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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Feb 1, 2016.

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  1. Rate Raw on a 1-10 scale and put your thoughts down below!

    Raw Results

    Raw Results (open)

    1. The show opened with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman talking about the main event at Fastlane. Dean Ambrose came down to talk to Lesnar and declare that he was going to win at Fastlane.

    2. Kalisto defeated Rusev by countout with Alberto Del Rio at ringside.

    3. Stephanie gloated to Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose about HHH winning the belt and then announced the main event as Ambrose and Reigns taking on the New Day.

    4. A promo about Nikki Bella aired which culminated with Charlotte confronting Brie Bella and taking credit for Nikki's injury

    5. The Usos defeat the Social Outcasts when Jay Uso pinned Adam Rose after a splash from the top rope.

    6. Miz TV has AJ Styles for it's guest. Miz offers to be Aj's mentor before going off on the crowd. Miz began insulting AJ only for AJ to eventually snap and run for his life.

    7. Brie Bella defeated Charlotte in a non title match by pinfall.

    8. Big Show pinned Erick Rowan only to be attacked by Harper and Strowman after.

    9. Titus O'Neil defeated Tyler Breeze after Clash of the Titus by pinfall.

    10. HHH confronted Lesnar in the locker room regarding the fact that Lesnar didn't attack Ambrose in the ring earlier.

    11. Dolph Ziggler defeated Kevin Owens after hitting a zig zag and scoring the pin.

    12. No winner was announced in Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks when tensions erupted between Sasha Banks against Tamina and Naomi... Tamina and Naomi attacked Banks, who was saved by Lynch.

    13. Goldust confronted R Truth again about being a tag team and R Truth refused.

    14. New Day has a 10 minute ring entrance/promo before the main event against Reigns and Ambrose. Reigns and Ambrose win when Ambrose pinned Big E after hitting dirty deeds, only to have Brock Lesnar approach the ring. The New Day took advantage of the distraction to attack Reigns and Ambrose. With Reigns out of the ring,Lesnar hit Ambrose with an F5 and left the ring.
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  2. I give it a 7. It wasn't great but the good stuff outnumbered the bad. It was a decent few hours.

    I liked:

    Paul Heyman. His promo, as usual, was genius. His commentary during the main event was legendary (Thank you Mr. Heyman, you're welcome Mr. Cole). He made the show.

    Stephanie gloating to Reigns

    Miz TV was good.

    Usos vs Outcasts was okay

    Ziggler vs Owens as all right but the ending was nonsense.

    Goldust/Truth segment.. although I keep expecting Truth to counter with the name Golden Shower... but oh well.

    Main event was surprisingly good but Heyman on commentary was the best part.

    I didn't like:

    New Day's ten minute ring entrance. I know a lot of you like New Day, but these are unnecessary and NOT entertaining.

    Big Show vs Rowan was boring and had not point

    Charlotte vs Bella was boring.

    Ending to Banks and Lynch was boring.

    I was indifferent to:

    Titus O'Neil v Breeze

    Kalisto v Rusev
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  3. Didn't watch but lol @ #11. Why's a jobber going over anyone...
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  4. Opening segment was just awesome, expected an interference throughout the entire thing, but nothing. And that made it even better.

    Kalisto vs Rusev was alright, ending protected Rusev-- which would've been alright if they were going to face at the PPV. Sadly not going to happen, though.

    MizTV was really well done, good way to put AJ over. And it wasn't connected, but I guess Y2J vs AJ is a lock at Fast Lane.

    Absolutely hate how they're using Breeze.

    Ziggler going over was laughable, stupid that's going to turn into a feud. Even if it's for a month. Nobody benefits from a win over Ziggler at a PPV, just filler nonsense.

    Same thing I said about the diva's matches last week also applies to this week.

    The Main Event was pretty good, especially for a tag match. Heyman on commentary probably a little bit better.

    Honestly, I'll give it a 6/10. Lesnar/Ambrose gets 5 of the points, the other one point is for the rest of the good/decent things.
  5. This week's show from Bootyham was decent. 6/10

    - The opening segment featuring Heyman, Lesnar and Ambrose was awesome! Loved it.

