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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Oct 8, 2013.

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  2. Zzzzzzzz/10

    I Ashley had time to get into the LD for the first time in a while, but couldn't hack the boredom throughout the 8:30-9:30 hour.
  3. After Battleground it seemed alright but in reality it wasn't great. 5/10 have watched worse.
  4. All I can say about it is this: BIG SHOW.... ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME !!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOCKED TRIPLE H INTO THE NEXT COUNTY !!!!! ps: **Still** waiting for B.S. to toss Steph into a trash dump, and leave with a shot of her feet going back and forth<g.>
  5. 5/10

    It was another meh show, but I'm giving it a 5/10 because at least it was funnier than BG imo.
  6. 0/10

    I don't give a shit what happened in the show, that's the worst ending to a Raw since the Cole/Cena barbecue sauce incident.
  7. Got around to watching it and...ouch. Like I normally just skim through and after skimming through all the shit, I was at the end. I was so confused like I only recorded half of it but nope. Glad Big Show finally did something but other than that, just lol/10.
  8. It wasn`t a good show, but i`ll give it 5/10
  9. Backlund/10. Senhor Perfect thanks for remembering me on the LD man :lol1:
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  10. The first hour and 45 were just absolute trash. Then i marked my dick off for the Rhodes, and that enjoyment/happiness lasted the rest of the show. I seriously get a kick out of it when they show the clips of show knocking people out BEFORE they fix it to make the hit look awesome. He isnt even pimp slapping them at this point with his power. He at least shows he can be an extra in Boardwalk Empire or another mafia/older show to have him be a goon who gives 'attaboys to people by pretending to knock them out, tapping them in the cheek and making them fake get knocked out.

    I dazed off and daydreamed for quite a bit of the show. I am pretty interested in this Cena shit, TBH.
  11. 'Twas my pleasure Leo "Neymar" C
  12. you wish. Jerk.
  13. You just had to didn't you. :notsure:
  14. You started it :okay:
  15. Finally got to this whole thing last night, and wrote my opinions in the little spoiler as always, but deleted it.
    When watching live I was entertained enough. But looking through the list of stuff... hated this segment, hated that segment, this sucked, that sucked...
    Enjoyed the ending. 3/10.
  16. 4/10 legit 4/10, Main Event was good but fuck Eva Marie no selling like shit.
  17. AJ was sent home due to her concussion, so I didn't watch it.

  18. RAW was better than Battleground. I'd rate it 7/10

    It still wasn't a great show.

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