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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Nov 10, 2014.

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  2. I give it a 5/10 this week.. it wasn't absolutely terrible but wasn't great either...


    Luke Harper ending.. it was unexpected and actually pretty cool.
    Ryback's allegiance still unknown.


    Just about everything else was not executed well..
  3. This week isn't looking too good for me at the moment, but I surely won't go too far down the ranks.


    It was overall a decent-good episode of RAW. I enjoyed just about everything except for the main event, other than that it was fun and the crowd seemed into it.
  4. I gave it a 7/10. It wasn't a great show and just about all of the matches were crap, but there was something about it that I enjoyed.

    I know i enjoyed:

    Stephanie calling Lana a twit and Lana looking defeated when she agreed to join their team.

    Erick Rowan appearing during the Adam Rose match.

    The ending with Luke Harper.

    Beyond that I am not really sure why, as there wasn't a whole lot of anything interesting, but I had a fun time so I'm giving a decent rating.
  5. 6/10

    The Fans not rebelling against WWE for the network issues in the UK.
    No Ambrose Or Wyatt (Just a video. -.-)

    Paige's respected pop.
    Stephanie taking charge (Having Lana join, then insult her. Insulting the team in the office)
    Erick Rowan looking for a lady. (I am assuming it may be Renee Young.)
    Finding Waldo.

    Most forgettable.
    The Bunny getting kicked in the chest. (Should just have the bunny lose it's temper and bunny hop Adam Rose in the chest.)
  6. You should have High Chief Maivia and Tatanka hunt it down and eat it.
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  7. Caught the highlights seemed like an alright show but definitely nothing too good, off the highlights alone I'll say 5/10.
  8. The fans rebelled the entire show. Chanting "where's our network" among other stuff. But since RAW from the UK is always pre-recorded it was edited
  9. Leaving that unedited would've probably made the show a wee bit better, I like rebel crowds!
  10. I fast-forwarded through the entire show except for the segments relating to The Authority storyline, which I thought progressed quite nicely throughout the show. I kinda figured after the Mark Henry/Ryback segment that Ryback was gonna ditch The Authority by the end of the show since it seemed like all the members of the team were rubbing him the wrong way and coming off as assholes.
  11. Watching this right now! Will rate/review it later.
  12. It was definitely a downward spiral from last week's episode, but still it had some good moments. 6/10

    - 'JOHN CENA SUCKS' chants during Cena's entrance. Haha, gotta love those!
    - 'Where's our network?' chants when The Authority came out. They have every right to be pissed off. Kudos to the UK crowds, they're one of the best out there.
    - Ambrose and Wyatt's promos.
    - Rollins vs Swagger.
    - Rusev vs Sheamus was a decent match.
    - I am so glad that Mizdow is so over with the crowd.
    - Seeing Erick Rowan was nice, while I was skimming through Rose vs Kidd match. I bet he was looking for Renee. Not sure if I get this angle. Are they trying to turn Rowan into Kane 2.0, with him going after all the divas and all? lol
    - The allegiance of Ryback remaining unknown, well not that unknown... All in all, the ME was decent, but The Authority's DQ Fest was too predictable. I think Ryback should go with Team Cena, if they want him going after Rusev's streak after SS and then followed by a slow build-up to ME scene.
    - The ending segment with Luke Harper. He's back, hell yeah!

    - No Ambrose and Wyatt. What a shame.
    - Ziggler vs Henry was pure garbage, but I get what they were trying to do, match ends in a DQ, Show announces he's on Team Cena... Too predictable, but oh well.

    The 'I don't give a fuck about this' segment:
    - The Divas Division crap
    - WTF were those vignettes about? I skimmed through those, I think I saw Kofi and Xavier. If it's about that rumored babyface stable with those two and Big E... Then, thanks... But no thanks!
    - Whatever Adam Rose dogshit was going on
  13. I wasn't aware of that sadly. Have their been any videos on youtube leaking the chants? I know that on smackdown Vince said something that got liverpool up in a storm.
  14. I can only find this but only 10 seconds
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  15. Thank you. I'm glad they stood up for their rights to have the network.
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