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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 9, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill, ladies and gents. Vote above and give your thoughts below!


    The WWE Championship belt is in the middle of the ring to start RAW. Triple H came out and explained that due to Seth Rollins suffering a major knee injury last week, the title is now officially vacant. The tournament to crown a new champion begins tonight and will conclude at Survivor Series.

    The crowd chanted “Thank you Rollins.” Roman Reigns’ music hit and he came to the ring from through the crowd. Reigns tells declares that he’s going to be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H asks Reigns if he wants to be The Authority’s new chosen one and puts the title on Reigns’ shoulder. Reigns rejects the offer. Triple H calls out Reigns’ first round tournament opponent, The Big Show.

    Tournament Match: Roman Reigns defeated Big Show by pinfall. The crowd was very rowdy during this one, doing the wave and chanting “Boring” and “You fat bastard” at Big Show.

    Tournament Match: Kevin Owens defeated Titus O’Neil. Owens cut a good heel promo before the match and won with a pop-up powerbomb. Owens stopped and stared at the title at ringside for a pop. Owens advances.

    Backstage, Paige spoke to Renee Young about Charlotte and the Divas championship. Paige will face Becky Lynch tonight.

    Becky Lynch defeated Paige with a handful of tights. Paige attacked Becky after the match and applied the PTO on the announce table. Charlotte came out, Paige broke the hold and walked away.

    Tournament Match: Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz with a superkick. After the match, Ziggler grabbed the belt from ringside and raised it above his head, which got a huge pop.

    Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter came out and cut a promo about MexAmerica. they talked about foreign relations between the England and the United States and it’s announced that Del Rio will face Stardust in a tournament match on SmackDown.

    Natalya defeated Naomi. Lots of “We want Sasha” throughout the match. Afterwards, Sasha Banks attacked Naomi but Natalya put her in the Sharpshooter. Tamina Snuka attacked Natalya and Sasha put Natalya in the Banks Statement until she tapped out.

    Sheamus and King Barrett came out for a promo about the WWE Championship tournament. Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney was at ringside and Barrett talked trash to him to get the crowd going.

    Tournament Match: Cesaro defeated Sheamus after a distraction. Barrett and Sheamus had been exchanging words with Rooney during the match and Rooney hit Barrett, which distracted Sheamus.

    Tournament Match: Dean Ambrose defeated Tyler Breeze with a small package. This was described as a good debut match for Breeze.

    WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Usos and Neville in a 6-man tag when Xavier Woods pinned Neville. Neville had been setting up for the Red Arrow but got shoved off the top rope. New Day was the most over act of the entire show.

    The main event segment is The Wyatt Family paying tribute to The Undertaker and Kane. As Bray was speaking, The Undertaker and Kane came out to confront them. There was a huge brawl and the Brothers of Destruction stood tall to end the show.

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    I am giving it a 3. There were some good parts but for the most part, it should have been way better considering they were in the UK. Maybe Seth's injury ruined it, maybe not. Either way, I lost interest too fast.

    EDIT: The ending made it okay but it could have been better considering it was Kane and Undertaker as the brothers of destruction again. I tuned back in for the end. Changed to a 5.
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  3. 2. but i only watched the highlights on Youtube. As soon as Big show came out i just stopped watching.
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  4. What? On paper this looks like a wet dream. I'm watching tomorrow.
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  5. This week's episode was okay, I guess, but also disappointing. Compared to the last two RAW episodes, it was definitely not good. 5/10

    - The opening segment with Trips and Reigns was fine. I liked the temptation of Roman and all. There are a lot of directions they could go from here.

    - KO's pre-match promo was good, as well as this...
    Show Spoiler

    - Becky vs Paige was okay for what it was.

    - DZ vs Miz was okay, but nothing special.

    - Cesaro vs Sheamus was MOTN. Wayne Rooney slapping Clown King Barrett, I also liked.

    - Ambrose vs Breeze was solid.

    - The New Day's pre-match promo was good!

    - Reigns vs Big Show was boring.

    - KO vs Titus O'Neil was meh.

    - Naomi vs Nattie.

    - That ADR and Zeb segment. What did I just watch?

    - The booking of Paige this week. Paige losing made no sense. They could've had her get DQ'd and still do the post-match beatdown on Becky.
    Gotta love the 50/50 booking.

