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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. 8/10 for me. -1 for having to put up with Dolph's moronic posts in the discussion thread and -1 for Charlie Sheen segments.

    Amazing show. SO much ground breaking stuff has happened tonight that many failed to understand live, let's see how they comprehend it once the show has finished.

    -Sandow rub
    -Bryan huge rub
    -DX reunion was good
    -Brothers of destruction reunion (seems permanent?)
    -Rock/Bryan/Punk segment
    -Lots of Bryan
    -Heel Punk
    -Hardly any Cena
    -Rock getting laid out

    So much good.
  2. lol @ Crayo/10
  3. 8/10

    -1 for too many commercials

    -1 for no good wrestling

    The return of Lita, APA, etc. was all good. DX Reunion and BOD was cool. Lots of good things from this show.
  4. 7/10

    I enjoyed a lot of the show, but it just didn't manage to gather any momentum with the sheer quantity of the ads.

    Still, the ending was fucking insane.
  5. Weird show to grade. I'd like to say 4/10 (+2 for the finish, +1 for Christian losing the IC belt, +1 for the Slater segment) but it wasn't a 4/10 quality show. I'd give it a 2/10 for overall entertainment value, but you guys know me well enough to know why.
  6. 8 / 10 for me, It was really enjoyable. I like the DX reunion, Brock/Trips segment. Stephanie McMahon was there :emoji_wink: - Punk/Cena was good. Sandow. All good.
  7. 5/10. Tons of commercials, and the stuff i liked best was what i expected to be mediocre compared to others. Rocky DX Tag match, and Cena punk we called all day move for move almost, so it was alright. Still would take BFG over it.
  8. I keep going back and forth between a 6 and a 7....so for me I guess I'll give it a 6.5/10.

    Compared to regular Raw shows over recent weeks, it was good. However, considering the occasion, hype and buildup, I felt it was still lacking. They could have made it so much better than it was. I enjoyed some of the appearances and matches, but would have liked to see more good quality matches. Overall I just felt they could have made it more than it was, and ultimately I still left feeling a bit disappointed and underwhelmed. The numerous ads annoyed me (as they so often do) and the in-show ads also grated on my nerves -- a random plug for Sonic, really?? HOW did that at all fit into the show? Ugh.... So anyway, yeah, 6.5 for me and I'll shut up now.
  9. Honestly it wasnt that long of a RAW :sad: but let me grade it.
    Miz wining a title
    CM Punk heel turn
    Daniel not getting married
    Slick during the wedding(which was the only good thing about it)
    DX reunion
    John Cena failed the cash in
    Paul Heyman
    Brock Lesner
    Road Warrior Animal
    Brothers of Destruction

    AJ as GM :upset:
    Stephine being a lying bitch
    not that long of a show
    not really any good matches
    John Cena's entrance music
    No dominator by Farooq
    Not that long of a show on it's own
    Charlie Sheen
    Daniel Byran getting laid out
    To much young talent getting buried

    Overall: 7.5/10
  10. 9/10--------3 just for endind part of that show it was awessssome!!
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  11. I didnt enjoy it, but im going to put that down to suddenly becoming ill or something late last night :((
  12. Hope you're okay Vinnie Mac.
  13. I'm unsure on the Punk "heel" turn tbh, not as in the quality but where it will go. I could honestly see him going back to generally being pissed off at the way the WWE is run, which will get him the face pops again. I'm intrigued to see which direction is taken.
  14. Thought I was the only one who didn't think this was a heel turn. Rock pretty much called Punk out earlier, saying he'd take his title away from him if he was still champion come RR. It was simply a statement imo, and people are acting like it's the first time something like this has ever happened.

    Regarding the rest of raw; I didn't enjoy it as much as I had expeted :emoji_slight_frown: Too little wrestling, and the matches we got were lame. Too many legends returning at once, and few of them did anything interesting, I felt like the whole show was just a series of entrance-themes.
  15. I was thinking about it too, it really surprised me, I liked it but I don't know what for and where it's going.

    It was a heel turn. He pinned Cena, didn't help him when Show was beating him up and attacked Rock during his move, also looked down on the crowd with that heel expression.
  16. It could well be a heel turn, however it could be Punk being Punk. He was supposed to be the lone wolf type of guy, he left Cena and attacked Rock, both he had issues during his shooting moments with. Who's to say he's just not going to be pissed off with the company and what he's become? It's unlikely admittedly but he's not a definite heel yet.
  17. I think it was a turn, it wasn't Super Punk who would've attacked Big Show, for sure. He seemed to ignore Cena and Rock during his reign, being the hypocrite we said he was. I'm pretty sure that by attacking Rock and allowing Show to attack Cena he'd be a heel, or at least a tweener. It'd be weird to see him simply get pissed off for no reason and start shooting again, although it'd be better than his corny face persona. In my opinion he turned heel, but you may be right.
  18. "Punk turned his back on the Universe!"

    -Lawler, probably via VKM. So we know it was a heel turn, otherwise I'd be right there with you.
  19. Punks expressions alone were enough to say it was a turn. The ever so typical but glorious slow walk out, the slow mannerisms and staring into the camera.
  20. 8/10 from me. I share almost all of Crayo's opinions but just like some I felt a little snubbed since it was episode 1000 and I expected way more. Still a great episode.
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