Spoiler Rate RAW 12/1/2014

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Dec 2, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    WWE Raw results:

    - The show began with the Anonymous Raw General Manager announcing that John Cena will face Seth Rollins in a tables match at the TLC pay-per-view, and if he loses he’ll no longer be #1 contender. This led to a fight between Team Cena and Team Authority. It took about half an hour.

    1. The Usos won a Tag Team Turmoil match to become the new #1 contenders to the tag team championships. The match started off with Stardust and Goldust vs. A New Day in their Raw debut. A New Day won, pinning Stardust. The next team was Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. Kidd won with a rollup when the Dusts interfered. The Usos were out next and eliminated Kidd and Cesaro. The final team was Adam Rose and the Bunny. Miscommunication led to Rose getting superkicked and splashed for the loss.

    - The Miz gave Naomi a business card and said he could help her get work in Hollywood.

    2. Erick Rowan defeated Big Show. Rowan won by DQ when Show attacked him with the ring steps.

    3. Fandango defeated Jack Swagger. Fandango won by forfeit when Swagger found Zeb Colter injured backstage and didn’t show up for the match.

    - Lana and Rusev heavily implied that they were the cause of Colter’s injury. Lana did a Russian parody of the Pledge of Allegiance. Swagger attacked, and they had a pull-apart brawl.

    4. Damien Mizdow defeated Fernando. Mizdow won by submission with a figure-four. After the match, Jimmy Uso showed up and slapped Miz in the face for giving his wife opportunities.

    5. Bray Wyatt defeated R-Truth. Wyatt won with Sister Abigail. After the match he cut a promo about his upcoming TLC match against Dean Ambrose. Ambrose appeared and a fight ensued, ending with Ambrose breaking Wyatt’s rocking chair.

    6. AJ Lee and Naomi defeated The Bella Twins. Naomi was put into the match via a WWE app poll. AJ made Nikki submit to the Black Widow.

    - Paul Heyman showed up via satellite to remind us Brock Lesnar’s a thing.

    7. Dolph Ziggler, John Cena and Ryback defeated Kane, Luke Harper and Seth Rollins. Ziggler pinned Harper to win the match for his team. After the match, the teams continued brawling until Big Show appeared and took out Team Cena. Erick Rowan showed up carrying the ring steps and attacked Team Authority to even the odds. Team Cena ganged up on Show and bashed him in the head with the steps to end the show.​
  2. Watching this right now. Will rate/review it later.
  3. Just done watching it. Yeah, same as last week's episode. It was kinda good for what it was, but sort of a lackluster at the same time. 5/10

    - Thank God for Rollins coming out and saving us from a cringe-worthy promo by Cena. I was glad when the brawl broke out, the openning segment was taking too long, anyways. Cena being put through a table with a Triple-Powerbomb just made the openning segment that much better!
    - The New Day vs Gold & Stardust vs The Usos vs Cesaro & Kidd vs Rose & Bunny in a Tag Team Turmoil match was decent. I totally knew The Usos were winning it, 'cause it's too early for The New Day to become the #1 contenders for the Tag Team titles... The New Day's gonna be feuding with Gold & Stardust and then, hopefully, they'll become the new Tag Team champions at the Royal Rumble.
    - Mizdow winning, even though it was a meaningless match... Dat slap by Jimmy Uso on The Miz, tho. Mizdow was hilarious impersonating The Miz after the match was over.
    - Wyatt/Ambrose segment. Damn, I'm so gonna enjoy their TLC match!
    - Heyman's promo. He's right about that Lesnar should be 'a can't miss, must see' kinda thing, but damn... He's been gone since Night of Champions. That's way too long, if he wasn't the WWE-WHC that'd have been fine. But this way, nah-ah. But, at least he's scheduled to appear next week, which should be good. I hope he reminds Rollins that he hasn't forgotten that Curb Stomp and hopefully we'll see a beating Lesnar gives to someone. Still, it would be cool if we had Lesnar vs Cena at TLC to finally end that feud, than having it at the Rumble. But, oh well...
    - The ME, a 6-Man Tag Team match was a bit long, but still decent.

    The neutral:
    - Big Show vs Rowan. It was kinda alright for what it was. I couldn't care less about this feud, but it's fine as long as Rowan goes over.
    - Wyatt vs R-Truth. This was an okay match, but pointless, really. They could've just had Wyatt come out and cut a promo.

