Rate RAW 12/16/13

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's RAW in this thread.

    I'll give it a solid 7/10, it was a nice show with some good matches, especially the main event, but a couple of things brought it down like the way the main event finished up. Also, Bad Santa Sandow is awesome.
  2. 8/10. Amazing main event, all the tag matches were good, very solid raw. Best one in a while IMO
  3. I'd say 7.5/10. Very solid episode that didn't drag on for me. Quite a few good matches with one amazing main event.
  4. 8/10.
    Bumped up the score by two just by that EPIC main event alone. One of the best matches I've seen this year! I liked the ending as well, Orton solidifying that he's a GOAT heel and because he didn't win cleanly, it looks like Bryan will get another chance down the lane. Maybe a triple threat match at Royal Rumble?
  5. Great main event, a short-but-good little segment between Shawn Michaels and CM Punk (which only further solidifies IMO that he's coming back to work Wrestlemania) and Brodus official turns heel on Tensai. Not a whole lot worth mentioning beyond that unless I'm forgetting something of great importance. Mostly just a bunch of matches that I don't care about, like usual.
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  6. I'd say an 8/10.

    Solid show and that main event was ROCK AND ROLL! Holy fuck. I could watch Bryan challenge for the title a zillion times. It's still really goddamn good. Old school heel finish to a new school match. Color me impressed. Let's see what next week brings.

    PS I really hope Nikki Bella is alright. Fuck, that superkick from Butch Snuka was REALLY stiff.
  7. We will found out in March 2014 for a new season of Total Divas. I should so be an advertiser.
  8. 7 out of 10. Not that much story advanced but match quality was top notch most of the night.

    Great main event. The best match Orton and Bryan have had so far. And look how good Orton is without big beak strutting in. Finally he got heat for himself in this angle so great ending, coulda done without Cena run in but I'll take it.
  9. About 2 of the 3 hours were completely pointless. Some quality matches but no reason to care about them. Decent ME but nobody thought DB was taking the belt. Several rematches from the PPV.

    I don't think I watched the same Raw as the rest of you. 3/10
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  10. Oh can't wait to watch it now!
  11. Average. ME was great but there was a fair bit of filler but hey the matches were good and its a wrestling show so fair enough.
  12. 8.5/10..
    Great show with great matches..
    Motn for me was Henry and Big E vs The Real Amercians.
    The team of Henry and Big E works way well imo.

    Bad part about the show for me was the dull and sloppy ending with the DQ..
    Come on, a low blow after a match like that?
    Cena coming out didn't add shit to the whole situation so that was a real downer for me.
  13. I'll give it an in the middle - albeit slanted - 5/10. Was definitely worth sitting through, the wrestling was surprisingly good despite it being tagmatchapalooza, awesome main event, but was bothered by all the meaningless wrestling on the show as well.. (I did think Bryan could win, thank you very much. Dirty finish was for the best though.) There were a few talking points too (corporate suit-wearing DX would even have me marking) so there were enough positives to salvage that. Can't disagree with anyone who rated it higher or lower.
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  14. Yeah dude. I definitely felt Bryan had a shot for several reasons. The match itself was PPV quality. Raw's match quality has improved a ton over the past few years, but that match was above and beyond what I expected out of a Raw main event. Those dudes beat the shit out of each other, and told a story at the same time. I began to feel that this could be Bryan's "Mick Foley Moment". Winning the title on Raw? Shit yeah. I was rockin' and rollin' with them, and when Orton hit that low blow I was deflated right there with the fans. Holy shit, how could Orton be so dastardly?! I loved it!! Old school finish to a new school match.
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