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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. 5.5/10
    Too much filler, Betty White bit was fun and didn't take away from the show, main event sucked, overall boring ep.
  3. It was shit... 3/10
  4. 5/10
    Stupid return for Henry..
    Screw Orton/Cena Main Events..
    DB didn't even wrestle although before the main event the segment was good.
    Betty White & NAO segment was cool.
    Fandango v Santino should be on SD always...
    The way Ziggler jobbed was just plain stupid..
    Not a terrible RAW show, but not a good one either, very minimal entertainment from my perspective.
  5. Betty White was the best thing about RAW tonight lol.... That's how bad it was.
  6. Billy Gunn running off about to shit his pants because of that stunt was pretty gold haha!
  7. The opening segment was smart, they give Daniel Bryan the night off, so the crowd can focus more on that, rather than CM Punk not being there. (eventually db shows to a big pop, and minimal cm punk dweebs chanting)
    The Sister Abigail finish in the opening match was awesome. Also, Cody shines again.
    The physical exchange between Sheamus and Cesaro was cool. Another fun match to watch imo
    Batista finally looked like Batista. I wish he came back for this role instead of the Main Event scene.
    LMFAO at, How to get the WWE Network on your device for idiots segment.
    LITA into the HOF. I touched my penis
    I know I can't be the only one super pumped for The Shield vs The Wyatt's, their face-off had the crowd juiced as well
    Cena back to the Jorts, love it.
    Randy Orton really shined tonight. His mannerisms throughout the match were something to watch. Also, he played into the crowd instead of ignoring it, which I think was great. PPV quality match

    Overall? Fuck it, 8/10 I really enjoyed the show
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  8. I forgot all about the sister abigail to Rey, that was pretty diesel.
  9. 5/10 pretty boring except for the Daniel Bryan part, the Usos and The Wyatt/Shield face off
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  10. i missed the match between ambrose and henry who won?
  11. Ambrose retained..Rollins and Reigns interfered
  12. of course they did i never liked the whole dq thing you should lose your belt if you get dq'ed
  13. Just got home a couple hours ago from staples center. It was a good show being there live in the crowd.

    Not sure how it came off but the crowd kept chanting cm punk majority of the night.

    Though d Bryan didn't have a match on raw and only came out for the opening segment and part where he beat up Kane. Bryan was in a dark match along side with cena and Batista vs the Wyatt's. So the fans got their full of yes chants in.

    The mark Henry return was pointless. Should've just put kofi in that spot. Or at least big E so they can have a feud at wrestle mania and unify the titles.

    Ziggler squash was a waste. Just have del rio talk crap about Batista and have Batista beat him up the same way.

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  14. 5/10. Shield, Wyatt's, and Bray were the only parts I enjoyed. One feud and Bryan in a 3 hour show shouldn't be anything over a 5.
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  15. anything involving The Shield, Wyatts or Real Americans is awesome. All other stuff is substantially less awesome. A lot of pointless filler, but that's fine unless you are watching live. less shit to sit through

    all in all maybe a 5 or 6/10. ANything involving Batista or Orton is automatically dog shit.

    here's my wayyyy too long review that I pity any fuck that reads through it

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  16. Thanks for the reminder D'Z. Been wanting to go through your articles instead of watching the show, can't even reply to your other threads without going into long rants

    "She did receive a loud pop, until the crowd realized she was coming out with Big Show and instantly fell asleep."

  17. you should enjoy that review more than my other PWT reviews. Its a little closer to how I used to review, with more cynicism and hatred
  18. I wonder how long those CM Punk chants are going to continue for.. hopefully not long
  19. Raw is in chicago in a few weeks...
  20. I'll have my mute button ready :emoji_wink:
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