Spoiler Rate Raw 11/13/2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Stephanie talked about needing leaders to fight Smackdown and she introduced Kurt Angle. Stephanie told Kurt she wasn't upset but wanted to know how the New Day got into the building and he didn't know. She also kept asking if there really was a raid or did Shane fool him. He then announced Jason Jordan to the Survivor Series team. She accused Kurt of only using him because he is his son. She asked who Smackdown's fifth member was and Kurt confirmed it was John Cena. She accused him of passing up Cena or that Cena was embarrassed of Kurt and went to Smackdown. She then asked the crowd if they believed in Kurt and offered him one more chance. She asked what the first thing Kurt was going to do at Survivor Series and he said he would start the match and go against Shane. She then continued to berate him for his performance.

    Stephanie made as if to fire Angle but the Shield then showed up. Ambrose stood up for Angle and told Steph he is the leader. Steph criticized them for losing the tag belts and for Roman being gone. Then Roman criticized her back. They asked for a fight against the New Day and promised to whoop their ass and destroy them.

    Survivor Series Women's Qualifying Match: Bayley vs Dana Brooke vs Mickie James

    Bayley won and qualified for Team Raw.

    Kalisto and Akira Tozawa vs Drew Gulak and Enzo Amore

    Enzo and Drew won by pin fall

    Miz TV

    Guests are Sheamus and Cesaro. Miz talked a lot about Corbin before introducing the Bar. Basically they said they would beat the Usos at Survivor Series and along with the Miz will defeat the Bar.

    Bray Wyatt vs Jason Jordan

    Jason Jordan defeated Wyatt and then was brutally attacked, injuring his calf muscle. Kurt Angle then came to the ring.

    Brock Lesnar

    Heyman talked about Lesnar and AJ Styles only having one match ever. He put on the fact that AJ was great because of his speed. He put up several good points about AJ, but still maintained Lensar would win.

    The Shield vs Miz and the Bar

    The Shield defeated Miz and the Bar

    Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan

    Angle was going to take Jordan out of the Survivor Series match because of his injury. Jordan pleaded with him to be in the match and kept telling Angle he would be fine. Angle didn't feel it was worth it. Jordan continued to plead because he wants to be in a match with his father.

    Stephanie McMahon than interrupted and ordered Kurt to remove Jordan from the match. Triple H then came out and made himself the fifth member of team Raw. Triple H then put Jordan in a pedigree and left as Angle tried to help Jordan.

    Finn Balor and Samoa Joe vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

    Balor and Joe won by pin fall and Joe immediately left the arena.

    Kane vs Braun Strowman

    The match never started as the two brawled and Braun threw Kane and himself through the floor of the ring.
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  2. I gave this episode a 7. It was a decent episode.

    Good parts:

    Opening Promo with the Shield defending Angle

    Women's Triple Threat ***

    The Shield vs Miz and Bar ***

    Kane vs Braun ***1/2 not a match, but it was fun. I love watching Braun brutalize people.

    Triple H in the Survivor Series :emoji_slight_smile:

    PAUL HEYMAN! I love how he interacted with the couple who got engaged during the promo. Heyman can improvise like no one else.

    I didn't like:

    The cringeworthy Angle/Jordan crap

    Enzo. I wasn't too excited about cruiserweights to begin with but having him there makes it worse.

    I am looking forward to the inevitable invasion tomorrow!
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  3. I hope Enzo winning in this tag match means he will lose Sunday....
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  4. a solid 9, Triple H segment was perfect and it opens the door for WM with him and Angle or him, Rock & Angle or even him and Rock, referee Angle or him and Angle, referee Rock. That's how you light a fire up under our @sses!!
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  5. #5 Grievous II, Nov 13, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
    Okay...so I just binge-watched the entire first season of Stranger Things...and while it didn't
    have a Female Japanese version of the Macho Man kicking people in the face or a tall blonde
    amazon & a shorter orange haired amazon flashing each other the "bedroom eyes"...it was
    possibly the best television show I've seen since the first season of Game of Thrones...so with
    that in mind...let's have a quick look at RAW this week...so I can binge watch the second season...

    ~ So...a bunch of people I don't care about talk for a bit...and then "that Guy I don't mention
    by Name anymore through fear of getting him Over" appears...so...SKIP!!!

    ~ And Bayley wins...no sign of Paige...and Mickie James is apparently not on the Survivor Series

    (On a side note...Damn Mickie looked amazing tonight!)


    ~ And a whole bunch of talking...blah, blah, blah...SKIP!!!

    ~ And Bray Wyatt is once again the Eater of Pin-falls...Ugh...

    ~ And now Paul Heyman is talking...and I'm not listening...SKIP!!!

