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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's show in this thread.

    I give the show a solid 7/10, it was a well put together show, and bad segments/matches were less abundant than usual. The opening segment with Punk was lacking at first, but quickly picked up when The Shield came down. All of them were good in that segment, and the match between Punk/Rollins was a really awesome back and forth watch. Lesnar was a beast in his return segment when he crushed an interfering Mark Henry, and the main event gauntlet match between Bryan/The Wyatt Family was quality stuff, Harper was really impressive in his showing with Bryan. The ending cliffhanger was really intriguing, and it'll be cool to see if Bryan really does join the Wyatts.
  2. Punk said it sucked so 0/10
  3. /10
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  4. I said it was pretty crappy except opener, Lesnar and ending.
  5. that's what I said
  6. Such a liar.
  7. -I liked the idea of Punk getting back into his "manipulator" mode and really driving that wedge in between the members of the shield. I hope he keeps at this. I was disappointed in Rollins, however. After that great match with Cena on Smackdown, why all the botches against Punk? It was like all the ground he gained before he lost again.
    -I was a little off put by Mark Henry coming out to face Brock Lesnar. I would have been more interested to see Ryback come out instead. That could have made for an interesting storyline itself, but I guess WWE has other plans in mind. Damn them for not giving me what I want again.
    -Really looking forward to see where the Bryan/Wyatt storyline goes from here.
  8. People got me all excited for RAW for that. I mean it was a solid RAW, only one I've watched in full in months and I'll give it a 6.5/10, but yea some of the same stuff. Bad News Barrett is great, that new Batista promo is going to give me a wet dream, Shield vs Punk was sweet, Brock was sweet, and the ending was cool but not amazing. I like where this is going and it was pretty unexpected for me so we'll see where it goes.
  9. Forgot about Bad News Barrett. LOL. I am really getting into this gimmick, for him. Loved the idea of him raising slowly on a platform like he did.
  10. I say a 7/10 also. i liked the opening match and the ending.
  11. 7/10
    Great way to finish 2013.
    Rollin vs Punk was good. Interested to see how the other two members of the Shield react when Reigns defeats Punk (Pretty clear IMO)
    Good to see Ziggler get some victories.
    BARACK is back so is Heyman. Would have prefered him to enter the RR (Could be) I mean, we've already seen the f5 on Henry. Can they give us someting more impressive?
    Luke Harper surprises me every single time he steps into a ring. The way to end the show was perfect. Still believe The Wyatts havent washed Bryan's head. He's just gettin the Wyatt's confidence to either destroy the familiy "from inside" or to use them to eliminate people in the RR match. By EC he will be face IMO
  12. 8/10. Really enjoyed it, best RAW in months.

    + Lesnar and Heyman returning like that
    + CM Punk putting The Shield over and then trying to split them up
    + Bryan and the Wyatts is starting to get very interesting
    + Best Bad News Barrett segment so far
    + Langston/Fandango was solid enough
    + Ziggler winning a match!!!
  13. I've missed every bad news Barrett segment. Can somebody post the YouTube clips or something? I didn't even see last night's one and I watched the freaking show earlier. :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. 9/10 for me.

    No Cena or Cesaro which was a bummer, but everything else was absolutely epic. So much awesomeness going in to Royal Rumble.
  16. I didn't see it but heard about it. Another Raw where the ending made the show.
  17. Eight out of ten.
  18. US title in Dean's balls/10
  19. solid 7/10, wasn`t that bad
  20. I love bad news barrett.
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