Spoiler Rate Raw - 12/15/2014

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. Holy crap - I get to make this thread!?

    You know the deal. From what I have read it was a shit show but I'll see for myself like I always do eventually.
  2. Same old shit. Bring in random GM, have random segments revolving around him. No bueno
  3. I heard Brock was there? That wasn't enough to spruce it up for ya?
  4. I must have skipped that, I get pretty skippy.

    But no, don't give a fuck. His appearances are boring. I need a match to give a shit about Brock.
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  5. I'll be generous here and give it a 4/10, purely because Brock was back and Cena lost to Rollins.

    - Decent Highlight Reel segment. I love that they teased Ryback/Rusev. If they really wanna end Rusev's streak, just let it be Ryback, and not Cena or Reigns, FFS.
    - The New Day vs Gold & Stardust was kinda an okay match, could've been a lot better.
    - Lesnar finally coming back and laying out Y2J with F-5.
    - LOL. Mizdow stealing the show again. He totally owned that whole segment and outshined everyone. The match between Miz & Jimmy Uso was completely irrelevant. Thank you, Mizdow!
    - Rollins vs Cena in a Steel Cage match was a good ME. Lesnar coming down to the ring to lay Cena out with a Triple German Suplex and the F-5, plus Rollins hitting a Curb Stomp and defeating Cena afterwards brought me joy.

    - Completely redundant openning segment. It lasted too long. When Cena came out, it became even more of a yawn fest.
    - Extreme Rules/No Holds Barred/Street Fight stipulation. WTF? All of that can be summed up in two words - NO DQ, dimwits.
    - Ziggler & Rowan vs Harper & Show was just garbage.

    The 'Why God, why is this crap on TV?' segment:
    - The Divas Division. LOL
    - Rose/Kane dogshit.
    - Whatever Reigns crap was going on.
  6. Scarlett was there. Saw a guy grabbing her from behind and figured he was having a great time. Then I saw it was Jacobs. A smile appeared in my face.
    The rest I don't care
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  7. Bad show to follow up a mediocre PPV, hopefully it picks up.
  8. One thing is painfully obvious, the WWE lacks depth with the heel side of things. It's sad when Kane and Big Show are still considered fairly big guys among the roster in 2014. They could easily utilize some of the people that they barely use to play meaningful heel roles. They're trying to make Roman feud with Show going into the Rumble? How are you going to make him intresting when he feuds with Show? As for the rest, it was just bad. From beginning to end. Even Lesnar couldn't have saved the show. I don't see why I even bothered tuning in.
  9. The build-up to TLC was a lackluster, and the PPV itself was kind of a lackluster at some bits.

    So yeah, here's to hoping everything will get better starting next week.
  10. Yeah, Kane and Big Show are so boring and irrelevant, I just have no idea why WWE still thinks they can roll with Kane and Show. Just retire these two.

    I couldn't care less about Reigns and his possible feud with Show heading into the Rumble. If he's really their 'golden boy', then they'd better invest in him.
    They wanna make Reigns interesting? Well, that's just it. He isn't, he's just vapid and nothing but a pretty face, in my opinion.
    I had hopes Reigns would develop and eventually grow on me, but I see that he hasn't, maybe he just doesn't have it in him.

    As far as Lesnar goes, him showing up and going through Jericho and Cena made the show a little bit better in my eyes.
  11. - The New Day appear to be booked as annoying faces heading toward a heel turn.
    - Miz told Naomi not to tell her husband (Jimmy Uso) she would be appearing on Miz TV. lol. Suspend disbelief or not, that whole scene was corny.
    - Mizdow is getting the Daniel Bryan getting a huge rub from this arrangement. He deserves it. He's too hard entirely not to.
    - Brock Lesnar is a bag of horsep*ss.
    - Roman Reigns acting has improved. Instead of being just being bland, he's nearly Randy Orton level (which isn't as bad as some make it out to be).

    The Rock told TMZ recently he wouldn't be at Wrestlemania because he. '....might get hit in the mouth'.
    This was in October. Way to trend Reigns' catchphrase over two months in advance. Can't knock it.
  12. Big Slow & Cane need to retire or be taken out of primary feuds, their acts are so stale and haven't changed any direction in a long time.. I would be okay seeing them help put over lower mid cards at the moment but Reigns needs someone other than Reigns as his first program back.
  13. Big Show and Kane are necessary to put over new crowned main event babyfaces.
    This has been done for years and years and I'm surprised it hasn't become evident yet.

    Placing a hot new babyface in the ring and having them topple a 7 foot giant is impressive no matter who that giant might be.
    These giants do not grow on trees which is why WWE is happy to have them. They get people over simply by taking a pinfall effectively.
    With Khali out, Kane and Big Show will take their vacations, come back and put over a bright young superstar because of their size and name recognition.
  14. - Yes, please! I wanted The New Day to be a heel stable from the get-go. If it happens, I'm all up for it.
    - That scene was just cringe-worthy.
    - Agree on Mizdow. He's definitely one of the good parts of RAW.
    - ... who will (hopefully) beat Cena at the Rumble.
    - As far as Reigns goes, he's still pretty meh to me. Still kind of a vapid character. I hope the kid grows on me someday, though.
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  15. I'm just glad Reigns has managed to surpass the level of charisma exhibited by Diesel through just one night of work (WWF Diesel, of course, not Nash necessarily).
    He's rocking a t-shirt which also a positive sign.
    I didn't notice his usual robotic movements. He seemed to move his head around, acknowledged and even engaged the audience some.
    Undertaker and Jeff Hardy were both silent characters whose eyes could tell a story.
    Even Chris Benoit could tell stories without speaking at all.

    Reigns has a ways to go and everybody gets better in the ring with time. His ring prowess will need to make up for his mic work, however.
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  16. 'Optimistic' would've been perfect here.

    His promo at TLC was cheesy. But this one from RAW was a tad bit better, I'll give him that.
    He can improve, the 'E just has to invest in this kid. Although I'm not big on him now, I'd like Reigns to grow on me someday.
    Getting rid of that vest was probably a good idea, as far as his entrance being changed, like the rumors have been saying, we'll see about that. This one definitely separates him from the rest of the roster.
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  17. Enjoyed the main event. Y2J looks to be living off name only now, sucks. Rollins vs. Cena was a decent match. That FU from the top rope was a nice spot. Rollins seems to be booked as a tough guy, kicking out of an FU while selling an injury.

    Also, Mizdow is fantastic. Had me in stitches lol.

    5/10 RAW IMO.
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  18. I don't know, I thought Big Show having a that stare down with Reigns was good. At least the visual of it. If you ignore the lack of logic in how it started and how Big Show has been booked to be uninteresting over the years, it's not that bad.
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    Yeah, Show vs Reigns doesn't really make sense, but it kinda does in WWE's mind, considering what happened at TLC.
    Show interferred out of the good, ol' 'LOL, I'm a heel' and Reigns did it out of the good, ol' 'LOL, I'm a face'.

    If Reigns is still their golden boy, then booking him against Show means squat, in my book, at least. Yeah, the marks will see it like 'OMG, he defeated the Giant, he's so awesome'
    Might be a better idea to finish off this feud before the Rumble.
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  20. Well, they certainly will.
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