    - Starting off the show with the anonymous RAW GM dogshit. Also, why would Michael Cole read the e-mail? It's supposed to be JBL's job, he's a heel... Unless they're planning on turning Cole, but him being a heel would make him look beyond awful than he's now. This anonymous GM had better be a real short-term thing. Nobody wants to deal with this crap again. Just bring someone instead or have no GM at all, problem solved.
    - Dear God, that Big Show promo was some cringe-worthy garbage. Just retire, big man.

    The 'Why God, why is this crap on TV?' segment:
    - Whatever Fandango crap was going on
    - Whatever Rusev crap was going on
    - The Divas division
  4. this looked like a good show from what im reading
  5. Meh, it could've been a helluva lot better.
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  6. My thoughts:

    What a stupid fucking opener. Reminded me of a TNA segment with 50 people coming out for no real reason except to get on TV. I thought about turning the show off at this point, no lie. WWE has no idea how to book an interesting opening segment. Even worse than the shit opener is it sets up a shit main event to close this shit show.

    Tag team turmoil jobber fest. I still laugh when people try to hype up the tag division. How about a real feud for once? How about a reason for these jabronies to be wrestling one another? Why is Cesaro stuck with all of this bullshit? Dancing bunny raves, again, I nearly turn off the show at this point, but I trudge onward. But not before I reiterate that WWE is pushing a man in a bunny suit. A man. In a fucking. bunny. suit. Usos in the tag team title hunt? Who gives a shit lol.

    First hour grade: Chavo could have provided an upgrade over this stuff

    oh and Mizdow is fucking stupid. I'm sorry to everyone who marks for him being Miz's parrot, but it isn't funny.

    Rowan vs Big Show? Jesus Christ. Can't sit here and pretend I watched it.

    Ambrose & Wyatt is the only thing anyone could really be invested in at this point by my estimations

    Good promo by Heyman, but it still doesn't excuse Lesnar's lack of appearances.

    and we wrap it up with a pointless 6 man tag. OMG Cena attitude adjusted Big Show! Amazement!

    this show was just as bad/worse than last weeks. fuck WWE. Sharpy you should really include 0 as an option so I can express my actual opinion on this show that brings literally no entertainment value to the table
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  7. 2/10

    Terrible opening


    More Terrible

    Even More Terrible

    and then some Terrible on top of that..

    A great Foley Santa WWEshop segment with daughter Noelle

    and then a Terrible ending..

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  8. This show totally sucks without The Authority. But, no hard feelings there, Hunter and Steph, they sold you out for just free.99

    Just bring 'em back, FFS!

    Next week's episode should be better, or at least one can hope. These past two RAW episodes have really been lacklusters, considering they were coming off of a very compelling ME at SS. They just couldn't capitalize on it.
  9. They are starting to use Foley more I believe he should be made GM and see what he can do... the again I'm a Foley mark so.... yeah lol
  10. I'd rather have anyone else replacing this stupid computer or simply not having a GM at all.
  11. Foley was GM before, no?

    no thanks.

    Sting or nobody IMO.
  12. 4/10

    This episode was excruciating. I actually phased out several times and realized I had been watching it but not taking anything in. The only positive for me was that the idiotic anonymous general manager crap was kept to minimum.
  13. Wasn't overly excited about the entirety of the episode, there was a few bits that were okay but more often than not it was pretty bad.
  14. Yeah, with Bork returning next week and slammy awards being there, it should be a better episode than the previous two.
  15. One would imagine, but we'll see, this is the WWE after all.
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  16. Can't argue with that.
  17. Slammies are next week?
    Oh filler galore (not that this doesn't apply to almost every show but still)
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  18. Yup.

    Seth Green is supposed to either host the Slammy Awards or RAW, I wasn't really paying attention. lol

    Bork should be there, as well.
  19. I don't even know what Seth Green is, actually. But no matter really, watching Raw the day after has the amazing benefit of skipping.
    Plus I think I just read somewhere that Brock won't be on next week
  20. This is Seth Green. I think he was a host of RAW before.

    Anyways, from what I've gathered, the last time I was reading rumors and news, Bork was being advertised for next week's episode of RAW, which is in Greenville, SC.
    If he doesn't show up next week, then my guess would be that he'll finally show up on the 15th, the night after TLC.
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