Spoiler Rate RAW 11/3/2014

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. Rate last night's RAW show here.. The Results are listed in the spoiler below!

    Results from 11/3/2014 show (open)
    WWE Raw results:

    - The show began with The Authority and a surprise appearance from Mr. McMahon. McMahon shilled WWE Network and announced a stipulation for the Team Authority vs. Team Cena match at Survivor Series: if Team Authority loses, they will “no longer be The Authority.”

    1. Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro. Ambrose countered a backslide into Dirty Deeds to pick up the win. Bray Wyatt appeared on the stage during the match, but disappeared when Ambrose went after him.

    2. The Miz defeated Jimmy Uso. Uso superkicked Damien Mizdow, which distracted him long enough for Miz to win with a Skull-crushing Finale.

    3. Tyson Kidd defeated United States Champion Sheamus. Kidd used Natalya as a human shield on the outside, then rolled back into the ring to win by count-out. After the match, Sheamus Brogue Kicked him anyway.

    - The Authority offered Dolph Ziggler anything he wanted if he’d turn down a spot on Team Cena at Survivor Series. He told them he wanted them out of power. The Authority then put him into an Intercontinental Championship match against Seth Rollins.

    4. Seth Rollins defeated Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler by disqualification. Mercury and Noble were at ringside helping Rollins. Rollins had the match won with a Curb Stomp, but Randy Orton appeared From Outta Nowhere and RKO’d him. This could have just been ruled a No Contest, as the referee stared at Orton and didn’t call anything.

    - Randy Orton demanded a match against Seth Rollins for later tonight. Triple H obliged, ordering them to “get it out of their system” before Survivor Series.

    5. Ryback defeated Titus O’Neil. Ryback won a short match with Shell Shocked.

    6. Big Show defeated Mark Henry. Show won by DQ when Henry attacked him with the ringside steps. After the match, Henry gave Show a World’s Strongest Slam onto the steps.

    7. Nikki Bella defeated Emma. AJ Lee was on color commentary. Nikki defeated Emma with a Rack Attack. After the match, Nikki ordered Brie to slap AJ.

    8. Rusev defeated Zack Ryder. Rusev won by submission with The Accolade.

    9. Fernando defeated Stardust. Miz and Mizdow were on commentary. Goldust, Diego, El Torito, Miz and Mizdow all got into it outside of the ring, distracting Stardust and allowing Fernando to hit a Backstabber for the win.

    10. Seth Rollins defeated Randy Orton. Rollins countered an RKO into a backslide for the (clean!) victory. After the match, Orton shook hands with Noble, Mercury, Kane and Rollins before pulling Rollins into a surprise RKO. Triple H intervened and briefly calmed Orton down, but Orton punched him out. The Authority then attacked as a group and held Orton against the announce table for a Curb Stomp from Rollins. Triple H gave the order to “finish” him, and Rollins Curb Stomped Orton from the table to the ring steps.

    WWEN Match Results (open)

    WWEN Exclusive Match
    Sheamus vs Rusev for the US Championship.. Rusev put Sheamus in the accolade until Sheamus passed out from not giving up and won the title.
  2. Well, let's see. Opening segment was good, both Vince and the announcement. Dean/Cesaro was OK. Kidd won, that was just amazing, despite him being beat up afterwards (why?). The Authority/Ziggler promo went a little long but it was fun, I enjoyed their material. Seth/Dolph was fun, finish made sense. At least Seth needed some interference to put the IC champ down. I'm still good with Ryback so far. Henry/Show except for Show kicking out of the WSS was good, you know, heel Henry>. Ending was pretty good. Post show match (lol) was well booked despite me not watching it. Considering I now skip the BS, it was fun.
  3. I am watching this right now. My internet connection was out for the entire day yesterday, so... I gotta catch up now. Expecting a better show than it was last week!
  4. There was no Cena on the show, so that instantly makes it a 10/10. :happy:

    Realistic rating: 8/10

    - Good openning segment. Definitely didn't expect Vinnie Mac coming back. So if Team Authority loses at SS, they will no longer be in power? Yeah, like that's gonna happen.
    - Ambrose vs Cesaro. These guys always deliver. I could watch 'em compete against each other every week.
    - Mizdow being hysterical outside the ring, like always and The Miz getting the win over the bloody Usos, finally!
    - Tyson Kidd vs Sheamus was a decent match, should've been longer, though. Glad that Kidd has been appearing frequently on TV.
    - Rollins vs Ziggler was great. Dat RKO by Orton. Also, I lol'd so hard after the referee didn't call for the bell after Orton hit an RKO on Rollins. WTF? Should've been a DQ win for Rollins or it should've been ruled as a No Contest. Anyways, that segment backstage with Steph/HHH and Orton was good. Finally, Orton's stopped being bland. Watching Ambrose's promos must've done something right to him.
    - Another Luke Harper vignette. Guess they'll bring him back real soon.
    - Da Big Guy - Ryback squashing Shitus O'Neal.
    - It's nice to see Rowan back on TV, he got a real good pop when he appeared backstage. I thought that segment with Renee was more hilarious than it was creepy.
    - Orton vs Rollins was a great match. I'm kinda surprised it was a clean win by Rollins, but it made sense since they were going for Orton's pre-Survivor Series face turn. I loved how that entire post-match segment went down. So, it'll be Orton on Team Cena now, as well. Cool.

    - One of the Los Shitadores getting the win on Stardust. Are you serious?!

    The 'I don't give a fuck about this' segment:
    - Henry vs Big Show. Just put these two on Team Authority and Team Cena. I have no interest in seeing this as a singles match at SS. It's a good thing Henry's finally turned heel, though.
    - Whatever Divas Division crap was going on.
    - Rusev vs Zack Ryder

    *Sheamus vs Rusev on Backstage Pass for the US title was a good match. This is prolly only the second Rusev match which didn't put me to sleep.
    So, now that Rusev's won the US title, they should do Ryback vs Rusev for the title at SS, right? Or maybe they'll be saving it up for TLC, considering that Rusev may be on Team Authority. That seems plausible to me. They'll prolly put Ryback on Team Cena. We'll see what happens, though, next week's episode should clear things up.
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  5. I gave it a 5/10 because besides the appearance of Vinny Mac, Ambrose Vs Cesaro and Orton Vs Rollins, the rest was absolute trash as per.
  6. Personally I gave it a 6/10, I enjoyed a decent bit of it but there's still the usual lame segments.
  7. When did these 'Rate RAW' threads stop getting some love? :downer:
  8. Meh nbd.
  9. Yeah, well... We used to have some good discussion in threads like this. Now it's only a 2-3 person thread. I'm wondering why it's suddenly stopped getting some love, that's all.
  10. My realistic rating:

    -Finally no John Cena
    -Great opening, especially since Ol' Vince McMahon came back
    -Ambrose vs. Cesaro, nothing better than having to powerhouse exciting wrestlers battle it out. In the end my favourite won though :emoji_slight_smile:
    -Kidd vs. Sheamus, like C.M Bryan said, glad the "Kidd" has been on the main roster as of lately, and he's been picking up wish which is a step forward on his career
    -O'Neill vs Ryback, a short but powerful match, glad that Ryback could get another win to prove Curtis Axel was only holding him back
    -Rollins vs Orton, it was a clean match, so it deserved a spot on my list
    -Fernando vs Stardust, glad to see the Los Matadores start to come back, I hope they will get a career boost soon!
    -Rowan returns......

    -Orton vs Ziggler, absolutely f**king tired of seeing Orton.
    -That sh*tty divas crap. They need good Diva story lines
    -Rusev vs Ryder, stop putting Rusev versus crappy jobbers like Zack Ryder and Sin Cara who didn't even make damn WWE 2k15
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  11. Orton didn't even wrestle Ziggler.
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  12. lmao I think you've been watching the wrong episode.
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  13. My bad, that was supposed to go somewhere else.....
  14. I guess I'm speaking from a personal preference here, but I can never get tired of watching Orton perform. The guy is simply smooth and flawless, not a single wasted movement in the ring... He's easily one of the top notch performers in the business.
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  15. Ok, I agree an Orton match is always a good one. And I dislike him a lot more now that he has left The Authorities! But he just needs to take a break from the rivalries and stop showing up every episode
  16. Orton leaving The Authority and turning babyface was obvious. Orton's been awesome this past 2-3 weeks, character-wise, something that he really hasn't been since last year's SummerSlam.

