Rate RAW 11/25/13

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Nov 25, 2013.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's RAW in this thread.

    I give it a 5/10,there was some good spots but the main event was lacking,and the show overall seemed to drag on forever.
  2. Best guest host of all time
  3. 10/10 for Mankind and Dude Love
  4. 3/10. The show was a fucking mess with numerous plot holes and just general bullshit. So, so bad.

    Btw, where were the Real Americans?
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  5. I literally only marked for Foley and the finish to the Wyatt match. 3/10.
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  6. 2/10. I actually fell asleep at a few points, and had to think hard about whether or not I would rewind the show to see the parts I missed.
    Cringeworthy for the most part.
  7. Boring out of 10.
    I liked a few stuff like Mankind, the opening tag match and the short Xavier match.
  8. Glad I watch "Japanese Vanilla Midgets" out of 10.
    Shame since post PPV RAWs tend to be real good.
  9. Didn't watch but will only watch Foley's segment out of 100000000000
  10. ..and you know that RAW was garbage when the best segment was a side spot to sell WWE merch.

    Woods was awesome, I just didn't like the setup. Everything was done poorly IMO, even Henry and Big E managed to confuse me at most points. Ryback teaming with Axel, again? Why?
  11. Everybody is saying they loved Foley's segment (probably because they haven't seen him around for a while) and that's why I was only going to watch that segment. Will probably watch one or two matches as well.
  12. Oh the segment was great, who doesn't love Foley?

    I was just stating, in general, that you know the show is horrible when the only mark-worthy segment was a plug for merch.
  13. Foley/10
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  14. I hate Foley! (just kidding)

    Nah, at least merch looked good and people may have bought some more Cena shirts...
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  15. Great for the match at TLC, great for Big E and his continued push, FOLEY. Crap for everything else like The Shield back together no issues anymore? An as pointed out various random plot holes.
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