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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 29, 2015.

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  1. #1 Prince Bálor, Dec 29, 2015
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    You know the drill. Vote above and give your thoughts below!

    Raw Results:
    – The show opened with a bizarre segment in which Mr. McMahon brought out Roman Reigns and insulted him until Reigns shoved him, so he could claim he was injured and have Reigns arrested. Stephanie McMahon ordered Reigns be arrested, but security refused, saying Stephanie’s attitude would get her arrested first. Vince miraculously “healed,” confronted security and put his hands on them, which got him arrested. He was taken out of the arena and WWE shared his “mugshot,” which you can see above.

    1. Neville defeated Kevin Owens. Neville countered a pop-up powerbomb into a rollup to win in about 20 seconds. Owens attacked him for several minutes after the match, including a second attack after a commercial break.

    2. Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch. Team B.A.D. helped cheat for Banks throughout the match. Banks pinned Lynch with a handful of tights after countering a Disarmer into a rollup.

    3. Kalisto defeated Kofi Kingston. Kalisto won with a rollup. After the match, Xavier Woods insulted Sin Cara, and volunteered Big E as his opponent.

    4. Big E defeated Sin Cara. Sin Cara appeared to injure his shoulder during the match. Big E won with the Big Ending.

    – An episode of Miz TV saw him get interrupted by Ryback, Goldust, Zack Ryder, R-Truth, Heath Slater and finally Big Show. Big Show knocked out Slater and a brawl broke out, leading to a Show vs. Ryback match. Show entered himself in the Royal Rumble.

    5. Ryback defeated Big Show. Big Show got himself counted-out on purpose.

    6. The League of Nations (Sheamus, Rusev and King Barrett) defeated Dean Ambrose and The Usos. Sheamus won the match for his team with a Brogue Kick. After the match, Kevin Owens attacked Dean Ambrose and powerbombed him through the Spanish announce table.

    7. United States Championship Match: John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio (c) via DQ.
    Before the match, Cena insulted Del Rio until he made the match a championship match. Cena fought off Sheamus and Rusev, then had Del Rio beaten with an Attitude Adjustment until they interfered again, drawing a disqualification. The Usos tried to make the save, but were attacked by the League. Roman Reigns showed up and made the save instead.

    Vince McMahon returned and set up a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match for next week: Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus, with himself as the special guest referee.

    Source: uproxx

    In-depth review: WrestleView
  2. 2/10. It was so boring, I fell asleep during the 6 man tag and just watched the replays on Youtube.

    -The beginning segment with Vince getting arrested was dumb. They should of arrested Stephanie for assaulting Tom. It would of made more sense and it would of been hilarious.
    -KO vs Neville should of gotten more time. Obviously they wanted to play out KO going crazy after being defeated, but they still could of done that without him being beat in 10 seconds.
    -I hardly paid any attention to Sasha vs Becky. But I find it irrelevant because of course its the SAME finish, Team Bad cost Becky the match.
    -Hopefully Sin Cara is legit out with an injury. They should give Kalisto a singles push while he's out
    -Goldust, Zack Ryder, R-Truth, Heath Slater should all form a stable and become the new J.O.B squad.
    -Big Show and Ryback are 2 giant turds. Probably my 2 least favorite wrestlers on the roster.
    -LON vs Usos & Dean. Fell asleep during this match, didn't even go back and watch the ending. Boring.
    -Well, its good to see Cena back. I guess. For now.
  3. Mugshot/10


    Ok some good wrestling but the whole arrest thing was a repeat of stone cold and Vince. Everything else was just the same old bullshit, Cena returned but of course "we can't have him win titles like that", well it's Cena and with the way he's been on the internet lately I would've given the belt to him. No wonder why I've making all those memes.
  4. And the one time I'm looking forward to Cena coming back this happens. Back to finishing up Final Battle.
  5. The last Raw of 2015 was... BOOTY! 3/10

    Damn, WWE is in a really poor state heading into 2016. Shame.

    - The mugshot of Vince.

    - The New Day's pre-match promo.

    - I enjoyed The MizTV segment, bar the part when Big Show came out and then all went down the toilet. I mean, it was one of those rare chances to see some long, lost faces on Raw (besides Big Slow) and in front of a crowd that was actually glad to see them.

    - KO murdering Ambrose by Powerbombing him through the announce table.

    - Everything else. It was simply abysmal. I CAN'T EVEN...
  6. That opening segment sounds like it gets a @Leo C out of 10
  7. Wow, you really thought the product was gonna improve with Cena coming back? Gotta admire that optimism. :smirk2:
  8. :neymar2:?
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  9. I kinda feel like I should be insulted by this, not sure. Only watched the 2nd half of the show, but judging by the recap it does seem like it opened pretty bad.

    Totally uncalled for
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  10. It's not, haha. It's a sign for how it's a segment that's so bad it's good, and how you could get a cheap laugh out of convoluted crap like that. Which if there's one way to watch Raw, it's to cheer on this conductor every week as the train goes barreling into that wall every week.

    Come on Prince haha. No one person can save a 3 hour show, but this is the stuff that turns mere predictions into meta-jokes. "Oh, Cena jobbed clean to an underneath guy? You know what that means! Cena is gonna come back STRONGAH THAN EVAH and beat said dude 15 times in a row to make it even! And what way to ring in the new year than CenaWinsLOL, right Vince?"

