SPOILER! Rate RAW! 11/11/2019

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The Dave Meltzer of WWEF

Hello and welcome to the only show where the best way to present a faction is to have them lose twice in the same night....


Hey everyone welcome to the EARLY Rate Thread! yes that is right, Raw was taped this week so i already know the results, as of the time im typeing this Raw has a little less then an hour left, but i went ahead and made a call to put this thread out here now as im gonna be busy, the recap is a little different this week as you will see below, if you dont wanna finish watching the show and honestly i cant really blame you.....feel free to read my recap. As always rate in the poll above share your thoughts below...as i review Monday Night Raw!

Becky Lynch Kicks Off The Show

So Becky basicly says this is the hardest time of her career, the challengers are tougher and the list of those who wanna take her out is getting longer, and so she says bring it on, she says im never gonna runnin my mouth and slapping your heads, she says the only thing she fears in life is not being the greatest, she says its time to regain her legacy of Becky 2 belts by becoming the womens tag team champions right here, right now.

So as of the time im typeing this, my tablets at 1% battery life...so lets do soemthing a little different, Raw was taped, so the results are already online, so im going to share those results, and give my thoughts on them, so lets get into it!

* WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka and Kairi Sane retained their titles over RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to open RAW.

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler came down during the match and watched from ringside while sitting in a chair. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley ran down to attack Baszler. Asuka took advantage of the distraction and rolled Lynch up for the three count. Bayley is furious at the “Hey Bayley” chants so she attacks Becky as Baszler leaves to the back.

So Asuka tapped out to Natalya on friday if i recall, and now she cant even get a clean pin on Becky....delightful, atleast they retained, so there is that.

* Backstage segment with The OC confronting Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo. They tell them to find a partner for a six-man match later tonight. Randy Orton steps up and joins them.

Well...alright then.

* Drew McIntyre defeated Sin Cara. Drew dominated the match

WWE really belives in their squash matches man, i think they have a problem.

* R-Truth vs. The Singh Brothers in a Handicap Match for Samir Singh’s WWE 24/7 Title ended in a No Contest as The Singhs ran away backstage and Truth chased them.

Wait i thought...oh nevermind..i remember the days when the 24/7 title was one of the best parts of raw, now its just filler practicly.

* Seth Rollins comes out to a very mixed reaction. The boos takeover and Rollins looks like he loses his train of thought for a few seconds. He tells the crowd to keep that same energy when… it’s hard to hear him at points. He talks some about Triple H and the WWE NXT crew. Rollins issues a challenge to the best that the UK has to offer. Imperium appears on the stage to a massive pop. It’s WWE UK Champion WALTER, Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel and Alexander Wolfe. WALTER accepts the challenge and the crowd goes mad.

Sounds good, until you remember this is Raw, so Vince will find a way to derp it up.

* Seth Rollins defeated WWE UK Champion WALTER in a non-title match, by DQ due to interference from Imperium. The Street Profits and Kevin Owens made the save to set up a big eight-man match. Owens got a massive pop here.

Remmeber when i said like...2 seconds ago that Vince would screw it up? yeah that didnt last long lol. Couldnt even give WALTER a big win, Seth really has become the new Roman Reigns....but seriously what is with Seth and screwy finishes?

* Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and The Street Profits defeated Imperium in eight-man tag team action. Montez Ford hit a huge dive at one point, taking down WALTER and Aichner on the ground and tearing up part of the announce table. Another big pop for Owens after this match.

So on one hand, the league part of me is happy because street profits win yay. On the other hand...come on, Imperium should have gotten the win, ofcourse they would not only lose to Seth by DQ, but they would also lose by normal means aswell....lovely.

* Andrade defeated Cedric Alexander.

Huh, didnt even mention if it was a good match or not, probably was but didnt we see this match already? oh well.

* Lana makes her way out and goes on about being pregnant. Fans boo. She says she’s now 9 weeks pregnant because Rusev got her pregnant. She didn’t first have sex with Bobby Lashley until 7 weeks ago. The crowd dumps on this segment quickly and the “boring” chants down her out at times. Rusev comes out and admits he’s a sex addict. Bobby Lashley also came out and he was also upset. Fans were upset at what may be the worst segment in RAW history. Lana is pregnant and everyone still wants to be with her. Lashley attacked Rusev, left him laying, then carried Lana to the back.

Did she say her problem with Rusev is he wanted too much sex? and yet she keeps talking about having sex with him? and now shes no no wait wait wait...

Alright so lets rewind..Lana called Rusev a sex addict..that all he wanted was to have sex every day and all he wanted was to implant a baby in her....and that he didnt care about what she wanted..that was her issue..so now shes out her talking about having sex with lashley, so Rusev comes out and admits hes a sex addict..which didnt he already do that? and also didnt Rusev say Lashley can have her? so why does he care? Oh and NOW shes pregnant? and ofcourse Rusev is left laying afterward....

What even..ya know i think ima have to recap this one myself...

Actually on second thought it aint worth it...or maybe it is....if i do it will be below..

* Erick Rowan squashed a local enhancement talent. Rowan is carrying something hidden under a towel, looks like he will reveal it later.

Okay then.

* RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders defeated Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews in a non-title match.

These guys are the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS and they are STILL trapped in this jobber limbo...how is that even possible!?

* Humberto Carrillo, Ricochet and Randy Orton defeated The OC in six-man action for the main event. Carrillo got the pin for his team. There was strong tension between Orton and Ricochet. That was the end of RAW.

Thats the main event?...its too late for Humberto, he should have won last week, nobody is gonna care about him now..GG WWE..

Welp, that was the show!.....rate in the poll above share your thoughts below...and have a great night!
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The Last Outlaw
After seeing Rollins segment and the reactions I was hoping someone hold a sign saying "Ban Rollins off Twitter" and "Please retire Vince"

They really have no idea what to do with Seth. Just doing the same old Boring BS
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Chillin' with the snowmies.
That was so epic!! It was awesome to see both teams fight back, trading haymakers and fighting through adversity and watching unbelievable performances and seeing who has IT and who doesn't...

Oh wait this about raw and not MNF? Carry on.

Koko B.

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
I fell asleep early on. I think I woke up when Lana was screeching about being pregnant. At which point I wondered why I still had the TV on.
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