    ~ And this result was pretty predictable...because "that Guy I don't mention by Name anymore through
    fear of getting him Over" has to look STRONG!!! What's the bet he shows up on SmackDown and spears
    & pins their entire roster tomorrow night...SKIP!!!

    ~ More people I don't care about keep talking...Jason Jordan is now off the Survivor Series team...
    but I honestly don't care...as long as the match is as good as it was last year...NEXT!!!

    So...Triple H vs. Shane McMahon in 30 minute match on the Wrestlemania 34 card then?

    So the women's matches should get about 3 minutes each then...

    ~ Shouldn't this match have been Finn & the Club vs. Samoa Joe &...&...oh wait...RAW doesn't have
    any other tag teams...because fuck tag team wrestling! Who needs it! NEXT!!!

    ~ Alexa...I'll listen to you again when you can actually put on a half way decent match. Natalya maybe
    a "Crazy Cat Lady" but at least she can actually wrestle...and Charlotte is a true Goddess...you just
    run your mouth and strut around with your wrestling tights wedged half way up your ass crack.


    ~ And another Braun vs. Big, Old Has-Been match where the ring is destroyed...Ugh...I think we've
    seen that enough this year!

    So much for the SmackDown roster showing up again...what's the bet SmackDown is literally crawling
    with RAW wrestlers tomorrow night...

    And I'm Done...

    I have the second season of Stranger Things to watch...

    You know...a television show with likeable, developed characters, interesting story lines and ideas
    & some fantastic music...

    So basically the opposite of all the WWE programming...


    I miss Emma...
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  6. Didn't watch the show but saw the clip of Triple H. Fuck Yeah! They totally made the right call on that one
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  7. Stephanie and Triple H on 1 Raw.. GOOD GOD, THEY'RE BACK :hhh4:
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  8. Or even better! Triple H vs Jason Jordan!
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  9. Won't necessarily call it a bad go home but I feel a couple of very cringe worthy moments and/or segments took it down to a 6/10...Quick thoughts:

    - Who would have thought the day would come that we can honestly say Roman...saved a promo with his talking but, well, he actually did and for all the shit we've given him, I for one would like to be fair and give the man some props when well deserved...

    - Bailey the fifth member of the RAW woman's team after all. Given the latest rumors that were going around involving Paige, her possible return and being the 5th member, I'm personally glad it didn't happen. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Paige returning but as if Bailey hadn't been screwed enough already, I think the rumored scenario would have just been the final blow so...good for Bailey.

    - She said yes !!!!!!!!!! And got to love Paul Heymann for the way he handled it....

    - How stupid....HOW FUCKING STUPID was it having Jason Jordan, while begging Kurt to keep his spot as tthe fifth member of team RAW, to throw the line of "please...boohoo booho...its the one time of the year that RAW and SD go head to head on blah blah blah blah"....Oh my dear lord, seriously????????????

    - On a possitive note, the addition of Triple H does open a lot of interesting possibilities down the road...

    - Looking forward to Smackdown tonight....Really looking forward to it...
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  10. You serious, Reag?? Or trolling that idea you stated??
  11. Very serious. #Raisenewstars
  12. ..........ok...........just for me Jason Jordan is just a bore on his own.

    - No mic skills
    - Mediocre wrestling skills (even though he's a "son" of a wrestling legend")
    - Gets the "special treatment" meaning more air time/matches
    - His acting is atrocious
    - He does have a nice entrance theme YET, he's having all sort of strange gear color choices

    Now I know that a match like this would/could help him out a bit but who really WANT to watch Jason Jordan vs Triple H?? Rate this post creative if you would want that match to happen or even want to watch it. I am not, repeat, NOT starting any issues about this, I'm just curious to know.
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  13. I didn't watch the whole show, but the segments I watched were decent to good.

    - The opening segment was alright. The Stephanie bit was horrible as always, she is not needed on TV at all. All that she does when she comes out is cut somebody's balls off and she never gets comeuppance for it. So, yeah, keeping her off TV is best for business. The Shield coming out to support Angle was good, though.

    - Heyman/Lesnar segment was great.

    - The Shield vs The Miz & The Bar was good. Also, the first Superman Punch Roman hit Cesaro with was one of the best he's ever done. It looked legit.

    - The Jordan/Angle segment was cringeworthy, but HHH coming out was good.

    - Bálor & Joe vs Gallows & Anderson was decent thanks to a fun homestretch, but it should've been a shorter match.

    - The closing segment was alright. Braun driving Kane through the ring with the Running Powerslam was the best part of it.
  14. Triple H is savage as usual. Fucking shit up. This whole thing will become Kurt vs Triple H at some point. Holy shit.

    Did Triple H just bury mother fuckin' Jason Jordan? Ohhhhhhhh.
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