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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Dec 30, 2014.

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  1. Post your rating and opinions below.

    RAW recap:

    - Dolph Ziggler defeated Rusev via DQ

    - Ryback attacks Rusev post match and cuts a good promo

    - Nikki Bella defeated Natalya via pinfall

    - The Usos defeated The Miz/Mizdow to win the tag team titles

    - Cesaro cuts a good promo and goes on to lose to a returning Bad News Barrett

    - Luke Harper defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall

    - Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins via DQ by the Big Show

    - Daniel Bryan announces that he'll be apart of the 2015 Royal Rumble

    - The Ascension defeated The Miz/Mizdow via pinfall

    - The Cutting Edge Peep Show with Seth Rollins ends up with John Cena bringing back The Authority due to Rollins threatening to paralyze Edge

    Full results: PWMania
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  2. How do I rate it without a voting setup (make it public)

    @Danielson didn't DB just have the TJ Surgery done?
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  3. Watching this episode right now. Will rate/review it later!
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  5. That segment should've been televised, definitely. But, oh well. I'm glad Orton's back!
  6. Just done watching this episode! It was great. Giving it a strong 8/10
    All the typical and redundant BS was kept to a minimum.
    So, my hopes for things in WWE getting better from this week and on weren't entirely false. Cool.

    - 'You Think You Know Me?' Damn, I missed hearing that song from my all time favorite band! What a mark out moment for me in the openning segment! Hearing Tony Chimel introduce E&C and his voice cracking while pronouncing The Rated R Superstar felt like the good, ol' times! Quite frankly, I knew someone would interrupt in like 5 minutes and Lesnar/Heyman interrupting instead of Cena made me happy.

    - Rusev vs Ziggler was decent, but ended in a DQ Fest. Shocker.

    - Good promo by Ryback, really. I liked that one. It felt like it wasn't too robotic and scripted.

    - The Miz & Mizdow vs The Usos was decent. Mizdow stole the show again, that's all that matters. Now, I'm fine with The Usos winning the Tag Team titles 'cause they're gonna get fed to The Ascension! Honestly, I was expecting to see The Usos vs Miz/Mizdow at the Rumble, but oh well. The sooner they lose the titles to The Ascension, the better!

    - Good promo by Cesaro. It's too bad it was rather heel-ish, I could notice he wanted to go off on 'em, but hesitated and was a good decision he didn't end up shooting, because they'd have buried him completely if he did. Now it's really up to the clueless imbeciles to pull their heads out of their asses and push this guy!

    - Mark out moment for me when BNB came back, I've missed this guy so much! His match against Cesaro was a bit short, but still good. Both these guys made the most of it.

    - Harper vs Swagger was decent. Wait, a random midcard match for Harper? Seems legit. I feel like they could've done more with this guy after his feud with Ziggler. Oh, well... LOL'd at JBL saying 'Clothesline From Smell'.

    - Rollins vs Reigns was good, but with a predictable DQ ending. I gotta admit, while Reigns doesn't really tickle my fancy, he's definitely been improving in the ring and on the mic, as of late. He's definitely been using some of the stuff we haven't really seen him use before. Also, his acting's improved, his body movements and all that stuff when he's in the ring, whether it's a promo or just a stare down with someone, it doesn't look too robotic like before. I may not give up on this guy just yet. Huge props to Rollins for making him look like a million bucks, though.

    - Another mark out moment when Daniel Bryan came out, I got goosebumps! He delivered an awesome, emotional promo and when he said his career wasn't over and that he'll be in 2015 Royal Rumble, that right there brought me joy! Yes!!! Here's to hoping he wins it and goes on to headline WM for second year straight.

    - The Ascension's debut was alright.

    - The final segment was just grand all the way through. Rollins has been killing it with his mic work lately, and with his heel work, overall. I loved everything about that last segment. Rollins played this master manipulator type of guy and used Edge & Christian for his plan to come to fruition. Thank you, Cena... For bringing The Authority back! Everything's cool now.

