Spoiler Rate Raw 10/9/2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Rate this week's episode of Monday Night Raw and leave comments to let us know what you thought of the show.


    Miz and Curtis Axel were in the ring with Mizzie Awards. The first goes to Axel for Perseverance. The second is best supporting actor and is a tie between Sheamus and Cesaro, who come out and accept the award. Sheamus thanked Roman Reigns and declared he wants to beat him up even more. He then gave the Big Dog of WWE award to himself.

    Roman Reigns came out to the stage and Miz mocked him for not coming to the ring. Roman told Miz he had one chance to get out of the ring. Miz didn't listen and mocked Reigns, since there were four guys in the ring and only one Roman. Roman was joined by Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, who then surround the ring. They clear the ring and hit the triple power bomb on Miz.

    Jason Jordan vs Karl Anderson

    Jason Jordan won by pin fall


    Miz was complaining to Kurt Angle. So Angle made a match at TLC in a tlc match between Miz and the Bar vs the Shield.

    Elias vs Apollo Crews

    Elias won by pin fall


    Enzo came to stage and basically ripped on Kurt Angle for a while and demanded to be shown more respect by him and the cruiserweights.

    Matt Hardy vs Braun Strowman

    Braun Strowman won by pin fall.

    Braun attacked Matt Hardy after the match but the Shield came to the ring. Braun didn't back down but was triple teamed and put through the announce table via triple power bomb.

    After the commercial the Shield talked backstage to Charly Caruso, declaring themselves back and the new workhorses of the WWE.

    Mickie James

    Mickie James came to the ring and complained about the being old jokes that Alexa Bliss has made about her and demanded respect. Bliss came out and appeared apologetic, but then showed a video meant to be about Mickie and showed her as a wrinkled senior citizen. The two fought with Mickie quickly getting the upper hand and Alexa retreating.


    Kurt Angle was watching an Asuka promo with Bayley and Sasha Banks. They both wanted to face her first. They were interrupted by Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke and Emma, who also wanted to face Asuka. Angle made a fatal fiveway with the winner facing Asuka at TLC.

    Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick vs Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali

    Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallager won by pin fall.


    Braun Strowman approached Angle about what happened with the Shield. Angle added Braun to the TLC match vs the Shield, making it 4 on 3.

    Finn Balor

    Balor came to the ring. He brought up Bray Wyatt claiming he would meet Sister Abigail, but Balor didn't believe him. He only believed that Wyatt was desperate. He dared Wyatt to reveal Sister Abigail.

    Bray Wyatt then changed the way he looked and talked in a much higher voice, revealing Sister Abigail to be an alter ego of his. He warned Finn Balor to run.

    Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match: Sasha Banks vs. Emma vs. Alicia Fox vs. Dana Brooke vs. Bayley

    Emma last eliminated Sasha Banks to win the match and the right to face Asuka at TLC.

    Lumberjack Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Title: Kalisto vs. Enzo Amore

    Kalisto defeated Enzo by pin fall to become the new cruiserweight champion. The cruiserweight lumberjacks celebrated with Kalisto while Enzo laid on the floor.
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    Also Shield Reunion - #Cringe
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  3. Just by the look of it I feel like I made the right decision playing fallout new vegas all day
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  4. I found it ironic that women were fighting for the right to be Asuka's first victim.
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  5. That's probably why Emma won too. Have her job out at TLC.

    Probably gonna be the 'quickest' match in history.
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  6. Okay...let's have a look...

    ~ And phase 237 in the plan to get the WWE Universe to cheer for Roman begins...
    and I still don't care...SKIP!

    ~ Wow...Jason Jordan won a match...Holy Fuckballs Batman!

    ~ How many times have we seen the Drifter defeat Apollo Crews now? 5...6...feels
    like 100...

    ~ I'd rather not see Matt Hardy get squashed. Hey WWE...you know Bray Wyatt is
    on the same brand as Matt Hardy right? Just putting that out there.

    ~ I see Roman so I SKIP!!!

    ~ I really want Mickie to kick Alexa's teeth in and win the title...but we all
    know that isn't going to happen. Alexa has to look good.

    ~ Yay! Another multi woman match and it teases Sasha vs. Asuka...Yay! I think I'm
    going to bite off my own tongue I'm so happy!

    ~ No Neville...Not watching...SKIP!


    ~ And in the women's match...
    Bayley pins Dana...
    Sasha eliminates Foxy...
    Emma pins Sasha...and we get the match that has been rumored since before No Mercy...

    Also isn't this like getting the highest marks on a science test only to be
    rewarded with a tetanus shot? I mean...who would honestly want to wrestle Asuka?

    The only women on the roster who could honestly ask for that are Sasha,Charlotte,
    Becky, Natalya & Naomi. Everyone else has either been destroyed by Asuka already
    or isn't even fit to carry her luggage.

    And can we please turn Dana Brooke heel and team her up with Emma now? I mean
    Asuka will be booked as a face and Dana will only work as a heel...so just do
    it WWE.

