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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Nov 17, 2014.

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  2. I give it a 6/10.. it came out of the block fast and then tripped up a few times in the middle before finishing strong.

    and @Tsar please get rid of the optical illusion signature, if you keep it I'll be forced to put you on ignore and I really don't want to.
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  3. I'm about to watch this. Will rate/review it later.
  4. Damn good shit Rowan and Ryback taking the final spots I LIKE IT.. plus Miz & Mizdown getting a fatal 4 way tag team opportunit lets do it MIZ-DOW'S AWESOME
  5. Anyone else get a feeling that Sheamus might have actually gotten hurt and Rowan was a last second decision?.. That's what I'm thinking happened.
  6. Just done watching it. Giving it a 6/10. It was decent, and all the redundant BS was kept to a minimum.

    - Decent openning segment with The Authority and Ryback, although it kinda dragged a little bit.
    - Harper vs Ziggler for the IC title! Oh yeah, Harper's the new IC champ, baby! :yeah:
    To be honest, I definitely couldn't see Harper becoming the new IC champ before TLC. But it's cool, I guess... Now Ziggler is a possible traitor for Team Cena. Kewl.
    - Loving this Ambrose/Wyatt feud. It's too bad it hasn't been getting the full attention it rightfully deserves!
    - Ryback vs Cesaro was good. A million times better than when they competed against each other a couple of weeks ago on SmackDown. I'm annoyed that Cesaro keeps on getting buried, though. Damn it! WWE really needs to pull their heads outta their asses and start pushing this guy again!
    - The Miz/Mizdow & The Cosmic Twins vs The Usos/Los Matadores was decent, well its closing moments were... Mizdow, despite not being in the match stole the show. Mizdow's awesome!
    - Ryback and Rowan being the final members of Team Cena and Rowan going at it with Harper. Plus, they fucking had me when Cesaro's music hit and then when he was like 'Gotcha!', I was like :damn:

    - That stupid grumpy cat shit being the host. What a waste of time and money.

    The 'I don't give a fuck about this' segment:
    - Adam Rose and all that dogshit
    - Skipped whatever Rusev crap was going on
    - The Divas division crap

    So, with Ryback and Rowan added to the mix, I'm wondering if Rowan was added only because Sheamus got legitimately hurt? Ryback being added was predictable, and I'm perfectly fine with Rowan being on Team Cena. But they're still gonna lose. lol

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to Survivor Series! It should be good.
  7. I'm going ahead and giving it a 7/10. The Luke Harper v Ziggler match was pretty good and although I like Dolph Ziggler, I have always been of the opinion that the IC Belt should be put on someone who needs the belt to eventually elevate themselves to world title status. I've never felt that that anyone who has been world champion should go back and get it. Although I hadn't considered Luke Harper as the next champion, he might make good with the belt.

    The best part of the night, however, was Erick Rowan joining Cena's team. I did not see that coming at all and it was a nice surprise.

    Other than that, Ambrose and Wyatt is the most interesting feud going on at the moment. Cesaro and Ryback was all right, but it's a shame that Cesaro is still not getting the respect he deserves.

    The grumpy cat thing didn't bother me, but honestly I had no idea who she was before tonight. My sister (posts here as The Monic) had to explain it to me. It's not something I will likely remember.

    I am so sad that the Diva division is so rotten. I like female wrestling a lot. I watch Shine a lot and there are some damn good and brutal wrestlers there that WWE could explore using. Bringing Charlotte up might help it and I assume they are not trying to get Kong back because of the whole situation with her taking the leave and then having a breakdown due to the miscarriage, but they're stupid not to utilize her at some point during her career. Kia Stevens is not only an amazing wrestler, but she's an amazing person and I hope she'll eventually be signed again.

    Cena once again did too much narration. Some part of the show were slow, but that's to be expected when they keep stretching it out to three hours. All in all, I was at least entertained enough to not play video games while watching.
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  8. Did anyone notice to odd audio? At points commentators would stop talking and the crowd wouldn't make noise. Also the overall audio volume was low. Or is it just me?
  9. Well I actually bothered to watch this week, still a 6/10 at best.

    Not thrilled about Ziggy dropping the IC.
    Ambrose/Wyatt feud is about the only thing keeping me remotely interested right now.
    Big Show Vs Sheamus...not my thing. Also, it's incredible that Stephanie remembers that there is a WHC given how long it's been missing.
    More Bella garbage- when are they going to learn that nobody cares about this 'feud'? And Nikki as number one contender for the title is absolutely laughable.
    I would ask for more Mizdow, but that would mean that we'd have to put up with the Miz in bigger doses.
    The Cesaro swerve was fun, if he would have been on team Cena it would have given me slightly more reason to care about Authority Vs Team Cena, since that's a bit of a challenge.
  10. - I'm cool with Ziggler dropping it to Harper, it was definitely a surprise. I thought they were saving it for TLC. Plus, DZ having lost the IC title adds more chance of Ziggler turning on Team Cena at SS. We'll see how that plays out, though. I'm positive Team Authority will pick up a win, no matter what.

    - I agree on the Ambrose/Wyatt feud. Although it hasn't really been getting the full attention it deserves. But that's alright, my guess is that it is likely to be continued after SS, Ambrose will prolly get screwed out of the victory again, my gut feeling says The Ascension will get involved... But either way, Ambrose will not win. We'll see how that one plays out. I'm really looking forward to seeing it!

    - Mizdow's awesome! Pretty sure he'll be turning face soon. Putting up with The Miz in bigger doses only means Mizdow would outshine him in an even bigger fashion. I'm cool with that, tbh.
  11. Idk there haven't been any legitimate reports on his injury, I just think they changed their mind and told him to sell the injury.. but it's very possible that the WSS really hurt him.
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    Just a random thought to throw in here, won't give a rating since someone got onto me the last time I did it :haha:

    John Cena has to be on the all time list of biggest heels. Come on, man, you left Ziggy alone at the hands of the Authority, then laughed in their faces about it later on since you know you can take them 1 on 5? What a dick.
  13. I think I was the one who 'got into you' the last time. I apologize for that. I wasn't angry or anything, it was rather funny to me 'cause you gave it a 10/10 and said something like 'if you remove all of the bad stuff on the show, it's a 10/10'. Sorry if I came off as a dick back then, Snow. I meant no offense towards your way, you're one of the coolest folks on here. Sorry, bro.
  14. Dammit! I forgot to add the :haha: after the first part of the post! *edits it*

    You're fine, brother! It was a good discussion, haha.

    I watched it on Hulu where they cut the show down to 90 minutes, so it felt justified. Looking back through what else happened after you asked me to, I just laughed seeing it and said "yeah I can't blame giving this horse shit a 5/10!"
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