    - The Usos & Neville vs The New Day was your typical RAW 6-man tag. Nothing to write home about.

    - Tyler Breeze losing his debut match. They could've at least had him face Neville/DZ and advance to the next round and then lose.
    Better yet, he shouldn't have even been put in the tourney in the first place. But, I'll discuss it more and my gripes with the tourney overall, here.

    - LOLWYATTFAMILY. Move on to a bigger threat, Brothers of Destruction! I don't know, like Team Bella or whatever.
    Seriously, though... That closing segment pissed me off! Tell me I did not just see that! Taker and Kane being brought back so quickly and running roughshood over The Wyatt Family is damaging to The Wyatts. Jeez! Couldn't have BoD been kept off TV till Survivor Series to magnify the impact of Bray Wyatt's claims that he's eaten their souls?! This way, it just feels like bringing the BoD back was something to pop the UK crowd and that's it.
    Can't wait for next week's episode where the BoD are like "LOL, let's put together a team to fight The Wyatt Family", while forgetting they don't need a team to defeat The Wyatts, having done that with ease the week before.
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  6. Becky won while holding the tights? I thought Paige was the heel.
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  7. "Turnabout is fair play." - Michael Cole. Monday Night RAW, November 9th, 2015.
  8. Ah... that does help their case a bit tbh, although cheating to win and getting beat up right after doesn't make Becky look very strong. But whatever
  9. It's the divas division, so who cares, right? :bodallas:
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  10. I have a migraine today so I am just referring all of my official opinions over to my fiancee who pretty much nailed the episode. I keep telling everyone he is more than just a pretty face and here's the proof.
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  11. Arigatou... Aaand, I love you, too!
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  12. Nah, I really don't care about whatever happens on the main roster.
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  13. Glad you made it out.
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  14. 4/10 - Not too many long promos and some good matches. Could've been better, honestly if they gave the matches more time, but wadyagunado?
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    I guess I shouldn't review this one, since it felt like there were many awkward cutaways which seemed to lead to missed parts of matches. I mean, these matches really weren't that short, were they?

    Ahh, but I'm a blind mark for tournaments, so I'll give this a generous 7/10.

    The opening segment was PERFECT. It was a fresh idea, and Triple H finally, after all this time, turned Twitter bitching into a storyline and did it right. So many complaints with Roman here were touched on as Triple H came across as the snake offering the fruit to Roman, and Roman finally got to get in someone's face. BOOM. THANK YOU.

    This segment was tremendous, but why is Triple H so inconsistent? The guy's an absolute monster in this role when he actually tries to be, that just happens once every few months before he bumbles his way through scripted bullshit. Why did this segment feel like it worked for both people involved when most of the time they have to talk, they die a death in the ring? Why can't they find segments like this more often?

    Stephanie stayed backstage. Thank you.

    As for the tournament matches? First of all, this British crowd. If this was edited, screw you, WWE, and I'm leaning towards that because it makes a whole lot more sense than a Manchester crowd being THIS shitty. They made this show much, much worse. As for the matches... well... Cesaro pinned Sheamus clean. I'll never type that about a Raw and say it's a bad show.

    Poor Jojo. :lol1:

    Why did Tyler lose his first match? He's fine, but...

    Becky vs Paige was meh. If it was at Full Sail it would have been in double speed and exciting. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER try to sell a PTO on a table as diabolical. Your commentary team have the IQ of chicken fingers.

    This week's segment of Bullshit with Bray Wyatt was as diabolically wonderful as the rest, haha

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  16. ^ Cole's reaction to Paige applying the PTO on Becky onto the announcers table was both funny and facepalm-worthy
  17. Didn't you guys know? Applying the PTO on the announcers table gives it AT MINIMUM a +10 to strength modifier if not more
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    If not MORE??? :blackshock: Paige could be as strong as Brock Lesnar if she's standing on the table instead of in the ring! Damn, science, you crazy.
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  19. It was a bad raw. The opening segment was nice and developed Reigns's character, but the rest of it was boring. The tournament didn't feel very prestigious when the name with most star power was Del Rio, the lack of Randy and DB was really felt here.

    The matches were okay, I guess, but very easy to telegraph. The ending segment makes me think this is yet another directionless Bray Wyatt feud. Oh boy, what a surprise
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