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  1. Post your thoughts and ratings about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. 5/10.

    Was going pretty well before the Bears got a huge lead. Glad to not miss Jeffery though, dude's such a beast. :adr:
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  3. A pretty good show. Punk/Ambrose had a lengthy, PPV quality match and the Slammys were actually pretty fun. I especially enjoyed seeing HBK heel it up tonight. I miss the old heel HBK.

    Cena's promo and all hell breaking loose at the end made for a great climax to the show. If tonight's final segment was any possible indication of what kind of matches we can expect to see at Wrestlemania, I'd say Punk/Triple H and Bryan/Michaels are pretty much a lock. The Beard and The Best taking on the founding members of DX in separate matches. I like it (although I'm getting way ahead of myself with that one, especially since I feel tonight's segment strongly hinted at Bryan re-entering the WWE Title picture soon...)
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  4. Meh! It was OK, but they should have pumped us up for TLC way more than they did. I mean you have the so called 'biggest match in history' coming up, you should treat it as such.

    There were a few matches I liked. Punk and Ambrose, and the 8 man tag were very good matches.
  5. Honestly I liked it. This was the first RAW in a LOOOOONG time where I was interested and watched continuously through the whole show. The quality of the matches were good, and the Slammy's were actually interesting. But the end of the show...hot damn that was great. Never enjoyed watching shit hit the fan more than that.
  6. 7/10
    Punk/ Ambrose was great, I think The Shield may break up on Sunday after what happened
    The ending was just awesome, I loved Cena`s promo and I think is heating things up for Sunday
  7. Bryans opening match was dope. The end segment when the crowd wouldn't let HHH speak cuz bryan was dope. Bryan winning superstar of the year was dope. 3/10
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  8. I enjoyed it. It has been awhile since I watched Raw. The ending was great. Loved how the focus was shifted to D Bry several times. That's why you the man Cena. :obama:
    Loved that Bret, HBK, Mic, and a few others were there. I think that Kaitlynn shoulda won over the belly twins. Also think that the Rock VS Cena match was the worst of the choices, but won anyways... lol But yeah, steady pace, to the point, kept my attention. Wasn't too flashy but didn't stay on one thing long enough to make me lose interest. Easily the best one I have seen in quite a while, granted I missed 8 or so.

  9. :dafuq:
  10. yessir
  11. Womp womp womp
  12. Am i trippin or was the final match of the night a divas bout?
  13. Actual rating... pleasant surprise. 8/10

    Show Spoiler

    Variety shows like the Slammys usually get a fair amount of criticism from the IWC. It's pretty hard to believe they're legit, and usually the shows are filled with goofy comedy and pretty dumb segments, but whenever you actually sit down and watch a show like this it's not that bad. Having some variety on your wrestling show is pretty nice, and breaking up the usual Raw formula has been a much-needed breath of fresh air. From that alone, I have to call this Raw a big success... however, going in I thought it was necessary that I don't watch this live. Caught the Hulu version since it would hopefully cut out most of Michael Cole's 18 billion plugs for that stupid fucking app... but that's no biggie. I've been really impressed by how much better Raw is on Hulu. The presentation on there feels a whole lot better for us actual wrestling fans, the show's much more faster paced and they have to rush through everything and take out stuff like overdramatic entrances or telling you what matches are coming, so the show feels more spur of the moment. It feels more live than live Raw does, believe it or not. My only real complaint has been... well... they actually have to have clips from Raw to put on the show.

    But wouldn't you know it? Raw would start out with an R-Truth rap to plug something I already clicked on followed by Michael Cole teaching you how to download the app. :facepalm1: One minute in rating: -2/10... Then Flight of the Valkryries played.

    The only thing I could think of (obviously in my typical "why am I watching this crap" frame of mind) during Daniel Bryan vs Fandango was how annoying it is to see good wrestling on Raw. There's 99 problems on this show and wrestling ain't one. Address those, and keep enough wrestling to keep us satisfied. It was cut down to 4 minutes over here so it felt like a complete squash, which is fine. Jobber Fandango > all but Slater. Then Bray Wyatt talked, which is an instant +2 to the rating. That dude's just awesome.