    Also...where the f*ck is Nia Jax? Is she having the week off? Great booking WWE...
    well done.

    I swear is Nia Jax defeats Asuka I will be so f*cking pissed!

    ~ And I like Kalisto...but you know what would have made his title win actually
    mean something? If he actually defeated Neville for it...and not some loud mouth
    idiot who can barely wrestle.

    "I'm glad you enjoyed that serving of dog food we called a pay per view WWE audience...
    your reward for consuming it...is another helping of dog food"

    And I'm Done...


    Knowing the WWE they will book the match the same way they did Nakamura/Ziggler
    with Asuka struggling for 20 minutes before finally choking Emma out.

    Look I love Emma...I really do...here is a picture of her with a dolphin...


    But the TLC match needs to be a squash...I'm talking about less than a minute...
    like quicker than Goldberg vs. Lesnar II.

    Of course the WWE is likely to turn around and have Emma win just to get
    Asuka's streak out of the way and ruin all the ground work built up in that
    pesky NXT brand.

    Is it possible the Asuka/Emma match could be a chairs match?

    Congratulations...you win an execution!

    That one word sums it up pretty well...
  7. I gave this a 7 and here's why:

    We all knew the Shield reunion had to happen by at least this Monday night on Raw, so I enjoyed the recreation of them although nothing official until later when they had on.......matching t-shirts?? O........k..........

    Anyway, I love the work that The Miz is doing as usual and The Bar is getting a better shine on them (still think the jackets are a bit much but it's something different).

    uh.....Emma won.......an opportunity to get her head kicked off, this will be something painful to watch but we finally get Asuka to make her Raw PPV appearance.

    And the funniest and enjoyable parts of Raw were, Corey Graves really cracking on Enzo and then we have Kalisto become the new cruiserweight champ.

    Sidenote: WWE please don't FORGET to write an interesting story for Kalisto and don't have him carry it around awhile just to lose it to whomever in the stupidest manner.
    • even though it's only been around 3 years since we saw them together, it's very nostalgic to see the Shield back together and I enjoyed how they did the whole reunion last night. Their match at TLC is gonna be a banger, especially when you have a 4 on 3 now with Strowman involved. I just hope they make it a title for title match.
    • The Emma thing makes literally no sense in kayfabe. The only real reason Emma could be fighting to have a match with Asuka is for the payday.. but they're not gonna say that on TV so she literally just struggled to win a match with a roll up, just to advance to another match even she knows she won't win. If I was her, I'd just go "f*ck this I'm going for the title again"
    • I've been loving Enzo as a heel if I'm being honest. His segments actually mean something and he's been closing off the show a couple times now, at first I was iffy on him helping the cruiserweights but they committed to it and now I think it's slowly starting to gel. We just had a good title match that got a good reaction with a great ending and it helped Kalisto finally crawl out of the shaddows of.. well nothing.
  8. I would have set up the 5 way the opposite way no elimination but the loser gets Asuka at tlc
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  9. I only watched the opening segment. Had no interest in anything else whatsoever.

    The Miz was great and The Shield reunion was alright. I doubt it'll help Roman get over as a babyface (that's what their plan seems to be, right?) but for nostalgia purposes, seeing The Shield back together is nice.
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  10. thought about that too but then again, they do want a credible opponent for Asuka, so it's ok to build the person up that's gonna face her. But if you're gonna build someone up for Asuka, don't let that person barely win with a roll up lol
  11. Has Roman ever been heel? I actually dnt remember.
  12. I would have done something like everyone holds Nia down type of deal
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  13. Yes. They were all heels when they debuted as The Shield.
  14. Ooh... DUH..... Sheesh... Ok, forget I asked that. Haha
  15. They could shock us and have Roman be the guy to turn on the Shield this time arou... ah screw it, we know that isn't going to actually happen...it will be Rollins again and Ambrose 20 times before it is Roman...
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  16. Like to see where they go with the Shield back, if it's promising and done right then Roman will be liked for a bit again
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  17. That's not the intention with this reunion. If fans like Roman again, cool, but that isn't the intention. They need some kind of star power for between now and December. Royal Rumble is when the steam picks up for WWE. 'till then, live with it.

    The reunion is even trending on YouTube with 3 million views...


    That's how big this is.
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  18. #19 Snowman, Oct 11, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
    I seriously can't fathom just how much more awesome all three guys are together than they are apart. Hearing that same OOOOOAAAAAHHHHH that made me groan for the last three years got me freaking amped. Lets mark out together with the Hounds of Justice. BELIEVE IN THE SHIIIIIIEEEEEEELLLLLLLDDDDDDDD

    It's a $353 plane ticket one way to Minneapolis. Shame. I want to see this live.

    and when emma vs asuka II gets like a star and a half I'm going to be the saddest snowman ever
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  19. Eh... Plane Travel? Course, what would I know. I've never been on a plane
    Not sure I would ever want to travel by plane either.. Nope!

    "THE" Saddest Snowman...Ever. Hmmm.... Poor Snowy. We certainly dnt want a Sad Snowsman. :emoji_grin:
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