. Results are only viewable after voting.

    I only viewed this thread to see the ratings to see if I should watch it or not. fuck you @Tsar
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  6. Better than most of the recent weeks, but still not amazing.

    Ambrose was gold, but that goes without saying. He's about the only thing keeping me watching.
    Kane, Orton and Cena in the main event for the billionth time, can we do something new now please?
    Emma being used for the first time in forever only to get involved in that garbage feud.
    The Rock, although pretty funny and nice to see, was essentially a wasted appearance. No relevence to this crappy Rusev stuff and the WWE's way of clutching at straws.
    Uso's and Dolph Vs The Dust's and Cesaro was pretty decent.
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  7. About to watch this. It'd better be good! Will rate/review it later.
  8. 7/10. It was a good show. It's definitely a progress from the crap they've been putting out for the last month or so. Last week's episode was decent, but this one was just good, storyline-wise, anyways...

    - Good openning segment. Seeing Ambrose go bonkers is always good. And him being all over the show is just sweet!
    - Decent match 'tween Ziggler/Usos and Cesaro/The Dust Brothers. Thank God there wasn't that stupid dance and chant Usos usually do.
    - Ambrose/Cena segment. Ambrose is pure gold. He's the only reason I'm still watching this show. Btw, I loved Dean's facial expressions when Cena came out and started talking and Dean was like 'Don't give me that shit, John.' lol
    - Loved HHH stickin' it to Cena. Saying KEEP CALM AND NEVER GIVE UP was hilarious.
    - Mizdow is such a fuckin' goofball. I love the guy. Nice to hear he got huge pops during Sheamus vs Miz match.
    - Seeing my boys Edge & Christian is always good!
    - Huge mark out moment for me when The Rock came out! Too bad this was only a one night only.
    - OMFG! The Wyatt Family vignette was terrific! So, with Rowan being 'set free' as well, they're done? Bray Wyatt's anti-hero character is coming, yes! One can hope. Okay, now I care for Rowan, all I needed to hear from him was a promo like this one. And he killed it in like 2 sentences. It just fits him so well.
    - Loved the 'JOHN CENA SUCKS' chant while he was making his entrance.
    - Absolutely loved what Dean Ambrose did after the DQ fest ended, him coming out with hot dog wagon, playing a ketchup/mustard cowboy and humiliating Orton/Kane/Ambrose and then laying Cena down was pure gold... Plus, that Double Arm DDT was so awesome, hopefully he gets to use it more, maybe as his alternate finisher. It's so 'outta nowhere' and fits his persona well, just like Dirty Deeds does!

    - Usos getting the win... and Usos' promo before the match. That was some cringe-worthy shit. You're not funny, nor entertaining. Go visit Enzo Amore and Big Cass down at NXT, and see how it's done.
    - Bo Dallas vs Mark Henry was garbage. End this shit immediately!

    The 'I don't give a fuck about this' segment:
    - Shitdam Shitrose and all that shit that goes with it
    - The Divas crap
    - Swagger vs Kidd. Really?
    - Los Matadores/Slator Gator
    So, they're really going 'the winner gets Rollins inside the HIAC' route. It's alright, I guess, as long as Ambrose prevails against Cena... No mention of the loser getting Orton inside the cell, also, which is good and quite frankly would be pointless.
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  9. 8/10 easily for me.. definitely exceeds the other previous lead up RAWs to HIAC.
  10. Decent show. Were they chanting 'This is Stupid' for the bull vs gator match? It made me laugh whatever they were chanting. Also, I agree it was stupid. The only thing that I enjoyed out of it was seeing the gator make his entrance.

    Bunnys and gators and bulls - oh my WWE
  11. 4 for 7/10 and 4 for 6/10 and 1 for 8/10.
  12. The Rock's sudden appearance immediately bumped this show up from being crap to being at least moderately good. The beginning and ending of the show was awesome as well, both thanks to Dean Ambrose. And I guess the whole "Qualifying Match" between Cena vs Ambrose is a real thing now. At least they left out the part about the loser being compensated with a match with Randy Orton, although there's still a few weeks left for them to add that stupid stipulation in there somewhere.

    Also, is the Double-Arm DDT Ambrose's new finisher or something? Maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention, but I don't recall him ever laying anyone out with it before last night with Cena. What's funny is I made a thread a couple of months ago saying Ambrose needs a new finisher and suggested a DDT of some variation. It fits him for some reason.
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  13. - Well, let's hope they don't add that stupid stipulation where the loser of Ambrose vs Cena gets to meet Orton.

    - No, I think this is actually the first time Dean used that Double Arm DDT on someone. Glad it was on Cena! :happy:

    I agree with you and just like I said in my previous post... Hopefully he gets to use the Double Arm DDT more, maybe as his alternate finisher, though. It's so 'outta nowhere' and fits his persona well, just like Dirty Deeds does!
  14. I miss the freakin' 2 hour RAWs. At least if they were shit, we only had to sit through 2 hours of shit instead of 3. It's clear they don't know what they're doing, so in the middle of Dean "I'm stealing the show just by punching Seth Rollins in the Traitorface" Ambrose being awesome, The Rock's return and a decent midcard match, they do another boring rematch, a really shit segment like we had with Adam Rose and those two shitlords and of course, typical Authority crap that got old during the Bryan feud. I've not watched all of this RAW but I'll keep watching just so I know what's going on, to see Dean Ambrose and to see The Rock return. I swear, Impact last week was actually pretty freakin' awesome (Aries vs Joe, EY vs EC3 w/ Spud, The Wolves segment, Gail Kim vs Havok) and RAW have their big moments in between shit that just brings down the entire show. Sort it out plz, WWE.

    Also, no Wyatts match. :emoji_slight_frown: They better not split them up, Bray in singles matches with Harper and Rowan doing tag teams is a fantastic deal (with the occasional Harper singles match) and of course, the 3 on 3 matches like against The Shield.
  15. The Wyatt Family break-up has already been a work in progress. Have you watched Harper's and Rowan's vignettes? Bray said he 'set them free'. I'm looking forward to seeing how the family is gonna do on their own.
  16. Damn it, I saw Harper's and hoped it would just be a little push for him in the midcard. Let him fight Sheamus for the title, maybe Ziggler... then go back to Rowan in the tag team if he couldn't go any higher. I assume Rowan's was on this week's RAW (which I will watch tonight) but I hope this doesn't mean that Wyatt takes the Ascension... I love the Wyatt Family as they are.
  17. I love the Wyatt Family as they are, as well. But it looks like it's time to go. Check the 'Wyatt Video' thread if you wanna interact more about the family's break-up.
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  18. One of those shows where I watched it, didn't care for it, and then looked back on it and really started wondering to myself why I didn't.
    Maybe it's just me. So many great things I normally - and should - love in wrestling all happened this week, so I'll go with a very friendly 7/10
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