    - Goody Two-Shoes just had to come out and ruin a good openning segment.
    Why'd they make The Beast look like The Bitch by retreating? They're making it look like Cena'll defeat Lesnar at the Rumble. Oh wait... :rollins:
    - People chanting 'What?' during Ryback's promo. STFU, douchebags. It was cool 10-15 years ago.
    Now it's just annoying. 'What?' chant has been replaced with 'CM Punk' chant now, in case you wanna piss people off.
    - No Ambrose and Wyatt on the show. That promo by Wyatt was pre-taped, I'm sure. Guess they'll make up for it next week by having 'em fight in an Ambulance match.

    The 'I don't give a single fuck about this' segment:
    - Whatever Divas Division match was going on, think it was Nikki Bella vs Natalya. Gladly skipped that segment.

    Looking forward to seeing next week's episode. 2K15 and the build-up to the Royal Rumble should be good!
  7. lmao pointless post is pointless.

    Glad you liked the show though, I thought it was great also.
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  8. Umm, don't mind that 'Will rate/review' thing before I post the actual rating and review of the episode, it's kind of become my habit. Will try and refrain from doing that.

    Yes. This was like the first episode post-Survivor Series that I actually liked. Good times, man!
  9. Was a pretty solid show to close out the year, I'd give it a strong 7/10
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  10. It was a very good Raw to cap off 2014. It certainly wasn't without it's noteworthy moments (Edge and Christian being awesome guest hosts, Bad News Barrett's return, Cesaro cutting a semi-worked shoot promo that unfortunately ended just as it was getting interesting, a title switch, The Ascension's debut, The Authority being resurrected, Bryan announcing he's in the 2015 Royal Rumble match, Ryback actually cutting a good promo, etc.)
  11. Not as bad as I thought it'd be.
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  12. This was probably the best RAW in a long time. I meant to get this up sooner. Every RAW has to have some bad, but thank God this one had more good. 8/10

    I liked:

    The opening segment was great with Edge and Christian, two of my favorite guys. Only bad part was the Cena predictability. Cena is supposed to be the hero, but he put his hands on Heyman unprovoked. Other than that, a great opening.

    Dolph Ziggler and Rusev was a good solid opening match. There wasn't a lot we haven't seen before, but it was a good solid match. Seeing Ryback interfere was pretty good and Ryback's promo was solid.

    Miz and Mizdow versus the Usos was the match of the night. It was an excellent match on the part of all the guys. I think it set up entry into the Rumble for Miz and Mizdow where I assume Miz will get eliminated, but Mizdow will refuse to do the stunt double deal and this will lead to the breakup.

    Cesaro vs BNB was a good but short match. I was happy to see both guys.

    Daniel Bryan's announcement was expected by me because WWE doesn't play a retirment announcement that way, but I am happy old Beardy will be in the Royal Rumble.

    The Seth Rollins segment was absolutely done well. Seth is already the biggest heel in the company, but his attack on Edge was the icing on the cake. I believe Rollins has what it takes to be the next great career heel, if he goes in that direction. I won't put him up there with Ric Flair, Kurt Angle or Triple H quite yet, since his in ring work IMO is not yet comparable to those guys, but I am beginning to believe his character is on its way to being that. It was nice seeing Cena have to swallow his pride and I will always love rewatching the moment when he gives in and brings the Authority back.

    During the segment, I was pretty strongly hoping for Orton to come back. That doesn't mean I support or like Orton, but it would have been another dynamic to add to the ending.

    The Authority is back. 'Nuff said.

    The Sting storyline can start coming into play with Triple H back on TV.

    Triple H back on TV. The man is unparalled in within his generation in combination of talent and charisma. Having him around will make the weekly episodes less boring.

    I didn't like:

    Nattie vs Bella was boring.

    Harper vs Swagger was boring.

    It was nice to see the Acension, but that was a dull debut.

    Show should never do commentary.

    We KNOW this is not the end for Cena vs the Authority. Cena ALWAYS comes back and ends up ahead of his enemies.
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  13. I wouldn't worry about whether the post is pointless. I've seen posts a WAY lot more pointless (usually the majority of posts about John Cena *cough cough*).
  14. Everyone has a fair share of shitting on Cena. I certainly don't have a problem with that.
  15. Well, the posts shitting on Cena are not the pointless ones I was referring to. Those are essential. I meant the ones supporting him are pointless :emoji_wink:
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  16. Oh, apologies then. I totally misunderstood that post of yours.