    Also, speaking of taking a break, he'll likely take one either after Survivor Series or TLC. He really deserves to take some time off and rejuvenate himself.
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  17. I can understand why others like him, but Orton has really never done anything for me. His matches are sort of formulaic and he mostly seems to wrestle within the scope of his core moves. There's not a whole lot of anything new in a Orton match... and I can't imagine hating any move more than that idiotic DDT off the second rope. It's too unrealistic and would likely hurt a lot less than a real DDT would.

    That all being said, I applaud the face turning because at least his character is more interesting as a face. He has a stronger air of unpredictability and actually seems dangerous and somewhat unbalanced. As a heel for the past year, he's been very milquetoast and I really just got sick of seeing him... OK, not nearly as sick as I am of seeing Cena, because realistically, other than Dixie Carter, I can't imagine a much more annoying character than Cena. But for the first time in a long time, I have found myself getting behind Orton's character if not his wrestling.

    The episode itself is hard for me to rate. I hadn't gotten any sleep the night before, so I was exhausted and passed out halfway through the show and finished it the next day. Most of the matches were a lot more decent than usual, if not actually good. But I think what I liked the most is that the show for the most part was tied together in a theme. That seems to be missing a lot in RAW. With Vince's announcement, the entire show revolved around the Survivor Series main event and that worked well for me. This is sort of a breakdown of how I saw it:

    It's always good to see the Boss. Or it is when it's Vince McMahon.... I always wonder how one of the absolute worst commentators in wrestling history became such a captivating on screen character... Austin had a lot to do with it, but he's long gone and Vince is always still enjoyable. I am growing tired of the Authority storyline, so the announcement was welcome, but it was weird they way it was done. I hope to see that story flushed out before the 23rd.

    Ambrose v Cesaro *** of 5. It wasn't spectacular, but I watched it all and it was better than a lot of the matches in recent weeks. Ambrose has REALLY grown on me since the Shield split up and with CM Punk gone and Daniel Bryan healing, he might be my favorite guy in WWE right now. I know Rollins is the golden boy at the moment, but he has all the charisma of Mark Henry. Ambrose has the charisma, the character the ability and the intensity. I think he would make an excellent tweener.

    Jimmy v Miz ** of 5 and only due to Mizdow, who is growing on me as well.

    Kidd v Sheamus *1/2 and only because I actually like Tyson Kidd, so seeing him beat Sheamus was nice for me (pissed my sister off, though, as she's in love with Sheamus)

    Ziggler v Rollins *** of 5. Best match on the card and the ending with Orton RKOing Rollins was Orton's best moment since becoming the boring "Face of the Company."

    Orton's rant on the Authority was great. The guy is finally showing some passion again.

    Ryback v O'Neill was filler.

    Show v Henry was a train wreck, but like I train wreck I did watch the entire thing...it wasn't as terrible as it could have been....believe me, those boys could have done a lot worse

    Bella v Emma... WHY???? There are so many awesome women wrestlers out there: Amazing Kong, Ivelisse, Hamada, Ayako Hamada. Since has a roster of nearly 60 ladies and most of them are better than anything on the WWE roster.. hell, WWE has Charlotte in NXT who is better than anyone on their own roster, Natayla is relegated to some idiotic feud with Tyson Kidd that is a domestic feud rather than a wrestling one... WWE could easily stick an adrenaline shot in their programming by actually having a women's division and it wouldn't cost them much to do it... instead we get the god awful Bellas and Emma, who comes to the ring to a song we used in high gym when they were teaching us the popcorn dance???? Sigh

    Zack Ryder v Rusev ** of 5 simply because I hate Ryder and enjoyed watching him get crushed.

    Stardust v Fernando 0 of 5.... a complete waste

    Rollins v Orton *** of 5 was the first really enjoyable Orton match I have seen since his matches with Daniel Bryan\

    Sheamus v Rusev *** of 5 a decent brawl... having the belt on Rusev could do a lot not only for his already hot character, but for the belt too.

    The strongest part of the show was how it was tied together. All in all, I give it 7 of 10.

    Oh and sorry if the post is too long, but there was a lot of talk about the rating threads being rather barren, so I went in depth a bit :emoji_slight_smile:
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