Spoiler Rate RAW 2/15/16

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 16, 2016.

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    You know the drill. Vote above and give your thoughts below!

    Raw Results:

    Show Spoiler

    Dean Ambrose kicks off the show by inviting Brock Lesnar to the ring to ‘get some.’ He instead gets Stephanie McMahon, who puts him into an “F5: Fatal 5-Way” match.

    1. Fatal 5-Way for the Intercontinental Championship: Kevin Owens defeated Dean Ambrose (c), Dolph Ziggler, Stardust, and Tyler Breeze. Kevin Owens hit Tyler Breeze with a pop-up powerbomb, then pinned him to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

    2. Big E (with The New Day) defeated Mark Henry. Mark Henry kicked out of a splash from Big E. E set him up for the Big Ending, but Henry rolled off cltching at his stomach. Big E quickly pinned him for the win.

    Brie Bella came out to address the WWE Universe. She was interrupted by Ric Flair and Charlotte, who offered her the chance to forfeit her Fastlane match and stay at home with her husband and injured sister. Brie said she’s disappointed in the champion Charlotte’s become, then kicked her and chased her out of the ring after Charlotte said she’s worried about what their “goat-faced vegan babies will become.”

    3. AJ Styles defeated The Miz. AJ won with the Calf Crusher. Styles then called out Jericho, challenging him to a rematch at Fastlane. Jericho said he’ll give his answer on Smackdown.

    The Dudley Boyz came to the ring to say they aren’t a nostalgia act, and are finished with tables forever.

    4. Summer Rae defeated Paige. Summer Rae caught Paige with a roll-up after Paige took too long setting up the PTO.

    Paul Heyman called Roman Reigns out to the ring. He said that Sunday Reigns will have to choose between his best friend and a promise he made to his daughter. Reigns responded saying he’s beaten Ambrose before, and can beat Brock Lesnar. The two shook hands, but then Reigns was attacked by the Dudley Boyz. Ambrose came out to fight them off, then almost hit Reigns with the Dirty Deeds.

    5. Heath Slater defeated Zack Ryder. Slater won with the Implant DDT after Ryder was distracted by Bo Dallas.

    6. Alberto Del Rio, Rusev, and Sheamus defeated Neville and the Lucha Dragons. Alberto Del Rio picked up the win after double-stomping Sin Cara as he was laid out across the middle rope.

    7. Becky Lynch defeated Naomi (with Tamina). Lynch won with the Disarm-Her, but got beat down by Tamina and Naomi after the bell. The two were chased off by Sasha Banks.

    8. Big Show defeated Braun Strowman via DQ. Strowman was DQed after the rest of the Wyatt family interfered in the match. Ryback ran in for the save, but was quickly laid out. Kane came up through the ring, and he and Big Show double-chokeslammed Luke Harper as the rest of the Wyatt Family were chased off.

    Source: uproxx

    In depth results: WrestleView
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  2. hmmm looks like Dean Ambrose is going to get himself in the WWE title match at Mania. I could see him and Reigns both being in it.
  3. Ambrose... Lost the IC Title? Gasp! *grabs at @Prince Bálor by the neck * DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS CAN POSSIBLY MEAN?!
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  4. I do! We can see Ambrose walk out of Fastlane as the new #1 contender! DO IT, WWE!!!
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  5. they better not fuck it up, I WANNA SEE THAT
  6. The go-home show was a snoozefest.

    Outside of the Fatal 5-Way, Styles vs Miz, Ambrose in the opening segment and Heyman, everything else was garbage.

  7. 6/10 I actually enjoyed it although it was nothing special.

    I liked:

    The five way... reminded me of that time @Prince Bálor and I... I mean... it was a decent and interesting match... KO is IC champ and it likely made Ambrose's run for the title seem more possible.

    AJ vs Miz was all right, but I really liked Jericho's confronting AJ....was great

    Dudleyz make much a much better heel team

    Paul Heyman and Reigns segement

    Lynch vs Naomi was all right

    I disliked:

    Charlotte and Brie segment

    Big E and Mark Henry and that weird ass ending

    Paige vs Summer Rae was boring

    Heath vs Ryder

    League vs Lucha D and Neville... and was it only me or did it seem remarkably stupid of Sin Cara to hold himself in the rope long enough for Del Rio to execute the move... Cara wasn't caught in the ropes... the only thing keeping him in place was him.

