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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. 9/10. The Fandango/Santino thing was boring. Dang it they went off the air just when the Wyatts and Shield let loose. Why?
  3. Awesome RAW. 8/10
    Every match was awesome, the only thing I didn't like was the Fandango and Santino match. Antonio vs Cena was better than I expected, and I'm glad they gave us a little glimpse of The Shield vs The Wyatts.
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  4. 7/10 Cesaro/Cena was the best match of the night by far... Fandango/Santino was stupid.. the Wyatts vs Los Matadores and Sin Cara had zero purpose... Orton/Shaemus was boring.. the ending was good if they had started in 2 minutes earlier it would have been better.... that ending should have had more airtime. Billy Gunn vs Jimmy Uso was pointless... why have them wrestle just to announce a match? Bryan/Christian was halfway decent... Bryan Kane was completely unnecessary and stupid as well. Cena/Cesaro saved this whole night.. without it it was a 3 at best.
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  5. 7.5/10
    Kick off match was great especially the follow-up to it.
    Wyatt/Shield standoff was great again.
    Roman Reigns dominating Mark Henry was great.
    Cena/Cesaro was an epic match like everyone presumed.
    Missed Chaotic ending but I assume it was awesome.
    Lameus/Borton was a very meh match.
    Santino/Fandango is lame.
    Didn't really care for a Matadores feeding to the Wyatt family.

    Overall a decently solid RAW show, if I had time to re-watch it I most likely would but thankfully for me I have other stuff to keep me busy than re-watching a long program like RAW :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. 8/10 - Overall it was a damn entertaining RAW imo. A few matches I could've cared less for but the opening kick off match and the follow up to that, along with Reigns owning Mark Henry and Cena & Cesaro's match kicked asss! Those are some matches I could watch rematches of for sureee!
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  7. Well my internet cut out like during the first and second hours but I saw a good bit of it, and I feel it was definitely one of the most entertaining RAW shows I've seen in a minuteeee! I definitely gave all the parts I saw a solid 8/10, my only problem was the last two matches, but the end chaos was awesome and had a great feel to it, can't wait for SD to see if anymore chaos continues before the EC on sunday! Should be a really good PPV.
  8. I thought that was a pretty solid RAW 7.5/10. I liked seeing Christian being more aggressive in the ring, Cena vs Cesaro had a great match. I enjoyed seeing Roman dominate Mark Henry. I thought Fandango vs Santino was really boring but I liked the chaotic ending, so pretty good overall cant wait for Smackdown.
  9. 9/10 because there was no Ziggler
  10. 7/10, solid stuff here. Are people going to stop hating on Cena yet? Many marks will probably say "Cesaro carried Cena through the match!" hahah just let it go and realize Cena's good as well. This RAW got me looking forward to EC, so that's a successful RAW in my book.
  11. 7.5/10. Great matches but some moments weren't too great.
  12. I agree.. Cena was very solid and looked very strong as well... they both pulled off some nice feats of strength. Great match from both of them!
  13. Cesaro vs Cena saved this week's Punk-less Raw.... Raw on Pepsi-Center, saw sign that says "punk Center with a pepsi sign on it"... 7/10
  14. Well after rewatching the chaos at the end due to my cable cutting out for the last five minutes or so.. I change my rating from a 7.5 to a solid 8!
  15. 7.5/10 for me.
    - Opening segment with all of the chamber participants bored me to the verge of tears as it was predictable.

    - I enjoyed the Bryan and Christian match, I enjoyed Christian's heel/ more aggressive tactics (I'm presuming this was a mild heel turn), the Kane/Bryan match had no point to me unless they are teasing a Bryan vs. Kane match at Wrestlemania (which would be terrible).

    - Santino/Fandango feud is more pointless than Hornswoggle's existence.

    - I enjoyed watching Reigns/Henry match as they are solidifying Reigns as a dominant singles wrestler, I cannot help but feel sorry for Mark Henry though as he has been fed to Reigns twice in the past 3 weeks, certainly is damaging the "World's strongest man" credibility as a monster.

    -Big E beating 3MB (2MB) in a handicap match was an eye-sore, I was only really listening to Zeb haha.

    - Cena/Cesaro was a good match but it was predictable that Cena would win, if Cena was upset he had to put over The Rock the first time around then putting Cesaro over was as likely as CM Punk going one-on-one with Miley Cyrus in a buried alive match at Mania'.

    - Orton and Sheamus was...well Orton and Sheamus, pretty average match.

    - The ending segment of Raw was enjoyable as it was chaos which was well-needed heading in to the Elimination Chamber PPV.

    Pretty good show and looking forward to sunday!
  16. Lol watching the Orton/Sheamus match again I noticed some guy in the front row with an extremely large hard-on for Randy Orton, he was HELLA enthusiastic for the Viper!
  17. This was almost an identical raw to last week which I also enjoyed. 8/10

    Stories did progress similar in both, but it's all good.
  18. The opening and closing segment both seemed a little generic, especially the opener with the "Hey all 6 guys come out one at a time!" format and then just a giant clusterfuck to end it, but match quality in between was great. Speaking of generic, surely they could have come up with something a little more interesting for the Swagger/Big E build?

    Outside of that though, the match quality and Shield/Wyatt build was pro as hell.
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  19. Agreed bro
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