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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's RAW in this thread.
  2. I watched up until D Bryan's match, and found myself turning it off, again. Idk, from reading the results, I give it :jericho::jericho::jericho: 3 Jerichos out of 5. Don't like the 2 handicap matches they set up for TLC. They shoulda kept Bryan off of TV for at least another week..
  3. Sin Cara appearing and winning 10/10.
  4. That wasn't Sin Cara :otunga: :troll:
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  5. Can someone summarise what happened?
  6. I'm pretty sure he's the real Sin Cara, not the Botcher we know and dislike :jericho:!
  7. Punk vs Shield set for TLC
    Sandow vs Big E set for TLC
    Bryan vs Wyatts set for TLC
    Nattie vs AJ set
    Cena vs Orton is finalized to unify the belts
    "Sin Cara" beat ADR
    Brodus slow heel turn continues.
  8. It was Hunico working under the mask. The real Sin Cara is staying in Mexico waiting for his contract to expire apparently.
  9. Unification? Woah.
  10. Yup. Trips wants "one pure champion" so they have cena vs Orton for both belts in a TLC match.
  11. No way will they ashley unify though.
  12. this would Imply that Hunico (the better Sin Cara) isn't the REAL Sin Cara.
  13. Why wouldn't they? It's not like the event is too small. The last time they unified them they did it on a throwaway December PPV as well. But most are expecting a screwjob finish. Unifying at mania fucks up the rumble so that is unlikely.

    Hunico was sadly not the real Sin Cara.
  14. Unification at TLC? Nah.

    Something needs to sell SmackDown as well.
  15. Trips kayfabe explanation: "One champ to carry both brands. The brand extension is dead, we don't need two world titles"
  16. In my eyes, He is the only Sin Cara.
  17. WWE champ to be on both sets of house shows? get outta here.
  18. Also:
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  19. I can say with 99% confidence that we're still going to have 2 world champions after TLC. If they're getting unified, it's at Mania.
  20. Where would that leave the rumble winner?
    I'm not saying unification at mania cannot happen. But the rumble winner getting a shot at one of the two belts is a staple. What would be the point of the rumble if we got that match?
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