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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's episode in this thread.
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    The main event was pretty good, I marked for Xavier Woods, and enjoyed the stupidity of Musical Chairs. The rest of this show can bite me.

    EDIT: And the Miz turn too, but I can't be the only one that forgot about that :haha:
  3. Not even Big E winning?
  4. The IC title? Nope.
  5. What.
  6. 10/10 for Big E winning for the hood.
  7. Holy shit. Just noticed Big E is black.
  8. I really hated this raw. I just got done watching it after MNF. It was terrible imo, even the main event felt sloppy. Mysterio returning was kind of cool, but overall I hated the show from start to finish. I'm not looking forward to this PPV at all

    +Mysterio return
    +Aksana sighting
    +Big E winning

    At least next week we get Micheal Strahan. Mr. Giant
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  9. Wow, I'm so surprised reading this thread.

    Thought it was the best RAW in months (although that says more about the quality of the show recently). 8/10. Enjoyed it throughout.
  10. Big E won the IC crowd was pretty hot for it too. Great moment.
  11. It was a mostly enjoyable show. Great main event, I marked for Mysterio's return, loved JBL burying the Diva's Music Chairs segment ("This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen", "Hopefully we're going to commercial", "Thankfully, it's over"), loved Big E winning the IC Title, nice to see Xavier Woods debuting on the main roster (another fresh face can't hurt, especially with a guy who has gotten much praise for his work in NXT), loved Randy Orton destroying Brad Maddox, the Big Show/Ryback match was actually a pretty decent big man match, etc. Also glad they didn't go overboard with the whole Raw Country theme, not that I expected them to or anything.
  12. Enjoyed the show a lot. Marked for Big E winning the belt and the big pop he got (and for the dudes doing the Five on the first row). The musical chairs bit was pretty funny since it was buried and all. Shell Shock on the Big Show was a pretty cool moment (when you think that some expected it to be a big WM moment, it just happened on Raw and Show kicked out). Cesaro section was cool. Xavier debuting was pretty cool (I also noted he debuted the same way he did in TNA, in a tag match with Truth kinda outta nowhere). Main event was good. They didn't go overboard with the country thing and I skipped the concert so that was a plus. I was baffled by stuff like the 12-man tag being on Raw and not Survivor Series, just like the IC title match and the match for the tag titles they set for SD, but I don't know, I liked it.
  13. The Hoff enjoyed this show overall. The Hoff gives it 4 Hogans out of 5. :hogan::hogan::hogan::hogan: Loved seeing Xavier Woods, and I was pleased with the fact they put the strap on Big E. Really like how the tag division is getting quite the attention now. Good job Vinnie Mac, good job WWE. Hoff approves
  14. 6/10. Miz turned heel which was good, Mysterio returned which was alright, main event was good and Xavier Woods was pretty cool.
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  15. Oh, ya, how could The Hoff forget about Miz turning heel? Hoff's been waiting for that one there for awhile.
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  16. The Miz is so irrelevant that most forgot his heel turn (me, for example). But they didn't really let it sink it, he just kinda left Kofi alone and the focus was all on the Real Americans, haha. But I'm happy with it, hopefully it goes somewhere.
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  17. The Hoff doesn't see a problem with all of the focus being on the Real Americans
  18. Neither do I, it just played more to the part that his turn was irrelevant. Normally the guy would turn, they zoom in on him laughing or even attacking the guy he turned on after the match, but they just re-played it once and left it as that. It was funny.
  19. Goes to show The E doesn't really give that much of a shit about the Miz.
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