    Yup, can't argue with that.

    Cheers, man!
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  17. I agree with most of it here.

    First off, I totally agree this was easily the best RAW post-Survivor Series.
    And, I completely agree with your dislikes here, except Harper vs Swagger. Sure, it could've been a lot better, but it wasn't that bad either, in my opinion. The Ascension debuting could've been better, though. It didn't really feel special.

    - Seeing my boys, E&C back was a mark out moment for me. But then, Goody Two-Shoes had to come out and ruin that segment. So, Cena 'attacked' Heyman only to lure Lesnar in, that certainly justifies our little hero's actions. I also didn't like that they made The Beast look like The Bitch, (for lack of a better word) by retreating.
    They're making it look like Cena's gonna win. But, let's just not go there.

    - To be honest with ya, Mizdow was all I cared about in that match. Sure, it was a decent match, but nothing we haven't seen these guys do before. I guess it's just a matter of preference here. I just can't help, but love everything Mizdow does. I was surprised Miz & Mizdow had lost the titles before the Rumble. But that's okay, the sooner they feed The Usos to The Ascension, the better.
    I also like your interpretation on how they're going to finally trigger the Miz/Mizdow feud. I've always thought about it this way... Mizdow will likely cause The Miz to get eliminated. Miz would, of course, be pissed off about it. So, in order to redeem himself to The Miz, Mizdow will do his usual stunt double work and get himself eliminated. That wouldn't matter to The Miz, so he'll prolly hit Mizdow and start beating him up. I could see this (beatdown on Mizdow) happening at either the Rumble or at post-Rumble RAW episode.

    - Yes, Cesaro vs BNB was a bit short, but still a good match. They made the most of it. Good to have BNB back, indeed.

    - I couldn't be more happier about mah boi, D-Bry being back. I never stopped believing he'd be back someday. It's really a dream come true that he's back in time for the Rumble and he'll hopefully win it.

    - That final segment with Rollins taking Edge hostage in order for his plan to come to fruition was just grand. I enjoyed it. He's definitely been killing it on the mic and with his heel work lately. Loved it when Cena swallowed his pride and brought The Authority back. Man, they're gonna boo him out of the building next week. Shocker.

    - Orton did return in the end, but that segment wasn't televised, though.

    - Yeah, baybay! The Authority's back and all's well in this world now. They shouldn't have been put out of power (for just free.99) in the first place. But hey, they're back and we should be looking forward to that and all the good things.

    - I agree with everything about HHH here. Sting/HHH storyline can pretty much start now, yeah. It should be interesting before culminating at WM 31.
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  18. Yeah, the attack on Heyman was completely unprovoked. My sister was watching the show with me and we were both completely surprised when that happen. I mean, neither of us like Cena at all, but we found that so out of character for him (as you said, being "Goody Two Shoes.").

    It would be remarkably stupid to have Cena take the belt back from Lesnar. We haven't had a world title match since September and to have Lesnar drop the belt at the Rumble pretty much makes the decision to put it on him at all completely irrelevant. That being said, it wouldn't be the stupidest choice they have ever made. But it would be so despicable to let Cena tie Ric Flair's WWE Recognized title record (Flair, in actuality, having held 21 World Championships not 16) by having him pointlessly drop the belt to Lesnar only to win it back.

    They really should do something with Miz and Mizdow for the Rumble. I know neither guy has a chance of winning, but one idea could have been for Mizdow to win and Miz claiming the title shot much as he did with the tag team belts. Perhaps Miz can get eliminated early in the Rumble and he can try to claim Mizdow's later entry? The Rumble is the perfect place to begin the breakup of their team.

    Other that, agree with most everythig. I am just happy it was a good show and a good show to talk about. Hope they continue.

    I hope HHH and Steph have some delicious torment in store for John "The Narrator" Cena next Monday.
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