    - Kalisto vs Rusev was decent. That ending would've been perfect had they faced each other at Fastlane, but oh well.

    - The Usos vs Social Outcasts was okay given the time constraint. Social Outcasts should've won, though, dammit!

    - The MizTV segment with AJ Styles was decent. It went on a bit too long, but the brawl in the end was worth the wait. The brawl wasn't anything spectacular, but everything AJ Styles does seem legit.

    - KO vs DZ was okay, but DZ winning makes no sense. Hell, this feud being rekindled makes no sense. KO's trash talk was great, though!

    - The New Day's pre-match promo was a'ight.

    - Ambreigns vs The New Day was a surprisingly good ME, as Rainmaker pointed out. Heyman was awesome on commentary and that made the match better. Imagine him, Mauro Ranallo and Graves on commentary. Boy, oh boy! Lesnar coming out post-match and laying Ambrose out with an F-5 was awesome, also.

    - Charlotte vs 'C'mon, Nikki!' aka Brie Bella was very mundane. Brie winning probably sets up a title match at Fastlane. Well, I guess Charlotte needs a filler opponent before WM.

    - Big Show vs Rowan. The match ended exactly how I thought it would and set up a match at Fastlane nobody wants to see.

    - Titus vs Breeze. Why did this happen and why did Breeze lose?!

    - Sasha vs Becky was meh. I didn't care much for Team BAD breaking up and Sasha and Becky's temporary unity either.

    - Goldust/R-Truth stuff is not funny. Sorry, WWE.
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  6. Just finished watching RAW a little while ago and overall I feel we sort of went back to the mediocre stuff of previous weeks. Sure, there were a few good moments but all in all it had too many ups and downs and there were several times I got bored. 5/10 is my rating...

    As far as storylines progressing, it appears that we shall have another AJ vs Y2J at Fastlane and Kallisto vs ADR was announced so the upcoming PPV is starting to shape up. Now, given that Niki Bella got the win over Charlotte, I actually wouldn't be surprised if they go at it once more at Fastlane, this time for the title, with Charlotte of course winning. This, perhaps, could be WWE finding and excuse to save the triple threat we all want to see for Mania.

    One final note: did you guys not find it interesting that Daniel Bryan's name was mentioned from Miz during his segment with AJ Styles? I mean, all of a sudden and pretty much out of nowhere, Daniel Bryan's name just pops up in the middle of a promo? "Do you remember Daniel Bryan?", the Miz asked. Don't know about you guys but his name being mentioned ain't just something out of the blue. Remember, everyting is scripted, right? So, noone (ok, with very few excpetions like the Rock or HHH) goes out and says stuff just like that.

    I've personally made the bold prediction a while back in the road to WM thread that DB will return after Fastlane and though the circumstances aren't excactly as I envisioned them (figured KO would be IC champ and DB coming back to challenge him for Mania) but nevertheless, this prediction appears to have some solid grounds to it after last night. Time will tell...
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  7. It was an okay episode, I just recently started watching again at the Rumble so I'm still kind of catching up on everything.
  8. Hey guys
    Hope you dont mind me starting a new thread but i watch WWE alone and im in the UK so i dont watch live (only PPV) and im just watching this weeks so i wanted to start a thread for my questions and comments to keep it all in one place (if theres a section for this point me in the right direction, i didnt watch to use the live thread as its not live anymore)

    Anyway, First off im confused that Stephanie wants Reigns and Ambrose divided but then pairs them up, i just watcg that segment and wondered why she didnt make them fight each other as the main event, surely that would be better than a tag match

  9. Rick Flair should be off the screen he is annoying
  10. Renee Young is better looking than charlotte and Brie put together

    Are Brie and Nikki real sisters?
  11. Yes.
  12. They have to have Brock v HHH and Reigns v Ambrose at WM that would kick ass

    They go with HHH v Reigns then thats a big opportunity missed
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  13. Why cant Heyman be on everyweek

    He is pure class
  14. [​IMG]

    Nope. Not related at all.
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  15. THIS!!!!!