    Bad Influence Voodoo Kin Mafia the New Age Outlaws failed horribly at comedy before they showed how much WWE failed at comedy this year. Rain's LOL Moments of the Year: Ryback being a little bitch and yelling "I QUIT" at the Miz, ADR jobbing to Sin Cara last week while the real dude was tweeting about it, Brodus Clay calling himself a main eventer, Divas' Musical Chairs.

    Was it me, or was every entrance cut on this show? Seems like every time they just cut to "Hey, people in the ring, go!" Sandow and Santino not having a feud by now is downright criminal. Big mistake, but Big E Langston seems to have some charisma on commentary. Not a bad performance from him, effective jobber match, crab/10

    Awkward stuff from the Shield in suits followed by an awkwardly comedic fail of a promo from Michaels. Both awkward moments were intentional at least. Then Eve showed us that she's still hot and some chick won some award.

    With the 8-man tag, I assume they're setting up some four corners fatal 4 way tag among those 4 teams. Wish the Usos were in there instead of Rey and Show, but... you can't have everything you want, I assume. It set up some a match and the match was pretty good, so guess you have to call this a good segment by Raw standards. Both Rhodes boys in the ring never stop being impressive.


    More silly stuff from HBK, and all leading to this show I mentioned that the Slammys should be used as a plot device... well, it was. Daniel Bryan won Superstar of the Year to advance his feud with Michaels... I don't really see why, it's a waste of both guys tbh but guess I'm in the minority here.. whatever, we have an easy feud that writes itself. Beggars can't be choosers. The odd thing is... after a Rumble win + a win over Rock at 'Mania + the WHC win + his "epic comeback", in kayfabe this would have been a great time to give this to Cena. It would have made much more sense than most of the times he's won the thing, but maybe the voting isn't rigged after all. Haha. And hey, Bryan referenced that he's pissed about being screwed out of the title twice in a row. Thank you. About damn time.

    Cut away from that right into Punk vs Ambrose mid-match. :aries: Go screw yourselves Hulu. So why was Punk dealing with injured ribs? Last week's attack + made worse this week by another Roman Reigns Spear of Suffering? They really, really seemed to be wanting to share that Ambrose wants to branch out on his own, while Roman clearly didn't have much faith in Ambrose to get the job done. So the Shield breakup is imminent, and that really, really sucks. Of all the stale things on this show right now the Shield is certainly not one of them, they can keep going for a good while longer. Meanwhile after this match, the handicap match at the PPV looks really, really interesting. Will the Shield split? Will they work together? Will it matter? If they do split, will Punk's injured ribs play a factor? Feels like anything could happen, so I'm sold on that match. Great job... Oh, and not to mention this match kicked ass. Go see it if you haven't already.

    Rain's Nominees for Extreme Moment of the Year: :haha:

    The Uso's vs Rowan and Harper... ya know, the Uso's are established enough to make me wonder if they were jobbing here. They were. Harper still rules. Next.

    Rain's Nominees for Match of the Year: Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk, Daniel Bryan vs John Cena, Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro, the Rhodes boys vs the Shield, Divas' Musical Chairs.

    The final segment... oh, the final segment. I'll just say "I loved every second of this" so I can cut this review short so I can go to bed. Talk to you all in the morning, will finish this up in the other thread.[/quote]
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  14. No, I think is was a tag team match with the Usos VS (I can't remember). But it wasn't a Divas match.
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  15. RAW wasn't too bad but I think its as I went in with such low expectations that I was surprised. Marked for JBL's Sin Cara commentary a lot as it was great.
  16. Yes! someone who thinks that Kaitlyn should have won, just like me
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  17. Cm punk laughing at the crowd during the end segment was ace.
  18. Marked for the last segment. That crowd made the whole segment awkward LOL
    Awesome way to finish the Show.
    The slammy awards were bad. The WWE thinks we're stupid because comeon... You just need to look at Hart's face when he reads the MOTY
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