    Main Event
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  8. Just finished watching RAW a few minutes ago (literally) and giving it a 6/10. Granted, not exciting but better than the below average shows of past weeks and it at least had some good moments; if only WWE could skip the in between garbage...

    The big news that came out of this edition of RAW was of course Ambrose dropping the IC title to KO - well, technically Ambrose didn't lose since he didn't get pinned but that's what Fatal 5 matches tend to do from time to time, screw you over. Nevertheless, Ambrose lost the belt and him being now "free" has got people talking cause, let's face it, so many possbilities have opened up. Is WWE open to change their plans and go with Dean vs HHH at Mania? They sort of teased the idea at the end of the Rumble with those two being the last men in the ring, remember? Well, one would think they are at least considering this option given that the fan reaction in general does not favor the Roman Reigns push (he got booed hard last night by the way) they have been working on all this time whereas Ambrose has been getting great pops and is clearly a fan favorite.

    I've got to say, I'm not really sure and that's actually a good thing cause it kind of makes things a bit more challenging to predict, thus more interesting. We all assume that Roman Reigns will win at Fastlane since that's what the storyline suggests but what WWE are doing with Dean Ambrose just adds more spice to the story and now they've got us going "what if?".

    First thought that came to mind for this situation? That somehow they will make it a Triple Threat at Mania: HHH vs Ambrose vs Reigns. How? Well, if indeed Brock gets screwed from the Wyatts (it's the only scenario that makes sense anyway in order to eliminate the beast from the equation), perhaps something like both guys pinning each other, thus two winners? I know the idea all along has been for it to be a one on one but this whole HHH/Reigns feud feels kind of forgotten ever since the Rumble, don't you think? Not even a single segment between HHH and Reigns, not even a simple staredown backstage, nothing. Anyway, we shall find out soon enough.

    By the way, interesting to see that Dean tried to pull the Dirty Deeds on Reigns and, to be honest, I felt bad he didn't hit it. Is this WWE teasing us yet again of a possible Ambrose heel turn? Last week a low blow to Brock, this week a move against his best friend; makes you wonder, doesn't it?

    Other notes:

    - I'm not so sure I like what WWE are doing with the Wyatts lately...

    - R-Truth/Goldust segment was awesome, lol....

    - Big E vs Mark Henry: mega botch ending?

    - Y2J was great as a commentator...

    - Why is the League of Nations still around as a team? Split them up already. And when will we see Barett finally compete in a match?
  9. Does no one else think WWE uses this to put him in two matches at Fast Lane and make it how he loses? I think KO says rematch now or never and we get crazy Ambrose trying for it all.
  10. Dolph vs KO was already announced for the title. Ambrose cut a promo and said he's done with that title, and is motivated for the WWEWHC title right after he lost.
  11. Sounds weak, i'm watching the WWE youtube shit now. I still think my idea would have been better, your boy isn't winning buddy.
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  12. I just went on about it in another thread. 75% of me says it's too good to be true.

    Also, going to give Raw a 5/10. The Ambrose bits were great, KO winning the title is nice(still wish it was Tyler), Miz vs AJ was AJ's best match in the WWE so far, Paul and Roman's segment was needed weeks ago, heel Dudleyz are awesome, DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE!? The diva's matches were fine, what I've been saying the past few weeks can apply here too.

    Brie and Charlotte's segment was abysmal. Byron did the best and he barley talked.

    The Main Event was so bad I tuned out.

    Itching for another Triple H promo.

    So yeah, didn't expect a great Raw seeing it was The Grammy's. Praise Kendrick. Still should've been better for a go home show, though.
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  13. You forgot to mention how much you liked that new Ryder look and match bro.
  14. I totally didn't forget on purpose!
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  15. Raw was okay. 5/10
    -Opening was good
    -IC match was good
    -Styles/Miz was good. Though I have to say, Styles probably shouldn't be on the mic.
    -Heyman is always good.

    p.s Roman Reigns is absolutely terrible on the mic. I never really noticed it until I watched this show.
  16. The Intercontinental and AJ Styles matches were good. Everything else was a mixture of bird poop and Kenzo Suzuki's wife's face.
  17. I thought it was a pretty crap episode, especially for a go home show. Nearly everything after AJ vs Miz was really lame.
  18. The Main Event was so bad I tuned out.
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