    Apparently I underestimated the mighty power of the Raw DQ, and the need to make sure nothing ever happens on Raw. So the one time I actually wanted ba-dana-daaa to hit and freight train over Del Rio: LOL

    Should have known better, the last time they announced something a week in advance the Divas haven't recovered... Oh, look, they announced a title match next week? Wonder how that will turn out.
  11. 4/10 lol

    I went to the show, and I don't watch much wwe recently (because I get bored), and idk how I felt about it. I only got to go because my family had an extra ticket, and sadly it wasn't as good as my last RAW

    I enjoy the New Day
    Zack Ryder (we marked)
    Ambrose vs Owens actually looks alright
    From my seat, I had an amazing view of Naomi's ass. God damn
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  12. Ah, OK. Yeah, it seems like the opener was bad to that level indeed.
  13. Since we’re still in holiday mode, I thought I’d be generous by giving it a 5/10 though under normal circumstances it would have been a 3 at most. Quick notes:

    *For one, I too found the whole Vince being arrested kind of dumb and lame, not to mention it wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before. I guess the only good part of it was the funny mug shots but other than that…meh.

    As for the title match announced next week, well, shenanigans written all over it and if I were to make an early guess, I’d say Cena will somehow get involved and help Roman Reigns pick up the win and retain the title.

    **I understand and am not against what they’re trying to do with Kevin Owens but I’ve seen a lot worse than a simple power bomb through a table being as devastating so having Ambrose look so out of it felt kind of…iffy to me. I get that they were trying to sell the whole thing but still...

    ***So, according to Michael Cole, the Big Show would enter at number one in the Royal Rumble to…prove he is the largest athlete in the world. Seriously Mr. Cole? That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while…

    Speaking of the Big Show, gotta give it to the fans for the “please retire” chants, lol.

    ****Nothing interesting once more about the Divas thing so no further comments there…

    *****A couple of days ago I was talking with a friend and when the Wrestlemania subject came up, I told him that “man, aside from being the biggest event of the year, WWE are aiming for a record crowd and I for one am not buying the whole thing about the Rock unable to make it.”

    Well, there you have it, since he basically announced it himself that he’ll be there. Of course he would. Ok, granted, he may not compete in any match (though never say never), but it just wouldn’t be a Wrestlemania without him, would it? That is why, despite all the talk, I still believe Austin will be there as well and it’s only a matter of time before that is announced as well. You know WWE is going to go all guns firing for this event so sooner or later I expect more top names being announced. I wouldn't even take HBK out of the picture just yet...

    ****** “Triple H will exact his revenge. Yes, just when you least expect it”…I’d hold on to that line that Vince dropped in the opening segment cause you know those weren’t just words.

    All in all, WWE should have done a much better job for the final show of 2015 but I'll save the complaints for some other time. On the bright side, I thought the crowd was quite live for the most part...

    P.S.: Why do I have this feeling that Shane McMahon will soon be back in the picture somehow?
  14. 2/10 I don't think I'll do a point by point of everything as I don't care to remember it all. I'll just try the things I recall.

    I liked:

    Vince's mugshot and the multiple mugshots @C.M. Shaddix flooded the chat with.

    The Cena match vs ADR UNTIL the DQ ending.

    I hated:

    The beginning. So even though Vince oversold it, Reigns did indeed shove Vince. Steph didn't touch ANYONE, all she did was yell and scream at the officer yet while the cop wouldn't arrest Reigns actually pushing someone, the cop was going to arrest Steph for, as he put it, not calming down? Wow, way to make your story believable by putting together a scene that makes no sense whatsoever.

    Not only that but it was overacted, nonsensical and seemed like it was put together in 5 minutes before the show. A waste of an appearance by Vince.

    Neville beating Owens like that. Stupidity. People didn't vote Neville as breakout star because he was the breakout star. They voted him because he was the only face on the ballot. He will languish on the midcard as soon as WWE gets bored with him again and Owens is currently one of their top heels. Idiotic.

    Eh, if I keep typing, I'll be here all day. The show sucked. At least I get Okada in a few days... that will make me feel better about wrestling.
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  15. My thoughts exactly when I heard that line.

    The Royal Rumble! When traditional measurement instruments no longer work, it'll prove you're the largest athlete in the world!
  16. WWE has decided that it's product isn't keeping fans happy, so endless commercial breaks will!
  17. My dear brotherjackwife, @Jacob Fox, rates the show a 2/10, but actually votes it a 7/10. :smirk2:

    :damn:, didn't know our match last night was THAT tough for your body. I'll go easy on you next time. xo
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  18. :notsure: Well I was rating using my smartphone so my hands were probably shaky from recovering from last night. xo I have change it t the appropriate score :emoji_slight_smile:
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  19. I've literally given up this time, I'm only sticking to PPVs now. Look at the champion line up, it should be great right now. But it's not and I'm just done doing my part.:kshrug:
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  20. I sometimes wish I could do that. I mean there is plenty of other wrestling to watch and I do watch it. But for some reason, maybe because I have been doing it so long, I just feel inclined to watch, even if it sucks. But yeah, the shows are just getting so bad. Hell, it was more interesting in the early 1990's back when they still have jobber matches on Raw like Yokozuna vs Barry Horowitz or Undertaker vs Iron Mike Sharpe. Hell, Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs some guy we've never heard of would be more interesting.
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