    It'll be Roman vs Hunter and... Quite frankly I can't wait. This Wrestlemania is going to be right after Takeover: Dallas, and this is going to be an incredible catastrophe. Every time WWE has to follow Takeover it winds up being a complete disaster, and oh boy Reigns' crowning moment getting NXT chants will be GLORIOUS
  16. Brock vs Hunter would be amazing if HHH went over clean. That would be buys. But idk, I wouldn't count WM out just yet, last year I almost didn't watch due to not caring at all about the show and it ended up on my Top 5 shows of the year, lol (but yes, Takeover will be better, I'm sure).

    As for Raw, I actually watched it as I do when I'm on vacation and my friends are around. The opening segment, from what I saw, was AWESOME. Heyman did his thing, Ambrose came out and said "you can kill me as much as you want bork, I'll come back for more and win" and then Brock just said "well lol ok geek". Made perfect sense for every character involved (especially when Bork in fact beat up the geek in the end of the show), and makes me think about the potential WWE has to be awesome (which it isn't nor do I think it will be in the near future). The rest was boring
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  17. Now i look dope

    Just with other brothers not really being brothers and then brothers not really being brothers it's confusing
  18. I loved seeing Ambrose stand up to Brock Lesnar and show everyone how fearless he is. I've been salivating over the thought of seeing these two go at it ever since The Shield split apart in 2014. Brock the indestructible beast versus Ambrose the tougher-than-nails, never-say-die babyface has money written all over it. Obviously them both being fan favorites now somewhat changes the complexion of what I originally envisioned a feud between them to be, but this triple-threat match is the closest we're ever gonna come to seeing it, so I'll take it.

    It'd be interesting if they got cold feet on Reigns (again) heading into Wrestlemania and decide to shock everyone by having HHH go over instead. Then Hunter could hang onto the title until Seth Rollins returned and put him over instead. Rollins coming back to reclaim the title he never lost when the person that happens to be holding it is his old mentor and friend HHH would be an intriguing way of causing some friction between them and setting up Seth's official face turn.
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  19. #20 RVD_86, Feb 3, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2016
    Yeah I strongly agree with what you say here. Heyman is one of the only real talents left in WWE with regards to consistent delivering of high standard promos and persona on screen. He is a master of the trade. Where does his talents lye though? Is he best suited to what he's doing as a manager for Brock or is he more suited to being the new headline commentary act on RAW. Because lets face it, he is the only guy that could even come close to filling the shoes of good 'ol JR and make it his own.

    I thought the show was very average. Some decent flashpoints in amongst some uninteresting story segments and pointless matches. I mean what the hell was the big show and the Wyatt thing all about and Titus facing off against Breeze, just card filling matches with guys they didn't know what to do with. Disappointing to say the least.

    The US title match was okay but could have been better. It's obviously building to a Kalisto and Del Rio re-match at Fastlane. What I didn't like was them using Rusev as a pawn in this rivalry almost making him seem somewhat irrelevant. Rusev is one of the best talents I have seen in years and could easily be the biggest heel in the company. He should be in the mix for the WWE heavyweight title!

    Owens and Ziggler is always an entertaining feud with two of the best talents around at the minute. The match itself was okay, but the ending lacked any real purpose or meaning. Hoping they both have a big role for the build up to WM and I certainly wouldn't object to another feud with them.

    Women's match was a big let down and the ending didn't really make much sense. I think they are both capable of so much more.

    Tag match was disappointing as well, as The Uso's are fast falling down the pecking order with some really bad booking. They are a super talented team being wasted by WWE. I fear soon we will see them being a regular feature on Saturday night main event with the likes of Jack Swagger who is also being criminally underused.

    Main event was very average as well, I absolutely cannot stand New Day. Not a fan at all and the mic time they get for being so cheesy and talentless is a joke. Considering 10 yrs + ago we had mic/promo specialists like The Rock, Stone Cold, Jericho and Mick Foley. This is the crap we get now.

    Talking promos though, they are the most important part of the business these days in the PG era. I almost feel the in ring matches are second place to this ability nowadays. I have to say Paul Heyman as usual conducted a good promo and immediately following this Dean Ambrose came out and got some great reaction from the crowd and was genuinely entertaining. I really think more time and effort should be placed into pushing him and Reigns. Ambrose just needs his look adjusted with regards to his wrestling attire.

    Gave the show 5/10.
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